Our Favorite Paint Colors

If we were in a relationship with paint colors on Facebook, our profile would probably read:

“It’s Complicated” since November 2013 (aka when we met at the start of homeownership)

Paint Colors. We don’t even know where to start because well… it’s pretty freakin’ complicated! The perfect paint color can make such a difference in any space, but getting that “perfect” color can be a complete nightmare.

Like having a million different swatches to choose from?! Or finally picking a color only to paint it on the wall and realize it’s not what the swatch looked like?! <– the worst!  

paint colorWe definitely can’t promise that these colors are right for your space, but the following colors are the ones we currently have (and love!) in our homes.

Like we said, the process of choosing these colors was an overwhelming nightmare and probably requires 10 more posts. So instead of getting into those boring details, we’re going to jump right to the good stuff. Without further ado, here are ALL of the paint colors we both currently have in our homes.
paint color chartLet’s break it down, shall we?

Benjamin Moore – Covington BluePaint Color Door

Bridget: First up is the only bold color of the bunch. I used Benjamin Moore’s “Covington Blue” (eggshell finish) to paint both the exterior and interior of our front door and this still is hands-down one of my favorite projects to date.   

Benjamin Moore – Revere Pewter
Paint Color

Bridget: Our “great room” is Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter.” I really love the look of this warm gray and I am always surprised at all of the different shades this color takes on throughout the day. Depending on the amount of light/sunlight in the house, the walls take on a slightly different color. For more tips on how and where to paint these, check out this post.

Sherwin Williams – Passive
paint color

Casey: A majority of our Chicago apartment is painted in the color “Passive” by Sherwin Williams. When choosing a color, I wanted a very light gray with cool undertones. That is exactly what I got with this color. It pairs nicely with our white trim and the cool color palette in our home. At times it looks a bit icy blue, and at other times it’s really light gray. Overall though…we really like it and I’ve recommended it to plenty of people.

Benjamin Moore – Revere Pewter
Paint Color Hallway

Bridget: In our hallway with our board and batten, you’ll find Revere Pewter again paired with the white on the bottom. Love this neutral walkway.

Benjamin Moore – Moonshine
Paint Color Guest Room

Bridget: Our guest room and office are both Benjamin Moore’s “Moonshine.” This gray takes on a slightly blue undertone at times throughout the day. The color is extremely mute, which I love because it complements almost any colored decor/accents.

Sherwin Williams – Argos

Paint Color BedroomCasey: This is by far my favorite color in our home. It’s right next to “Passive” on the color swatch, and it’s a slightly darker version of it. Our master bedroom is painted in “Argos” and I think it’s fantastic. Not too dark, not too light. A great light/medium gray choice. Looks amazing with white accessories and white trim.

Benjamin Moore – Edgecomb Gray
Paint Color Bedroom

Bridget: Our bedroom is Benjamin Moore’s “Edgecomb Gray.” To me, the swatch above isn’t the perfect representation of the actual color (surprise, surprise). I would describe the look as a very light “sand-y” color. I have no clue why, the light beige just reminds me of that and the fact that it has gray in the name adds to this complicated status.

Sherwin Williams – Refresh
SpringMakeover door color paint

Patio Makeover: We tackled this Patio Makeover for a family in Buffalo, NY. You can see the whole reveal here, but we absolutely LOVE this paint color for a pop of brightness outside on the patio.

zillow-how-to-paint-a-room-14Like we mentioned, we both really love our paint colors. We can’t promise we’ll be married to them forever, but for now, they’re just right!

Tackling a painting project? Check out some of these helpful posts.



  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    I love every.single.one of these! Wish I could sell my husband on anything teal. But the grey colors we are both good with!

    • They’re all pretty great neutral options! Hahaha and definitely hard to get the hubby on board with teal.

  • Such good neutral choices (and I LOVE that door color). So interesting to see what other people choose!

  • Summer Hogan

    Beautiful! We have the same brains when it comes to paint colors! Love!

  • Katie Bellino

    Where did you get the headboard in your master bedroom??

    • Online at Lowe’s!

    • Katie Bellino

      Oh snap! Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    Do you think Revere Pewter would be a good exterior color, keeping in mind our roof is brown?

    • Tiffany

      I was thinking to do blue shutters and possibly a blue door with it

    • Blue would pair really well with it!!

    • I think it could be?! I’d have to see the house to really know, all I can say is that I LOVE revere pewter and love that it looks different at all times of the day.

  • Maggie Smith

    Hi love love the convington blue must go buy it for my door! Can you tell me the wall in that room (what appers to be the living room) where the covington blue is in what color is that? Love it as well. Like a cream color? Thanks love your home

    • Hi Maggie!
      Thanks so much. It’s Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter.” You can read more about it in the post.

      Bridget & Casey

  • Because they’re all neutrals, we think they would work perfect with the Covington Blue. You really can’t go wrong with these paint colors.

  • Jennifer Rawlins

    Hands down one of the BEST articles I’ve read about colors. Any colors. I love the way you broke down each photo and spoke about the color used in it. Well done, ladies. Thank you!

    • Jennifer that is so sweet of you! Happy to help! 🙂

  • Jennifer Twomley

    I just finished painting my kitchen Covington Blue after discovering the color here on your blog! I was a little nervous about such a bold color in a large space but I really love it. Thanks for the inspiration! (sorry the pic is sideways)

    • Omg love it! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. It’s so bright, cheery, and happy…perfect for a kitchen!

  • Happy to help Laura! That was actually my rental apartment a few years ago, and it was there when we moved in…so sadly I’m not sure where it’s from!