2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

So yesterday I shared how I did LOTS of brainstorming to think of the perfect gift to celebrate my second year anniversary. The tradition is to give something cotton, yet finding the perfect cotton gift was a little harder than I originally anticipated. As my students would say, the struggle is REAL.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas

As I racked my brain for the past few months, I started keeping track of some of the ideas to share with my fellow wives (and husbands!) that may need a little assistance preparing to celebrate year two. Here are some of the ideas I came across (or stole from my clever friends who have already celebrated year #2).

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

 Vintage baseball hat // Tie + Tie Clip // Toiletry Bag // Travel Pillow //  Sports Apron // Patagonia Pullover // Colorful Socks 

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

Beach Towel // Hunter Boots + Sock Inserts // Winter Hat // Monogramed Blanket // Pillow // Cotton Candle // Weekender Bag // Stockings

Our Anniversary Gift-Giving Motto

Casey and I enjoy being creative and love to use this creativity to show our amazing hubbies some extra thoughtfulness when it comes anniversary time. However, we don’t always think a big price tag automatically means the best gift ever. We are all about using these traditional anniversary themes in a way that is meaningful to each of our relationships, which doesn’t always mean lavish gifts, but instead ones that are unique/special to our better halves.2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas

So as much as any of these cotton gifts could totally work, we encourage you to choose something that is SPECIAL to your relationship or pair the cotton gift with another, more meaningful ‘something’. Cotton or not, we know your +1 will be in l-o-v-e with anything you choose, especially when it’s special to your relationship.



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