The DIY Playbook Style Series – Fitness Goals

For last week’s style series, we chatted all about our favorite athleisure wear. Those items were some of our favorite for both lounging around the house and in less frequent cases…actually working out!

casey-athleisure-24Today, we wanted to chat a little bit about how we each workout and share a few of our healthy-living goals for 2017.


Today’s Fashion Staple: Fitness Accessories

Plus, since we didn’t have much time to chat about our workout accessories (water bottles, shoes, bags, etc) last week, we figured today’s post would be a good chance to dive into those tidbits too. It’s quite the agenda for this style series, so let’s get right to it! 


I’m actually a big fan of working out, specifically because I just feel so good afterwards! I feel like I sleep better and have much more energy when I stick to a workout routine.


But that doesn’t mean that I’m incredibly devoted to getting to the gym everyday. I’d say I average about 3-4 times per week. I specifically LOVE group fitness classes. Maybe because I grew up as a dancer and enjoyed going to dance class everyday? That then continued in college when I was on the pom squad at Notre Dame. There’s just something about being in a room full of other people that motivates you to try your best (or maybe it’s just the competitive side in me. ha!)

My favorite workout class is called Body Pump. Any other body pump lovers out there? It has quite the cult following across the country. Essentially it’s a 60-minute strength class using a bar bell. It’s choreographed to music, with each music track targeting a specific muscle group. By the end you leave with a full-body workout. I started incorporating this class into my workout routine 1x per week last August, and have noticed a change in my body. I feel so much stronger and have developed some lean muscles that I didn’t have before.

yoga-poses-caseyI also enjoy doing yoga. It’s wonderful when I want to clear my head and stretch out sore muscles. They offer a yoga class 1x per week at my work, so I usually stay and do that on Tuesday nights.

casey-athleisure-2So essentially my workout routine consists of a mixture of group fitness classes, cardio on the stair master at the gym, and then occasional BBG workouts at home.

Now onto my favorite fitness accessories that are really beneficial to my workout routine…

drinking-swell-water-bottle-caseyI’m a big H2O lover. While Bridget has a hard time drinking enough water, I drink so much water it’s kinda crazy. I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me, and I recently got 2 S’well water bottles for Christmas.

swell-water-bottleI keep this gold one in my gym bag and I use it for workouts. I have the larger size (in marble…so gorgeous), that I keep at my desk at work. I fill that bad boy up 2-3x during the workday. The best part about these water bottles is that they don’t “sweat.” I hate when watery residue is left all over your desk, so these have been great. They also keep liquids cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours. And it really does work!

casey-athleisure-6I also got this new workout bag for Christmas and I’m obsessed. It’s sleek and has so many pockets and compartments. There’s even a little shoe compartment inside to keep your gym shoes from dirtying up anything else in your bag. Before this I just had a tote that I’d throw my workout clothes in, but now I love having everything organized so I can bring my gym bag to work everyday. This makes me much more likely to stop at the gym on my way home!


Another “new to me” accessory is this new twisty hair tie! I had seen them before and was always so fascinated as to what it was, so I picked up a 3-pack at Sephora in January.

hair-pony-tailI’m the kinda gal who always has a hair tie on her wrist, and this would often leave a big mark on my skin. Ouch. These are great because they lightly stay on your wrist and then when you use it for a pony tail it doesn’t crease your hair! casey-athleisure-23This has been a game changer for me as I love putting my hair up at night, but then would have to completely re-do my hair the next day. Now I can go another day in between washes and my hair is feeling a lot healthier because of it!


Unlike Casey, I’m not as committed to regular gym visits BUT I’m REALLY trying to be better this year.


Growing up I was involved in lots of sports and was very active. Even in college when I was no longer in organized sports, I would visit the gym regularly on campus and was committed to an active and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately though, I have gotten away from these routine gym visits over the last few years and NEED TO CHANGE that.

