Happy New Year – 2015

Cheers & welcome to 2015!

We hope you’re feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on this first day of January. Heck..who are we kidding? We’re moving pretty slow after fun NYE shenanigans, and you probably are too! I mean how can you resist toasting the new year with champagne?

NYE 1Rookies NYEWe are both so excited for a fresh start to the year. As we said in yesterday’s post, 2014 is going to be hard to top…it was a pretty fantastic year. But these two rookies have high hopes for what’s to come in the new year.

NYECorkJanuary truly does feel like a fresh start and we are both going to take advantage of this new beginning. No…we’re not talking about resolutions. No crazy diets or vows to run a marathon here.

Instead, we want to look at the year ahead and think about how we can make it a memorable one.

How can we be better friends, sisters, wives, workers, daughters in 2015? How can we be more loving, kind, and grateful every single day of 2015?

Rookies NYE

We certainly don’t have all of the answers. But we do have each other. And having your bestie by your side…to keep you in line, to motivate you, to encourage you to be the best you…is one piece of the puzzle that we’re so lucky to have.

Rookies NYESo cheers to 2015! We hope you take advantage of this fresh start…Star…and reach for the stars!

(New Year’s Resolution #1: Avoid Stupid Puns in Blog Posts.) <— clearly we have some work to do. Bridget and Casey Signature

  • Diana

    Happy New Year to you both! I saw you briefly on tv last night! Carson Daly & his cohosts were showing some holiday tip tweets before midnight and one of the ones they put up had been favorited by you ladies. I excitedly told my husband “I follow that blog!”. He was less excited than me. It was pretty random.

    • OMG, I thought I saw that too but wasn’t sure & couldn’t rewind the TV! Thanks for letting me know & confirming I’m not totally losing my mind =) Hope you had a great NYE!! How crazy was that panel?!

    • Diana

      How drunk was that panel??? =)

  • Cathy Cortes

    Yeah! Happy new year! Can’t wait to see what you guys are going to bring us 🙂

    • Thanks so much Cathy! We’re lucky to have you following along. Happy New Year to you!