Vanity Scores!

More office updates! Woo-woo, it’s almost done & I am l-o-v-i-n-g the direction this room is headed. The style, the storage, and most of all, the function it offers me for my daily routines is fabulous. My DIY Vanity tops this functionality list and makes my mornings a lot more organized and a lot less hectic.
Like I mentioned a while back, I’m a do-your-makeup-sitting-down kind of girl. I enjoy putting on a little music in the morning and sitting down to relax while applying some serious layers of glam. However one year later, I did not love the traditional vanity “look” in this room- just too small for this wide wall and never offered me the amount of storage and table top space that I needed. (Side note: The mini vanity is enjoying a new home with a very loving recipient, rest assured she’s in great company). So I replaced my previous vanity with this DIY concoction that’s much more “me” and much more spacious…
I had a hard time finding a piece of furniture that was very wide, yet very thin, and allowed me to pull up a chair in front of it. So I ditched the idea of purchasing a piece of furniture and picked up this IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf that had drawers in it instead. It was long, thin, and allowed me to sit at it… how perfect?! Then the thrifting stars magically aligned, and I randomly scored this $6 (yes… you read that right) vintage mirror that seemed to be made to for this exact location. Thank you, Goodwill. It’s extremely sturdy and has hints of mid-century charm, which I totally dig. Plus…. $6?! I would be crazy not to snatch that sucker up and use it for something!
The drawers are perfect because they offer some serious storage for my makeup and getting ready must-haves.
I glammed up the top to make it functional, and of course, a tad fashionable. Maybe I went a little too far because Matt asked, “Why is that bear wearing a belt?”. Hmmmm… that’s great question.
On the other side of the “counter”, I added a few thrifted storage containers for some more of my makeup must-haves as well as a few other “fun” items. Here’s when I asked Matt, “Why are you wearing a mustache & glasses?” Hmmm… another valid question.
Rounding out the vanity is this mid-century yet slightly modern inspired cloth chair that I scored from Ross for Less. It was on super clearance for around $45 and super comfortable. Plus, I love the grey. I think I’m going to use this chair as inspiration for my curtain choice.
And do you spy those white IKEA storage boxes? I keep my blow dryer, straighter, curling iron and other hair products in there. When you only have one bathroom in the house, you do what you gotta do.
And in case you forgot, here’s a mini tour (and tease) of how the whole office is shaping up.
-The New Vanity (obviously)

The light fixture update

-The story behind the table & couch

… and a sneak peek into the finished desk/gallery wall! All of the printables on our wall are FREE, and I can’t wait to share each of ’em with you!

  • Katie

    The room is coming together so nicely! I love all of the little touches and that it all goes but isn’t super matchy. Can’t wait to see the rest. And super jealous of your Goodwill find!

    • Aw, thanks Katie! Can you believe it was $6?! Crazy….

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    This is perfect! I need some office inspiration right now! 🙂

  • Brittany

    I’m really interested in seeing your Cake Pan turned Geometric Coffee Table Tray post but the link seems to be broken.

    I think both of you ladies have lovely homes and I love reading your blog and getting ideas for decorating my new home.

    • So sorry about that Brittany! We fixed the link and it should direct you to the tutorial we posted on Domino magazine’s website. Please let us know if you have any questions as you recreate your own tray!

      Thanks for the kind words about our blog! We’re happy to have you reading along 🙂