Our Lowe’s Holiday Gift Guide

[Disclaimer: We were compensated by Lowe’s to bring you this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own and are not influenced by Lowe’s]

Anyone else feeling the pressure to find the perfect presents for their favorite people? We are trying to check off everything on our holiday to-do list, and right now holiday shopping is at the very tippy top of that list! We’ll have plenty of fun gift ideas (both DIY & buy) in the coming weeks leading up to the big day, but we wanted to dive into the gift-giving season with a guide we created with Lowe’s.This holiday gift guide has all the essential DIY project supplies a DIY rookie could need!

Lowe’s asked us to dish about our must-haves as Rookie DIY’ers, and we were eager to share our list of favorite products. We’ve pretty much chatted about every item on this list here on the blog, because these are all essentials in our DIY arsenal.

Whether you’re buying gifts for a new homeowner, want to update your brother’s tool collection, or you have a few DIY projects on your personal 2015 to-do list, these items are worth a look…

1. A Level: If you’re hanging a gallery wall, installing shelves, or just want to get that canvas hung just right…you’re going to need a level. No more crooked picture frames in your home…

2. Quality Paint Brushes: Early on in our DIY career, we would just use cheap-o paint brushes for our projects. But we quickly learned that that was a big no-no. Bristles would be left behind in the wet paint, you could see brush strokes, and we’d just end up tossing the used brushes by the end of our project. Now we each have a set of these Purdy brushes in our tool box. They’re amazing quality and we use them for every single painting project.

3. Tape Measure: Again, another no-brainer to have in your toolbox. I remember when I was first starting to tackle DIY projects and I would use a ruler…yes a ruler…to measure. Not exactly the most accurate way to measure a large wall or item. Ha! An extra long tape measure like this one (26 feet!) is a must in every single home.

4. Primer: Primer is a must here on DIY Playbook. As evidenced by this post, this one, and this one. We especially love this Zinsser 1-2-3, because it works on just about everything. From furniture, to trim..this baby is the one you want to use! It also has low odor, so it’s great if you don’t have a lot of space for your project and don’t want to get sick from the fumes.

5. Gold Spray Paint: I think we have about 10+ posts with “Gold & Glam” in the title. Can you tell we’re hooked on this metallic? We’re firm believers that you can instantly revitalize just about anything with a coat of spray paint. This Valspar gold is a must-have for any girly DIY’er.

6. Chalkboard Paint: The teacher in Bridget really comes out when it comes to chalkboard paint. I mean the girl loves it so much she covered her garage cabinets in chalkboard paint! You can use this paint on just about anything…from a globe, to a wall, to an actual chalkboard. Get creative!

7. Large Drop Cloth: We don’t know about you, but we create a serious mess when we DIY. Like “tornado up in here” when we’re knee-deep in a project. To keep our floors clean and our work spaces less of a

8. Painter’s Tape: Painter’s tape comes in handy for every single painting project. Keep your lines looking crisp and keep the paint where it’s supposed to be with tape. We especially love this tape because it doesn’t bleed through and you’re guaranteed to get a clean line every time.

9. Drill Set: We felt like official DIY’ers when we each purchased our own drill set. No need to call your dad or your husband to come drill something for you..you can do it yourself when you have your own drill set! A drill speeds up just about every project, and it’s really not scary at all! Buy this basic tool and we know it will get lots of use in your household.

10. Rolling Tool Bag: This item is on both of our “wish lists” simply because it looks like the ultimate way to corral the clutter and get our tools organized. Plus it even has wheels, which would definitely come in handy when moving supplies from room to room.

11. Picture Hanging Kit: Bare walls begone! Everyone needs a basic picture hanging kit and this one will get the job done right. Hang your beloved belongings and show them off in style throughout your home.The ultimate DIY rookies gift guide from Lowe's

Happy Shopping!

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