My Search for a New Coffee Table for our Family Room

Ever since we got a new couch, I’ve been itching to get a new coffee table. Actually, it started with the couch…then it snowballed into building a DIY side table…then adding a new piece of art…then finally the addition of our leather chair.

family-living-room-sectional-built-insIsn’t it funny how one change in a room can then catapult into so many more?! But the fact remains…I need a new coffee

I DIY’ed our current coffee table about 4 years ago and it was my first ever staining project. I made quite a few mistakes during that run (like not using wood conditioner and wiping down the wood with water…yikes!), and those mistakes led to a less than ideal finish on the table. But you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?coffee-table-family-room

While I’ve always loved the size and style of the table, it has some serious damage on the top and a lot of discoloration from all of the wear and tear. The tray that I keep on top of the table masks a lot of the flaws, but it can only do so much. So the time has come to finally replace this table with something else!

Coffee Table Must-Haves

I have a few must-haves when it comes to this upcoming purchase…

  1. Round: There are a lot of straight lines in this space with the rug, built-ins, and sectional. A round table softens the area and allows for good flow in the family room.
  2. Wood or Black: Because the built-ins are white and our dining room table is white marble, I want to avoid those colors for the coffee table. I think wood would really warm up the space, but I’m also not opposed to black.
  3. Legs? No Legs?: I’m not really sure if I want legs on the coffee table. The sectional, side table, and leather chair all have noticeable legs and I think adding a coffee table with more legs would make the space look too busy. There aren’t a ton of great coffee tables without legs, so I’m not sure how this one will go down.

With those stipulations in mind, I started online shopping and searched my go-to sites.

West ElmCrate & BarrelCB2WayfairThe MineAllModernPottery BarnOverstockArticle…these are all sites I checked out to view their coffee table inventory. Here are some of my favorites.

Round Coffee Table  – Crate & Barrel

I really love the shape and weight of this piece and I’ve always had great luck with the quality of the furniture from Crate & Barrel. But I feel like I really need to see this coffee table in person. It looks almost black to me online, but it says it’s mahogany. I wouldn’t want the coloring to be too red and clash with the space. This one is a maybe, but that price tag is super steep for a coffee table…

Wood Top Coffee TableThe Minethe-mine-round-coffee-table

I like this coffee table. The size, the shape, the color of the wood. The only thing holding me back is that it may be a bit too rustic for our space. What do you think? Too farmhouse for our city condo?

Copenhagen Coffee TableOverstock

The simple look of this coffee table really draws me in, plus the wood color is very nice and soothing. I think it would complement the gray color of the couch. And you can’t beat that price tag…gotta love Overstock! But I worry that it’s too “leggy” for the space.

Black & BrownOverstock

I really like the modern look of this table and it’s just over $200! The black metal legs would look sleek in our space and I’m all for that! I do worry that it may be too dinky and not have enough “weight” in our space. But definitely a contender.

Black MetalWayfair

I could really get behind this one from Wayfair. It’s simple, classic, and would definitely work for our space! If I could find something comparable at a lower price I would probably pull the trigger on this one!

Light WoodArticlearticle-light-wood-table

Our cognac leather chair is from Article and I’m obsessed with it, so I would definitely be on board to add another piece of their furniture to our home. The light wood on this piece would definitely go with the look in our space, and the black legs would match our dining table and side table. But is that too many black legs going on? I’m not sure…

Round Wood TableOverstock

This is the table I’ve been coveting for quite some time. The only problem is…it’s either $1,300 on some sites (like on Wayfair right here) or when it’s more in the $400 range it is out of stock. Gah. I signed up on Overstock to get a notification if the $409 version comes back in stock. Anyone see this table anywhere else at a manageable price? If so, I just might scoop it up!

Well, I think I’m feeling more confused than ever! You guys gave me such great advice for our bathroom lights…I’d love to hear your thoughts on my coffee table design dilemma. Any insight? Any tables that you absolutely adore? HELP!



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