Our Cleaning Confession

In honor of keeping it real here on the DIY Playbook, we have a BIG CONFESSION to make. Yes we are do-it-yourself bloggers but there is one thing in our own homes that we are not doing ourselves anymore and we feel the need to give you all the details. What DIY project have we recently hired out you ask?

Cleaning.Cleaning Confessions-2

Yep, at the start of 2017 we both hired cleaning ladies to come and clean our homes every other week. Why are we sharing this with you guys? Well, honestly we felt A LOT of guilt when we first decided to hire out. But we’ve since come around and realize how great of a decision it really was and continues to be at this stage in our lives. We also wanted to be transparent so you guys know that we don’t “do it all” like some of you have so kindly given us credit for over the years.

Our Relationship with CleaningSpring_Cleaning_Supplies-7

The ironic part of this entire situation is that we both don’t mind cleaning. In fact, sometimes we find it kind of satisfying when we look back and see the “before & after”. Is it the most fun thing we would choose to do in our free time? No. But it really did give us both a great deal of satisfaction to whip our homes into shape with a few hours of cleaning. For us, cleaning was therapeutic and a welcome time to brainstorm projects, ideas or just life topics while we scrubbed. Plus blaring tunes always made scrubbing toilets that much better.Spring_Cleaning_Supplies-2

Cleaning was never a dreadful task to us, which was part of the reason we felt really bad handing it off to a professional. But we also realized it was still a chore that took up some of our precious free time.

Why Hire Out?Spring_Cleaning_Supplies-4

As you guys know we both have full-time jobs on top of all of the work required to keep the DIY Playbook up & running. Having full-time jobs, and what feels like a full-time job here on the blog, means that our hours away from work are typically spent blogging, and the minimal “extra” time that is left over is divided among chores/exercise/errands/family/friends/husbands. Not exactly the best ratio… but part of price we pay for doing what we love.Spring_Cleaning_Supplies-3

Spending a few hours cleaning each week isn’t a huge time commitment, but it was still time that we could have spent blogging, having fun with our husbands, squeezing in time to see our family/friends, or exercising. Time is so very precious these days and we realized that outsourcing some of the things on our to-do lists (like cleaning) was worth the cost if it meant we could give more time to our husbands, our families/friends, or even ourselves.

The CostSpring_Cleaning_Supplies-6

Budget all of our expenses and you’ll rarely find us splurging on items just because. Plus when we each sat down to account for this new expense into our monthly budgets, we quickly realized that our time is well worth the monthly investment. Even if we had to cut a couple of nights of takeout a month in order to make room in the budget for a cleaning service expense, we were sold. So to us, paying a cleaning fee seemed like a worthwhile expense.

Spring_Cleaning_Supplies-9It took us a bit of time to come to that conclusion (like several months of conversations + feelings of guilt), but once we did it was a great relief. We decided right then and there, and even promised each other, that we would not feel guilty about hiring some help and we started searching for local services to lend us a hand.

How do We Like it Now?

Bridget’s cleaning person comes every other Friday, while mine comes every other Tuesday. You cannot even understand the happiness that fills us when walking into our homes after a long day of work to find a clean home. It’s an amazing feeling! Spring_Cleaning_Supplies-8

Funny story, for the first few months we thought we might have hired the exact same person to clean our homes! Both of our ladies have the same, very unique name…so for awhile we thought it might be the same person!? But after further investigating we realized it’s not the same woman. But we certainly got a kick out of that. What are the chances?!

typing_on_laptop_computer-2As for the cost? It’s worth every single penny. We both use money we make blogging to pay for our cleaning services and we feel confident that it’s such a worthwhile expense. We now each have a few hours more each week to devote to the blog and we couldn’t be happier.

master-bedroomBut just because we have someone come every 2 weeks does not mean that we’ve given up cleaning all together. We’ll both do a light cleaning every once in a while when things start to look a little gross and we always make sure things are looking extra good before company comes over!

Is a Cleaning Service right for you?

