Shhh… My Fiddle Leaf is FAKE

Remember this little cutie that I brought home last fall?fiddle-leaf-survival-tipsI scored it on sale at the hardware store for $14 and was excited to bring it home. This adorable little guy lasted a few months and I’m not gonna lie, I was VERY proud of my ability to keep him alive (and thriving!) for that time.

But then I went out-of-town and I left the fate of our fiddle in the hands of my very responsible and diligent husband. Before I left I reminded him to water the fiddle while I was gone and he reassured me that he would take care of it.

My Bad

bridget_fall_fiddle_leaf_family_room_light_planDid he water the plant while I was gone? OF COURSE he did… like I said, he’s very responsible and thorough! He worked so hard to keep the plant alive while I was gone that he watered it every. single. day. (instead of just watering it ONCE the entire time I was gone). Unfortunately this consistent watering drowned our first fiddle leaf and I take full responsibility for that miscommunication. #oops

Shopping for a Replacement

family-room-neutral-christmasSo after the fiddle leaf died I set out to find a replacement and I couldn’t find them in stores… anywhere! Yes I could have gone to a fancy nursery in downtown Chicago and paid upwards of $100 for one. But $100 on a leafy plant that may or may not survive the long haul was a little more than I was willing to gamble (especially knowing my track record with plants). I was convinced a new fiddle leaf just wasn’t in my future.

Introducing My New Fiddle Leaf

office_progress_frames_shelves_michaels-4That was until I laid eyes on the beauty in the left hand corner of this picture during my office renovations. And you will NEVER believe where I found it.

Fiddle_Leaf_shelvesI picked her up at Michaels and thanks to that week’s coupon I brought this gorgeous girl home for under $50 and didn’t have to gamble at all because…well, she’s FAKE! I’m typically not into fake plants (actually not at all) but when I saw how REAL this one looked I didn’t mind bringing her home. After I fell in love with the look and price tag, I was super excited for this fake alternative because I knew it would look green, leafy, and gorgeous no matter how many times I forgot about it.

Our Little Secret

I brought the new plant home from Michaels one night and showed Matt and he said he loved it, but he also looked nervous about the fate of our new, much larger plant. I added it to a basket, put it in the office, and we didn’t talk much about it after that. THREE WEEKS went by and Matt mentioned how good the plant was looking.

how-to-build-a-DIY-barn-door-2I replied with something along the lines of, “Yeah, having a fake fiddle is so much easier and less stressful, isn’t it?!”.

He looked at me very puzzled, “Wait, what do you mean by fake?”

Matt had been working alongside our new fiddle for over 3 weeks and had NO IDEA it was fake. <— Right then I knew I made the right decision to go with this faux fiddle instead of gambling on a real one.

Office_Wide_RoomIf you’re in the game for a medium-sized fiddle leaf but can’t seem to find one (or at least an affordable one), you have to go check out Michaels’ plant selection and see for yourself. The bottom is a bit dinky, so I added mine to a basket from Ikea. I can honestly say that I haven’t regretted this purchase since the day I brought it home.


Office_WideI’m not telling you to go out and add lots of fake plants all over your home. But this one has totally won me over and has made me more open-minded about the idea of faux, as long as it looks real. I have a few other real plants surrounding this fake one, which has been a great way to make this fiddle seem even more alive!

Shiplap_Desk_officeYou guys have seen this space a lot lately, did you think the plant looked fake? Would you consider adding a faux plant into your home? Honestly if you asked me 2 months ago, I probably would have confidently said “no” but now… I’m kinda digging it! And I’m REALLY digging my new watering schedule.

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  • Trang

    I don’t typically like fake plants (leafy ones especially) because they collect dust. The one you have looks like it’s manageable in terms of dusting. I’d be willing to give it a try. I have 4 real plants in my house and they must be the kind that is extremely hard to kill. One of them has special meaning because it’s the original potted poinsettia plant used in my wedding. I only water once a week – 1.5 weeks and they have managed to last for a couple of years! Yay me.

    • What a special plant and such a cool keepsake from your wedding! I have never heard of anything like this and now I LOVE this idea! And yes, dusting is annoying but I’m hoping to give this plant a shower or hose it off outside to keep it clean and dust free whenever necessary.

  • Erin

    this is just cracking me up. wait, what do you mean it’s fake?!?!

    I’ve managed to kill succulents! so basically i just stuck fake ones in there, and I’m fine with it. But there is one plant in my house that I literally never water, and somehow it is still alive. I do not know how it’s possible.

  • Stephanie Guertin

    Love your plant- such a great idea! Wish it was still available at Michael’s. All the ones I have found online look very fake- of course!

  • Andrea Hess

    I see and hear this a lot about this tree from michaels… I do not see it online. I’ve been in my store and can’t find it. How tall is it?

    • It’s about 4 feet tall. Yes, I haven’t seen it in stores super recently but I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I see another shipment!!

  • Andrea Hess

    Thanks! I called 3 today, they said it’s a spring and summer item only 🙁