The Best Places To Buy Wallpaper

Note: I know Tuesdays are for kitchen updates, but today I figured we’d take a quick break and chat about the other BIG project that is happening during the kitchen reno — the bathroom makeover! I hope you don’t mind…

In Search of The Perfect Wallpaper

best places to buy bathroom wallpaper
Inspiration via Chris Loves Julia

As you guys know, we are gutting the half-bath attached to our kitchen and making over that space at the same time as we renovate the kitchen. This space is very small so I think I have room to go bold! I figured if I’m ever going to step outside of my “safe” comfort zone, this bathroom is the place to make it happen.  For someone who is always playing it safe when it comes to decor (and life!), I’m excited to push my limits a little bit. That’s where the idea of adding wallpaper was born.


But then I thought to myself, “where are the best places to buy wallpaper these days?!” <– surely it can’t be those same old-school wallpaper books my dad used to bring home for us to play with when we were little?


Readers Share Their Favorite Wallpaper Sources

That’s when I reached out to you guys on Insta Stories because I know I can always count on all of you for the best insight/advice! And my suspicions were right. Wallpaper has come a long way since the good ol’ days!
best places to buy wallpaper
Bathroom Inspiration via Studio McGee
Today, I figured I’d share the comprehensive list of places to buy wallpaper, in hopes of helping someone else who is also on the hunt. And for those of you who don’t have any immediate plans to add wallpaper, maybe you can pin this list and save it for the day you may need it.

The Best Places to Buy Wallpaper

As always, I cannot thank you guys enough for your insight on the best places to buy wallpaper! I went through all of these options and found myself having a hard time narrowing it down to a few finalists.
a complete list for buying wallpaper for the average homeowner
Bathroom Inspiration via Emily Henderson

Our Bathroom’s Wallpaper Plans

I will most definitely share the design plan for this small space when I figure out what that is! I figured I’d start with the wallpaper and then choose the rest of the fixtures and details around that.

wallpapering this small half bathroom
Right now I’m loving this option, this option, this option, this option, and this option. They’re all very different BUT I can see them all working well in this space. Serena and Lily offers free wallpaper samples, so I do have an order in so I can check out my favorite options from there. Obviously, I’m all over the board, so I have lots of decisions to make before we get started.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing any developments on Insta Stories. And you can also count on me asking for your opinion A LOT on this bathroom remodel because going “bold” is a lot outside of my comfort zone. But I’m excited! Let’s do this!



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