We’re not saying you need to go hire a cleaning service for your home. But if you are living a very busy life, we encourage you to look for ways to add more time into your schedule. We promise that removing some of the chores and tasks on your plate will be well worth the extra expense and will provide you the necessary time to focus on you!

Is this forever?Spring_Cleaning_Supplies

Do we think we’ll always hire out a professional to clean our homes? Probably not. Like we mentioned before we actually don’t mind cleaning our homes and if we had more time in our day, we’d still be cleaning them.

Maybe if our lives slow down some day we will get back to our routine of DIY cleaning. And we can’t really predict how much we will be willing to pay a cleaning service when we add kids to our homes. Before we decided to hire out, we read quite a few blog posts about it and learned that some moms don’t like paying cleaners because they feel like their house is a disaster soon after and then feel that they just wasted money on the service. That seems like a very real concern, but we’re not to that stage yet so we will have to wait and see.

We feel so much better getting this off of our chest and keeping it real with you guys! We don’t do it all and are more than happy to ask for help if it means that we can focus our time on our passion or the ones we love.

But enough about us, we want to hear from you! Do you use a cleaning service? Do you hire any other “job or chore” out to save time? We’d love to hear your experiences/advice!bridget_and_casey_sig

  • Erin

    i tried to have someone come in and clean our place. a couple things — first my husband is not comfortable having someone come in and clean when we are not home. Secondly, we have a dog, so it would have to be when we can take the dog out. and I honestly didn’t feel like the cleaning person did a good job — like i had to tell them what to do. How hard is it? wipe every surface from top to bottom! maybe we’ll get a cleaning person again soon.

    • It can be hard to find someone who you can trust AND does a good job! And I didn’t even think about the dog thing. I wonder what other people do?

    • It is hard the find the right person, the struggle is real! It took us awhile, but now we have an amazing lady who loves our dog. If hiring out the cleaning is something you really want to do, keep looking! Ask around and see if anyone you know has someone they could recommend, that’s what worked for me!

    • Thanks for sharing Kerri!

  • Caroline

    Our issue is also the dogs. Our dogs are not exactly stranger friendly (that’s putting it mildly), so the last time we had a cleaning person, either my husband or I would have to take off work for the afternoon and sit in the backyard with our dogs. That began to feel ridiculous. If I’m going to take an afternoon off work and pay someone else to clean, I might as well just do the cleaning myself. But ohhhhhh how I miss it. That feeling of walking into a clean home is amazing.

    • That is a tough scenario Caroline! I didn’t even think of what people do when they have dogs. Hopefully some other readers will weigh in with their tips!

  • Early on in my marriage, it became very clear that my husband and I are on very opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to tidiness and cleaning in general. He is like Pig Pen and I am more like Monica from friends. It was something we often fought about and when baby #1 came along and I was working, we had to get help. It was really difficult to find a good person, we went through a couple of different people. Now, years later with 3 kids, a dog and a crazy schedule, I have an amazing woman to help me with cleaning as well as the kids. My husband works crazy hours and we don’t have family in town, so I need the help. But I often feel guilty about it. It’s part of that whole super woman, “I should be able to do it all” myth that is out there. That is why I love you guys for posting content like this, to help shatter that stupid myth and take away guilt. Not only are you prioritizing and focusing on what matters, you are giving someone else a job! My cleaning lady is from the Philippines and is working a crazy amount of hours to save enough money to bring her 3 daughters to Canada. I feel good about the fact that we are helping with that goal.
    Here is a funny thing about having a cleaning person, and I know I am not alone in this, but often I find myself “cleaning for the cleaning person”! When you have kids, you have clutter, so if someone is coming over to clean you need to first clear away the legos, artwork etc!

    • Love your insight on this, Kerri!

      -Cleaning for the cleaning lady….yes totally a thing! I remember as a kid we had a cleaning lady and we would all hate Thursdays because we had to make our beds and clean up our rooms. To us it seemed crazy! Now as an adult, I totally get it!

