A Neutral Bedroom Rug That Is Perfect for Your Home

The master bedroom in our new home is really starting to come together. Originally I thought I would focus my attention on the living room first, because duh….that’s what everyone sees! But I’m actually pretty pleased to begin our decorating in the master bedroom. It’s nice to have a relaxing, somewhat put-together spot for the Mr. & I to rest in each night. So my current gameplan is to get that space just about complete before moving onto other areas of the house #wishmeluck

The first big change on our master bedroom to-do list? A new rug.

Our Old Rug


We absolutely loved our moroccan shag rug in our old master bedroom, but it wasn’t big enough in our new (much larger…yay!) master bedroom. It was also a bit worn from constant foot traffic, so sadly we said farewell to our shag rug. Feet-on-rug

While we did love the plushness of the shag rug, we were both ready for a change.  After chatting with that +1 of mine, we decided we wanted something fairly neutral that would cozy up our new dark hardwood floors. I also wanted something durable since we have a balcony directly off our bedroom, and we might be going in and out of the those doors from time to time.

The new rug would be the jumping off point for the rest of the decor in the room. I did love our old master bedroom, but honestly it was a bit too glam for us. A little too feminine for a his & hers suite. Instead I want to incorporate a few more masculine pieces into the new bedroom, and add coziness through texture.

On the must-have list for the rug?

  • Neutral
  • Durable
  • Big….at least 8×10

That’s when I found this rug. After perusing through the stellar reviews (am I the only one who loves reading product reviews online?), I decided to go for it and got the 8×10 in Ivory.

Our New Master Bedroom Rugmaster-bedroom-black-ceiling-fan

Our new rug arrived a few days later, and I immediately got to work putting it down (which isn’t easy when you’re all by yourself, but you make it work when you’re excited and your husband isn’t home yet). The size was perfect, leaving plenty of room on each side of the bed.

(Rookie Tip: Check out this guide to choosing rug sizes. Bigger is usually better!)

Rugs USA Pattern Shoes

I love the subtle pattern on the rug. Not too overwhelming from afar, but enough to add some visual interest to the space. Hardwood Floors Rug

The color looks great next to our dark hardwoods, too. It’s a nice creamy white, but the gray pattern throughout keeps it from being too stark. Textures Patterns Bedroom RugThe style also works with some of the elements we’re going to keep in the new bedroom. The white textured bedding, the gray accents, and the white & wood furniture.

master-bedroom-beddingOverall a wonderful bedroom rug that would look great in any space!nightstand-bedroom-bed

Casey_SigCome read all about our campaign style nightstands and ceiling fan in the master bedroom space. 

  • Love the rug you chose! It has a great pattern, while being neutral and versatile at the same time. I’ve been searching for a new rug for our living room, but it has been difficult making a final decision. This has inspired me! Thanks!


    • Good luck shopping Dana! If you do shop online at Rugs USA wait until the rug you want is 70% off! It happens fairly often!

  • I love this rug! The pattern is simple and the colors make it easy to use anywhere!

  • Nikki Simmerson

    Great pattern! It’s neutral and can work anywhere.

    • Totally agree Nikki! Love that I can swap it around in different rooms if I have to.

  • Andrea Pepe

    When you said you got rid of the shag rug, I gasped. Audibly gasped. It hurt my heart. I love that rug from afar….I have a black dog and a 4 year old. No bueno. However, the new rug is fabulous! Love the texture and pattern.

    • hahah your gasp cracks me up, Andrea. We really did love that rug, and I thought about getting a similar one in the right size for the new bedroom. But it did get pretty dingy & matted where we walked the most…and with this space going right out to our balcony, I knew I needed something a bit more durable.

      But, I loooooove moroccan shag rugs! Perhaps I’ll have to bring it into another space in our house….

  • Looking forward to seeing where you go with this new direction!! And love the rug! I’ve been telling my husband we need a new one for our master too but he’s not convinced yet. Maybe I find the right deal…

  • Michelle Cannon Smith

    Um…love it! Great choice!!!!

  • It looks great! I also really like how your plans for changing up your master bedroom are seemingly small by themselves, but once you tick off all of those items they will have a big impact.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  • hahaha thanks Heidi!

  • As always – love this. We’re hoping for new bedroom stuff (comforter, rug, pillows) soon – and this is so dreamy.

  • Kim

    I know you posted this some time ago, but wanted to say I love the rug! It looks great. Curious if it sheds a lot?

    • Thanks Kim! We LOVE it and especially love that it doesn’t shed at all. =)

  • erin corry

    Great choice! I love this rug!!! How do you think it would hold up in a living room?

    • Yes! It would be awesome for a living room. No shedding, neutral color…it’s perfect!

  • Jennifer Harwell

    Do you have the exact name/style or the rug? I was planning to buy it for months and decided to finally do it today and the link no longer works. Hope they still make it!

  • Brooke

    I love this rug too. Have you had any issues with the edges rolling up. Or does it do a good job laying flat?

    • At the beginning the edges needed some coaxing to lay flat…but now they’re good to go! We used some heavy books for a couple days to get it perfectly flat.

  • Andreia Antunes

    I love the rug but on the website I can´t find the size 8×10.

    • It may come back in stock in an 8×10. I think their inventory is always changing.

    • What was it called? I don’t see it listed anymore. I’d love to find something similar!

      Edit: I saw you already answered this in another comment, thanks!!

    • Here’s a link to it on Overstock if you can’t find it on Rugs USA anymore


  • Ulla

    I like the look of this for my bedroom. Is the color ivory and navy or is the darker color a grey?

    • It’s like a black/dark grey and ivory!

    • Ulla

      Thank you.