It’s not like I sit around and have lazy days because actually I’m always on the move, partly because I’m busy but partly because I like to “putz” around the house. I’m not one who enjoys sitting down and relaxing because I’m a busy-body. I know that being on the move is a good thing but not regularly stretching or getting my heart rate up (the way “formal” exercise does) is not the routine I want to get into as I enter my 30’s at the end of this year!!! #howdidthathappenathleisure_nike-gymshoes

So I have been hitting the gym fairly regularly after work to walk/jog on the treadmill. It’s been a sloooowwww stat but I keep reminding myself that just being on the treadmill for any amount of time is more than I used to be.athleisure_nike-gymshoe-grey

It hasn’t been easy because I don’t love working out, but I do feel better when I leave so I try to focus on that as motivation to stick with it! Any other tips for me?! Or better yet, does anyone have any suggestions on running workouts to help build endurance over time (for beginners)? I need all the help I can get!athleisure_grey-black

My new gray gym shoes have also been a motivator to get my butt to the gym after work. They’re incredibly comfortable (no breaking in time at all) and are pretty fashionable too.

Our Favorite Accessories for the Gym


1 Gym bag // 2. No Crease Hair ties  // 3. Marble Swell // 4. Grey Gym shoes (B’s)
5. Gold Swell Bottle // 6. No-Show Socks // 7. Black Gym shoes (Casey’s!)
8. White Gym shoes // 9. Grey Gym shoes // 10. Grey Hatcasey-yoga-workout-fitness


  • Erin

    i’ve been doing beachbody workouts for about 1.5 years. before that, i was doing random workouts I’d find on pinterest or other stuff. But then i decided to try the beachbody programs. and Love it because i don’t even have to think about what my next workout is. It’s already scheduled. I keep doing it because there is so much variety. my favorite workout thus far is Core de Force — which is MMA training. and it’s quite fun! Plus i’m part of an online group that is super supportive and very motivating! and keeps me going each and every day. and i get to do it from home!

    as for building up your running — the biggest thing that works for a lot of people is strength training. building up your leg muscles (not by bulk, but strength) will make things a lot easier in terms of being able to build your endurance with running. Lots of lunges and squats with weights will do it!

    • Erin thanks for the tips! How does the beach body program work? Do you sign up and pay, and then receive videos online? Would love to hear more!

    • Erin

      Sure thing. I promise I am not a coach. I just like the product & i love my coach! Anyway this is a new thing where you can get a year subscription to all the programs that you can view on the web, the app, via apple tv (if you have the new one) or roku.

      you have access to all of the programs, new and old. so you don’t need to buy any dvds!

      you can sign up here:

      they do charge you $99.95 and that’s good for the whole year! you can’t go wrong with it!!! the 12 month plan is the best plan to go with. I usually pick a program and follow the calendar for at least a month, but lately i’ve been doing each program for at least 3 months.

      a brief rundown of what i’ve done.
      21 day fix extreme — a mix of strength and cardio. she loves her bonus rounds which I want to die every time. and LOVES leg day! workouts are all 30 minutes! I got bored because i was doing the same workout every week. but it’s a good program!

      Chalean Extreme – mostly strength. I built a LOT of strength from this program. it’s pretty long, but i really enjoyed it. it varied from 30-45 minutes

      Hammer & chisel. I love to hate this program because i can’t get over how much Sagi talks. but it kicks your butt in so many ways. it’s a strength program with cardio here and there. 30-45 minutes.

      22 Min Hard Corps — I only did hell week. and basically died. it’s no equipment really needed except for maybe a pair of dumbells. if you just do the program straight out — it’s 22 minutes a day. that’s it! Mostly cardio with body weight strength

      T25 — this is definitely a cardio program with some body weight strength training. Shaun T is very motivating. i did all 3 months. it was a good mix up. 25 minutes that’s it, but don’t let that fool you.

