Busy Girl Upcycled Calendar Art

Now that it’s 2015, it is officially time to trash last year’s calendar and replace it with a brand new 2015 calendar. But wait! Not so fast.

Don’t go throwing away that old 2014 calendar just yet. We have a 5 minute Busy Girl project that will provide you with a gorgeous piece(s) of Gallery Wall Art.

Not only is this project super quick & easy, did we mention it’s also FREE?! Yup, you read that right …. F . R. E . E . which totally works into that New Year’s budget.Busy Girl CalendarThose gorgeous pictures attached to each month of the year’s calendar can quickly double as upcycled calendar art in 2015 and could be the perfect addition to your Gallery Wall, office desk, or even work as a gift for someone special in your life.old calendarWe framed pages of this adorable art calendar we picked up at a local half-price book store for $6. We heart colorful & quirky art like this, but prints like this off of sites like Etsy can be expensive (aka not Free). Repurposing this calendar would give us up to 12 new pieces of gallery wall art for $6 (or FREE if you already have an old calendar to recycle).calendar2We actually had the frames we used lying around, but you can pick up cheap frames from a large craft store to fit the calendar pages. However, if you wanted to cut these photos down to fit a smaller frame, maybe that you already have, that would totally work too!

polar bearPop that page in the frame and you are D-O-N-E! Use all 12 to create a symmetrical gallery or mix and match your favorites by grouping them with other pieces of art.polar bearfoxbusy girl calendar5 Minutes and practically FREE? I don’t know if we can afford NOT to take advantage of these outdated calendars. And for our fellow Busy Girls tuning in who typically do not use calendars like this but want a chance to frame FREE art– keep your eyes peeled for super clearance calendars that are outdated and still being sold at a super sale price at your local stores. ORRRRRR, keep this project in mind when you’re shopping for a calendar this year. Not only does it have to be cute to display this year, it needs to be cute enough to add to your gallery wall art collection in 2016. #nopressurecalendar

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