Tips for a Small Home Work Space

If you’ve been around The DIY Playbook for some time now, then you might remember earlier this year when we added a slim desk area to our master bedroom.

casey-bedroomNow I know what some of you may be thinking…a desk in your bedroom? Isn’t that NOT a good idea?! Shouldn’t your bedroom be a calming retreat away from work? I totally get it, I had those initial thoughts too.

desk-office-spaceBut I’m happy to report that our little office area is working extremely well for our household. I still absolutely love the picture ledges over the desk, and I’m constantly swapping out the frames and rearranging them. roses-vase-flowers-desk

I keep the desktop pretty minimal and only showcase a few accessories and items on there. It’s usually where my trusty planner hangs out too.desk-office

We keep “our office” neat & tidy most of the time, and it’s a nice sunny spot to get work done. I’m so happy that we changed this little corner to a work space, and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way to keep this space organized and functional.file-paperwork-desk-office

organized-drawer-deskI shared those tips over on one of our favorite blogs, iHeartOrganizing! Be sure to check out the post right here to see how we stay organized living in such a small space.



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