An Easy DIY Bathtub Tray

January was a cooooold month here in Chicago. I’m talking single digit temps, snow, and ice galore. Yep, not too fun.Winter-Chicago-CaseyOur condo gets pretty darn chilly when the heat isn’t on full blast. You should see me tip-toe out of bed in the morning and dash to the hot shower. You’d think I’m being timed…I go that fast.

Master bathroom bathtubSo clearly I’m not a fan of the cold. But the one good thing about the wintertime is the fact that I get to use our new bathtub. It’s such a deep tub, and it’s the perfect way to warm up after a long commute home!

After taking many baths over the course of January, I realized that I could use a little bath tray to hold my wine & book while I’m in the tub! I searched online and didn’t find any that I loved, so I figured I could make a simple tray myself.

2-diy-bathtub-trayHere’s how I created this simple bath tray in an afternoon.

Make your Own DIY Bathtub Tray


I measured the width of my tub, and headed to the hardware store to pick up a 1×10 poplar board. I then had it cut to size for FREE! 03-staining-supplies

I decided to go with the same stain as the wood shelves we have in our bathroom….Jacobean. After lightly sanding the wood on all sides, I put on some gloves and grabbed a rag and dipped it into the stain. Then I just coated all sides of the wood and let it dry for a day. All you have to do is rub the stain into the wood and get all sides coated. Super easy.


Next step, adding the handles. I had these silver handles leftover from our marble tray DIY project, and knew they would work perfectly on the wood tray. 02-countersink-drill-bitsBecause I didn’t want the screws from the handle to stick out on the bottom of the wood, I decided to use a countersink bit on my drill. Essentially this bit drills a pilot hole while creating a little recess in the wood.06-countersink-drill-bit That means that your screw head can sit comfortably in the wood and it won’t stick out. Countersink bits are available in sizes to match screw sizes, so you’ll want to match it based on the screws with your handles.

Here’s what the screw would look like if you only drilled a pilot hole….05-screw-on-wood-board

Versus using a countersink drill bit…08-screw-in-countersink-woodMuch better right?

Okay enough with the woodworking lesson! Onto the next step.10-gripper-padsBecause the top of the tub is pretty slick, I purchased these grippers on Amazon to put on the underside of the wood. 11-gripper-pads-on-bottom-of-bath-trayAnd that was it! My tray was officially done.12-how-to-diy-bathroom-bathtub-tray

I absolutely love it! Not only was it super easy, but it’s incredibly useful for this bathing beauty. 14-scrub-brush-bathroom16-bathroom-bath-tray-book-candleI also love that I can keep this tray hanging out on the bathtub all the time. It adds a little interest to the big white tub, and it gives me another area to style. 2-diy-bathtub-tray

Any other bath lovers out there or am I the only one who loves a good bubble bath? I’m telling ya…give this super easy (& budget-friendly) project a try!diy-bath-tray


  • Such a good idea! You always make things look so easy – inspiring me to think I can maybe even do it myself. 😉

    • This is definitely one you can do yourself! You’ve got this.

  • Looks so good and I love the simplicity of it

  • Ashley Sorrick

    Great idea!! We actually made chalkboard cheese trays just like this for some Christmas gifts last year – so easy to make!

    • Ohhhh love that idea! What a special handmade gift.

  • Ana Da Silva Simoes

    I might even do these for Mothers day to give to my mom and MIL.

    • Love that idea!

    • Delighted Dwelling

      Oh totally doing this!! with bubble bath and a bottle of wine!! Perfect!

  • Love how you shared that you can typically get simple wood cuts done for free, at the stores where you buy the wood. I even got a circle cut out of plywood for my first apartment before I understand that it’s not that easy, LOL

    • Haha we’re glad we could help! We’re all about the rookie tips around here!

  • Kelly Johnson

    Hi there! What did you treat this with after the stain to resist water? Thank you

    • You can use a polycrylic after staining to seal it and prevent any water damage.