      -Love that you are looking at the best part of the situation…giving a job to someone who works so hard! Absolutely love hearing that. And I hope she can bring her daughters to Canada. That’s awesome!

      Again, thanks for sharing!

  • AJ Marton

    I feel no guilt over having a cleaning person, if only for her impending visit causing my family to help put things away every two weeks. If I wanted a house that didn’t look like a battlezone, pre-cleaning person I would have to do it myself and I would get extremely resentful of my children and my husband.

    With a cleaning person we have to put things away so she can actually clean the surfaces of our house. This means the weekend before she comes the entire family helps me put things in their rightful places! I don’t consider that cleaning the house for the cleaning person…she cleans, we put things away so she can get to what she should be cleaning.

    It’s a fabulous thing to have my family to help put their messes away every two weeks with hardly any argument.

    An interesting point is that both of my daughters really like the actual physical cleaning of surfaces and I really don’t mind it as long as I don’t have to vacuum (which they both love anyways) but they and their dad have difficulty with putting away things. We need the cleaning person just to consistently have us put away everything otherwise the house would only be fully cleaned up a few times a year for holidays/parties.

    • That is too funny AJ! Tidying up can definitely be a nuisance, so it’s good that your cleaning person gives you the motivation to get the whole family on board!

  • Lucy

    before we had kids, we had a cleaning person come every other week. it was the first “luxury” to go as we sought a simpler life. i miss it. i really, really, really don’t like to mop the floors.

    • The floors are the WORST part! Everything else isn’t too terrible. Floors though..no thanks!

  • Teran

    Can you share more about your process of finding a cleaning person? My husband and I are in the same boat–super busy and unsure if we want to spend our precious free time cleaning, but we’re unsure how to best take the plunge. How did you find someone you trust to be in your home without you? How did you communicate your needs? How did you decide on a cleaning budget and find someone who works within that budget?

    • All great questions, Teran. We asked our family and friends for recommendations and both found our cleaning ladies that way. We then had our contenders come over and check out the space and give a quote. Once we narrowed in on a couple we liked, we did a little “test” run to see how they performed. And then eventually ended up choosing the best!

      Definitely worth looking into if you want to free up some of that precious weekend time together!

  • Cassie Facko

    Amen. I would starve before I cut the cleaning lady. Ours comes every other week, but I still spend a lot of time cleaning up after the kiddos and I’m a maniac the day before she comes so I’m sure to get all of the laundry and everything put away. They day she comes I try to stay out of the house with the kids as long as possible, because they can mess it up in less than 5 minutes. No joke. We also hired a landscape company to cut our lawn every week, so Rich can spend time playing with the kids or gardening on his day off. Worth every penny!!

    • haha you crack us up Cassie! So happy you get some time back with a cleaning lady! And great idea to hire someone to do the lawn. Miss you lady!

  • Appreciate the honesty! I’m curious how much your cleaning ladies do vs. what you still do yourselves. Like basic dishes and the stuff that needs done daily or nearly so, I’m assuming you’d still do that? But you hire out the dusting, vacuuming, etc? I’d love to hire someone just to clean my non-carpet floors (I love vacuuming!). Those seems so hard to keep clean. And clean the grout. And maybe do some of the seasonal tasks I put off every year like cleaning screens and such…

    • We definitely still do all of the basic daily stuff (laundry, dishes, tidying up, etc.) Really they do the vacuuming, mopping, dusting, bathrooms, and a full clean-up of the kitchen. It’s nice to not have to devote a couple hours each week to those things!

  • Jackie B

    I hate cleaning for the cleaning lady, but it needs to be done. I’m always home on cleaning day and usually, just one step ahead of her. I love my cleaning lady, but I’ve had cleaning ladies from hell! So judgemental! For one in particular, I had to take a Xanax before she would come! She would make you feel bad about the littlest things. Having one that cleans well is important, but I feel that having one that meshes with your personality and lifestyle is equally important. No more Xanax because of her! Dumped her! Love, love, love mine now!