A Black and White Buffalo Check Christmas Tree

If you saw either of us over the month of October, chances are we were gathering supplies for our annual Christmas tree shoot with Michaels. We both hoarded boxes all month long (thank you Amazon prime!), visited our local Michaels just about every weekend, and wrapped “gifts” (boxes with absolutely nothing inside them), after work each night.

But all of the hard work paid off, because today we get to show you this year’s Dream Tree! We know it’s not even Thanksgiving, but each year we showcase our tree on November 1st…giving you plenty of lead time to take some of our ideas and implement them into your own Christmas tree.

Dream Trees of Years Past

2 years ago, we went glam with a gold and silver tree, last year we got all preppy with a red plaid tree…

and this year we decided to stay on brand.

Our 2017 Christmas Tree

With a black and white Christmas tree! Isn’t it pretty?

Since Bridget’s house is a construction zone, and we showcased Casey’s condo last year, we rented a studio space for our dream tree shoot. Once we saw the beautiful white brick walls and the light hardwood floors, we knew that we wanted to do a classic color scheme for our dream tree.

We rented the space for 5 hours on a rainy Sunday morning and went to town transforming the entire space into a Winter Wonderland! With holiday tunes blaring, we (along with our husbands and Casey’s mom) had a blast getting into the holiday spirit a wee bit early. We ended up getting a ton of holiday content that day (more coming soon!), but today we’re just going to chat about our tree. Because there’s still plenty of time in the season for all of the other holiday goodness…

Our Black and White Christmas Tree

We started with the 9 foot pre-list slim willow tree from Michaels. Michaels has over 100 Christmas trees that you can buy online at Michaels.com. So many awesome options. Even some artificial trees for your front porch, that we’re both currently eyeing…

This 9ft beauty is the same tree we used last year and we absolutely love it. Its grand height really gives it a presence in a space and we love how slim it is, too. If you have tall enough ceilings, we highly recommend this one. There’s still plenty of time to watch the price and wait for a sale too!

Once that was set up, we went ahead and added lots of flocked bushes throughout. This fills in any sparse gaps and makes the tree look really full.  We love the frosty flocks to give it a snowy look, plus it brightens up the dark green on the tree. Definitely consider adding flocks to your tree this year. We always remark at what a difference it truly makes.

With the tree fluffed and full, we added a sheepskin tree skirt to the bottom and this silver star on the tippy top. After those essentials were in place, it was time for the ribbon.

Black & White Buffalo Check Ribbon

Last year we loved the statement the red plaid ribbon made on the tree, and Bridget also adored the look of this cream buffalo check ribbon she used on her tree. So we decided to go with another bold pattern…black and white buffalo check! Whenever you’re choosing ribbon for your Christmas tree, go with the wired kind as it can be bent to wind around the tree in exactly the way you want. And the thicker…the better! This was 2.5 inches thick and worked out perfectly.

We never know how much ribbon to buy for our Christmas trees. This year we got 40 yards and had a little left over. Always get extra rolls at Michaels when you choose your tree ribbon. No one wants to start winding it around their tree, only to run out halfway down.

With the ribbon spiraled around the tree it was time for the best part…the ornaments! We picked up a big case of gold, silver, and white ornaments from Michaels and spread all of those out first. Then we added some special ornaments to the mix.

Including some woodland creatures (it’s a Winter Wonderland after all!), and some sparkly snowflakes from Michaels. These took the tree to the next level, adding personality and shine!

The Finishing Touches

We always love to coordinate our wrapping paper to our Christmas trees and this year was no different. We opted for mostly white wrapping paper, with some buffalo check paper in the mix as well. Plus black and white satin ribbons to add the finishing touch on our packages. Of course those packages are all completely empty (no real presents inside. ha!), but they still look so pretty!

To really jazz up the base of your tree, consider adding a basket and filling it with presents. This adds some nice texture and helps corral all of the gifts. And layer in some sheepskins and warm and fuzzy blankets to make the bottom of your tree even more special.

Well, that’s a wrap on this year’s Christmas Tree! And don’t worry, you won’t see any more Christmas content coming your way until a more appropriate time (after Thanksgiving!). We’ve been working hard on our 2nd annual Gift Guide and cannot wait to share it with all of you later this month. Until then…enjoy November and get excited for the holidays. They’ll be here before we know it and we can’t wait to celebrate with you then!


  • Pam

    Just beautiful. I love the coordination of the tree and gifts. Did you leave lights spread out around the bottom of the tree? I love the glow around the bottom.

    • We did! We got the big bulb lights from Michaels and put them on the bottom to really light up the packages. But maybe not the best idea long-term…we were moving packages around and ended up breaking a light! So it looked pretty…but probably not the most functional. Ha!

  • Love this post! I have been seeing hints of black and white Christmas decor around the ole’ interweb as of late! Leave it to you two stylish ladies to have your finger on the pulse of what’s trending! I love black and white and will definitely be incorporating it into my Christmas decor this year. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

    • Thanks so much Kerri! You can’t go wrong with this classic color combo.

  • Tiffany

    Beautiful! I’m totally ok with Christmas posts now!

    • Us too! When we had this photo shoot we played Christmas carols and were all kinda loving it. haha!

  • Alysia @ Slim Sanity

    I love this idea!! I’m trying to move away from decorating with red….even though we bought a bunch of new ornaments last year…that were RED.

    • haha I’m the exact same way, Alysia! I loved our red & plaid tree last year, but it was a lot and kinda took over the entire house. I’m hoping to keep things a bit more neutral this year!

  • shawnna griffin

    hey girls- love the tree! so pretty!

  • Ashley Sorrick

    LOVE! The tree is beautiful and I love how you added some lights behind the gifts on the floor and in the basket

  • Thanks so much! The white paper and ribbon is all from Michaels. We found the buffalo check and marble on Amazon!

  • Kiersten Takagi

    So pretty! I love it!!! Where did you get your letter board?

  • This is beautiful!!! It makes me so excited to decorate our tree in a few weeks (although, not nearly as coordinated as this). I think my favorite tip I’ve gotten from these is the coordinated wrapping paper. I did that last year and it was so much prettier!

    • Yes! It’s amazing how the coordinated paper just makes the bottom of the tree look that much put together and pretty!

  • The tree looks gorgeous!!! How did you find that space- it is absolutely perfect!! Have you been swooning over the Hearth and Hand items on Target that came out today? I love the this black and white ribbon – https://www.target.com/p/fabric-ribbon-plaid-grosgrain-1-75-cream-black-hearth-hand-153-with-magnolia/-/A-52607767#lnk=sametab Quick question- do you put on ornaments and fillers first then add the ribbon last? I always struggle with the ribbon (even the wired ribbon) wrapping it around the tree.

    • Thanks so much Colleen. We found the space on the website, Peerspace. You can browse through lots of cool spaces in the area.

      For the tree we always put in all the flocked branches, then the ribbon, then the ornaments. And you’re right….the ribbon can be hard! We just try to kinda drape it through branches and wrap it around individual branches as we go.

      Can’t wait to go check out the Target line!