Introducing Guylights

Our husbands love sports. There’s no way around it, it’s just that simple.Lots of men enjoy sports like basketball.

What’s not so simple is us trying to support their passion and knowledge of all things s-p-o-r-t-s. We are not loyal sports fans and quite honestly, we are NOT looking to become a sponge of ESPN knowledge.

However, that doesn’t mean we want to be in the dark on a topic that means so much to our husbands. We want to know some of the cool stuff that is going on so that we can follow along and support our husbands and join in on the conversation with our friends and co-workers.

Although there are probably lots of readers tuning in that are already very knowledgeable on this topic (we’d love to hear your tips on each of the upcoming topics!), we figured that some of our readers could be in the same boat as us when it comes to sports pop culture. And like us, maybe these readers would also like a quick Spark Notes version of the latest sports scoop in order to “stay in the game” …. at home, at work, or out with friends.

Many guys enjoy talking all things baseball and other sports. And just like that, Guylights was born.These guys are ready to give out fun facts on everything sports related.

1. Guylights is a series we are kicking off early next week here on The DIY Playbook. It is where our +1’s take over the blog for the day by giving us some surface knowledge to add to our Playbooks.

2. Guylights will ONLY happen before BIG TIME sports events such as Super Bowl, the World Series, March Madness, etc.

3. Guylights will be comprised of a QUICK reader-friendly list of fun facts, key players, and random information to “keep us in the game”

4. Guylights is designed to promote conversation, share opinions, take a break from DIY and have a little fun!

5. Guylights will be a list form and will only offer “surface level” information. However, we would love if readers added more depth or fun facts in the comments section!

6. If the writing is anything like we’ve seen out of Matt & Finn so far, Guylights will be way more entertaining than anything we offer on a day-to-day basis.

7. Guylights has nothing to do with frosted tips or blonde highlights. #dontbefooled 

8. Guylights will be written by our husbands, neither of which are professionals in this field, just avid fans. 

These guys are well informed on March Madness and happy to talk about it.

9. Guylights first topic: March Madness in a nutshell. <– well…. not literally in a nutshell, more like in a blog post. 

This man love basketball and enjoys practicing. 10. Next Wednesday will be the kick-off. Or shall we say the first-pitch? Maybe the tip-off? Bottom line: Guylights starts next Wednesday. See you then!This special blog series is where guys talk sports.

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