      Insanity Max — I think i love to hate this program the most. Shaun T loves JUMPING. I hate JUMPING. but it was a burner for sure. No equipment needed! and 30 minutes!!

      finally Core de Force: I absolutely am IN LOVE with this program! it is so fun. Cardio with body strength — trust me the body strength portion is HARD. No equipment. but some days the workouts would be 30 minutes all the way to an hour. an hour makes me crazy! I love the trainers — joel & jericho. it is a blast. I’ve been doing it for almost 3 months and am not bored whatsoever!

    • Wow! This sounds great..totally my kinda workouts! What kind of equipment do you have at home? Did you find that you needed to get a few more items because of any of these?

    • Erin

      the only thing that i really found that i bought was adjustable weights — but there are girls in the group that do go to the gym and do their workout there and follow along with the videos on their phone. Otherwise, i haven’t really needed any other equipment!

    • Awesome to know! Thanks so much Erin. I can’t wait to look into it.

    • Love these tips, thank you so much Erin! I DO need to start working on building muscle… your reminder is exactly what I needed!!

  • For Bridget- I would recommend doing a couch to 5k program! It starts you out with running/walking for a short period and gradually helps you start running more and walking less. I also like to set small goals for myself and reward myself- so maybe you can try to sign up for a 5k at the end of training and have a reward for finishing! I’m big into bribing myself 🙂

    I have the same Lululemon bag and it’s AMAZING

    • Love that idea Gretchen. Baby steps all the way!

      And isn’t the bag so good?! So many compartments, I love keeping it all organized.

  • I am with Gretchen, a “learn to run” program that alternates walking and running is a great way to go. It starts out so easily that even the biggest of procraster-masters like me, have a hard time making an excuse not to do the work outs. What has worked for me in the past is to sign up with a running group, my favorite is the running room. The second thing is to sign up for a local 5 K, that way I have a goal I am working towards, but most importantly for me (did I mention my tendency towards procrastination?) it’s a deadline! Also, it usually costs a small amount of $$ to register and I hate the idea of wasting money, so that also acts as motivation! I am also trying to get back into running, after a hiatus. I had plans to get going at the beginning of January, had a walk/run program ready to go and was going to register for a race, and then got hit with a flu bug that completely sapped me for over 2 weeks! And then life got busy and I still haven’t got going. I need to plot work out a into my planner and phone! You girls are motivating me to get going! We got this!

    • This is such motivation, thank you!! And I’m so glad I’m not in this alone. I can totally relate to the procrastination (only when it comes to exercise… weird?!) and hating to lose money. And I’m glad you mentioned the hiatus because I find myself in that same situation when work gets busy. I’m quick to ditch the work-out routine to catch-up…. but then it’s hard to get back on track. The planner/phone combo sounds like a perfect idea to try and stay committed, I think I should start using that too. Thank you for sharing all of your tips (and your struggles). We can do this!!

  • Whitney Regeth

    Ooh I really want to try the no crease hair ties! I might have skipped the gym once or twice because I didn’t want to mess up my hair haha. No more excuses! Thank you ladies for being so motivating! (:

    • I was skeptical at first, but they’re great! I get way more life out of my hair after putting in a pony tail.

  • Christine Casey

    Body pump is my favorite!! I’ve been doing it for about 2.5 years now and it’s such a great workout that’s constantly changing. When we moved back to IL I specifically looked for a gym that taught body pump 🙂

    • It’s so good isn’t it?! I always leave exhausted and sore, and the class flies by!

  • shawnna griffin

    Hey girls- great post! Keep up the good work!

  • Elspeth

    I love The workout videos are free and you can filter them by length, workout type, equipment, etc, depending on what you’re feeling like. No effort needed to drive to the gym! I find that one of my big deterrents is the time it takes to get ready/go somewhere, so I keep my bike on a stationary trainer in the winter in an easily accessible spot.

    • I’ve seen those videos before..what a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!