The No Makeup Home Tour – a Glimpse of Our Imperfect Life

We live in a very “curated” world these days. Hop onto Instagram or Pinterest and you’re bound to see brightly lit photos, styled dressers, and perfect hair/makeup/wardrobes galore! Everywhere you look you’re inundated with perfection.

It can be a bit much, and can definitely make you feel like you’re not enough. Heck, we feel that everyday scrolling through our Insta feeds. How is she so fit? How is her home so clean? How is her hair so glossy? It’s easy to feel inferior when everyone posts photos of their curated lives.

That’s why we were so excited when Kyla from House of Hipsters invited us to take part in the “No Makeup Home Tour.” A home tour unlike any other, in the sense that every blogger would showcase photos of their authentic home. No fluffing every pillow, no styling every surface…instead just real life, including the mess.

I decided to take photos of my home on a Sunday and I promised myself I wouldn’t move or change one thing as I took each photo. I would just capture life on a regular ol’ Sunday in the Finn household.

Here’s a no makeup look at our home.

Master Bedroom

I must admit that we are a pretty clean and tidy couple. We don’t have kids, we don’t have pets, and we’re both organized people. So while things are far from perfect, we do like to keep things fairly nice around here. In fact, last week I wrote all about the habits we do on a daily basis to keep our home pretty clean

Our bedroom sees the least amount of mess. I make the bed every single day and I try not to bring too much clutter into this space.

However, my office desk can get a little crazy when I’m working away back here.

On Sundays, I’ll usually take photos for the blog, edit the pictures, and then write posts for a majority of the afternoon (glamorous…I know!). So you’ll find me sitting back here working away on my laptop in our sunlit bedroom.

Kitchen & Family Room

While I work away in the back, my husband is out in the main room cooking up a storm. His favorite way to relax is to watch sports and cook. So on Sundays, it’s all about the NFL, fantasy football, and cooking tons of food for the week ahead.

On this particular Sunday, Finn made a delicious slow cooker chili recipe while watching games.

This TV mount allows us to swivel the television towards the kitchen, so he can chop away and still catch all of the action on-screen. You’ll also notice his laptop on the counter, where he has quick access to his fantasy football teams.

Near the sink, you’ll find wine and champagne glasses from Saturday that I was way too lazy to clean by hand that night.

We will sometimes bring the monitor from the back office out to the dining room table on Sundays to do work. That way we can both be in the same room while getting work done. But that does make for quite the mess (albeit temporary) with the cords. We’ll usually block off the walkway with dining room chairs, so one of us doesn’t accidentally trip over them.

Back Hallway

Here’s our back entryway that leads out to our deck and the garage. This door is where we always leave bags or items that need to go down to the car. We have a strict “one in, one out” policy, so we don’t accumulate too much stuff in our new home.

Since we just purchased new white towels, we had to get rid of the old dingy ones. That’s why these are hanging by the back door waiting to go down to the car and eventually to the donation center.

Guest Room

Finn uses the guest room closet, so I’ll often find random clothes in here. I promise he isn’t pants-less, ha! Instead just threw his pants from last night on the bed, and hopped into his comfy clothes.

I rarely go into this room (isn’t that the case with most guest rooms?!), but for the most part, it stays pretty clean and tidy!

So there you have it, a look at our home without any makeup. It was kinda fun to show you guys a real view of our house, and it was a heck of a lot easier than doing a perfectly styled home tour! You can check out my full home tour right here.

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Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs who participated in this fun series. It’s nice to know that no one has a perfectly styled home 24/7 and that lived in homes are the happiest homes.


  • Erin

    this was fun! i do keep a pretty tidy house for the most part, so it makes it super easy to pick up and put things away when we have guests over. But we do have a dog, and almost all the time we find her toys all over the floor!

    • Oh my gosh, my dog too, what is that about! Between the dog and my kids…honestly! Wouldn’t I think be the best trick ever to train your dog to “retrieve” their toys and put them in the toy basket?

    • haha you ladies are cracking me up! Didn’t even think about dog toys…but I can see how that would be a never-ending battle to put them away!

  • Love the concept of this home tour, you are right, we are so inundated with gorgeous pictures thanks to the wonders of social media, it’s very easy to feel “less than” on a daily basis. Joanna Gaines wrote something somewhere to the effect of ” I used to have to go and spend $5 on a magazine to feel badly about my house!” but now with Pinterest, etc. we are bombarded with perfect images all the time. Thanks for keepin it real! And also, I think Finn should do a guest post and share some recipies! I have been trying to do food prep on sundays too, as our weeknights are jammed! I would love the chili recipie, you had me at crock pot!

    • Thanks Kerri! And love the idea to have Finn share more of his recipes. He is the master chef in our household!

  • Kyla @ House Of Hipsters . com

    Our home is pretty tidy too…even with the kids. I need that TV mount in my life…and that chili recipe. Yum!

    • Thanks for hosting such a fun blog tour Kyla! So awesome giving a behind-the-scenes look! And don’t know how you keep things so tidy with kids!

  • Katie

    I loved this! It also made me think that it would be great to have some of the recipes that Fin makes or a guest post by him.

    • Love that idea! I will have to tell him and get some of his recipes up on the blog soon.

  • ummm can i just THANK YOU for the link to that tv mount?? it is literally EXACTLY the one i need.

    • Yay! Seriously it’s the best in our house. Cooking & watching your favorite show all at the same time!

  • Summer Hogan

    Umm, still so gorgeous lady!! And I 2nd the cooking by Finn guest post 🙂

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girl- love the post!

  • I love this idea! I try to keep our house generally cleaned up (at least when my son is asleep) but still, there is always something sitting out – dishes drying (or need to be washed…), books to go back to the library, store returns to do, etc. Nice seeing real life and not just the styled version!

  • Starla

    Beautiful home! Loving the guest bedrooms walls! xo