DIY Board and Batten Bedroom Reveal

I’m pretty OBSESSED with this DIY, and I know I say this far too often but this may be my favorite DIY to date.  Remember our plain jane bedroom wall that used to look like this?
Bedroom BEFORECheck her out now….board and batten bedroomAfter we revealed the hallway board and batten, I was sure that one more board and batten project would be enough for our little home sweet home. Now, I’m not so sure that these two projects are enough! I want board and batten everywhere!!
board and battenI love that the board and batten from the hallway complements the bedroom wall without being too “matchy-matchy”.
board and batten hooksAnd beyond the look of this project, I really love that we can now use this wall for a tiny bit of function. I know that a few hooks isn’t life-changing but I will take any extra function in our home that I can get. I’m not calling our home too small, but when you don’t have a TON of extra square footage… little tricks like this totally makes a difference!

We did NOT change the light switches ourselves (and I wouldn’t recommend DIY-ing this part if you aren’t familiar with electricity.. holy dangerous). My amazing uncle came over to change those from almond to white and just that small change makes me so happy. #thanksunclebob

hooksI found these garment hooks from Lowe’s for $5 (ish) each. Classic, clean, affordable — I was sold.
nightstandboard and batten bedroomNow I can hang my bag here when I get home without cluttering our entrywayhunter bootsboard and batten bedroomI just can’t believe it’s done! I didn’t keep such great track of this project’s cost, but if I had to estimate how much this board and batten wall cost I would probably say a little less than $100. $30 in hooks, $10 in electrical supplies, $60 in wood/paint supplies. The last part is hard to tell since we used the same wood and paint from the hallway… just an estimation.Bedroom BEFOREWow, before and after photos make all the work well worth it! Even if you’re not a blogger, I would suggest taking some to keep you motivated and feeling proud of your accomplishments. Onto the next project… Bridget Signature

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  • Summer Hogan

    Love this so much ladies! Great job!

  • Nikki Simmerson

    I’ve been waiting to see the final result and I am not disappointed! You’ve completely changed the look of the room. The wall even seems larger than before. Kudos!!!

    • Wow, thank you so much Nikki!! It really does make the room feel bigger too. =)

  • It looks fantastic!! Great job!

  • Your board & batten projects have turned out beautiful! Now for a way to do this in an apartment…I wish!

  • Heather

    I love it! And I feel the same way you do…..board and batten ALL THE THINGS!!

    • Right?! I just can’t stop….

      Spoiler alert: We’re actually starting to work on a new board and batten project (with a spin) at my sister’s place. Once it’s done, we’ll get it on the blog! Super excited!!

  • I’ve never seen this mudroom-style board and batten in the bedroom before. I loooove it!! It makes so much sense! Maybe I would be much better about hanging my things up and not throwing them in the chair if I had this! 🙂

    • I agree— this is definitely a mudroom look. And IF I had a mudroom, I’d do this for sure. Since I don’tttttt…. this was the next best thing. 😉

  • Michelle

    It looks awesome, nicely done! Just a quick question: is there not much wall space to the left of the doorway? It kind of looks like there isn’t. Just curious if there was but you only did the wall space to the right of the doorway. Love your guys’ blog!

    • Thanks so much Michelle! Great question— there is actually NO space on the other side of the door. The door frame is literally at the very beginning of the wall, leaving no wall space to board & batten.

  • Haley Wilson

    Love this! I have been searching your various tutorials and can’t find what width of boards you used for these horizontal slats? Also, is the spacing of the vertical ones 14 inches? Thanks!

    • Thanks Haley! The horizontal pieces are 1 3/4 inches and are 14 inches apart!