6 Flower Vases All Homeowners Should Own

Is it just us or does anyone else feel far more “put together” when your nails are painted? In all actuality you could be a hot mess, but you glance at those colorful nails and you’re already feeling far less of a disaster?!Nail polish can complete any look, just like flowers complete any room!

This is how we feel when it comes to buying flowers for our homes. Is it a necessity? Not at all. Do we feel naked without them? Nah, not really. BUT do we feel far more “put together” and refreshed when we do splurge on some blooms for our spaces? ABSOLUTELY.Fresh carnations

Real Talk: We don’t ALWAYS have fresh flowers displayed in our homes (and we sure as heck don’t always have our nails painted), but we do splurge on some bright blooms (and manicures) whenever we can. But let’s be clear on one thing here… when we say “splurge” we actually mean “spend no more than $10” and buy whatever is on sale at the grocery store. To us, spending a few bucks on blooms for special occasions, when we’re entertaining, or just when we’ll be home to really enjoy them is well worth it and totally makes us feel more “put together.”

6 Flower Vases Every Homeowner Should OwnAdding a simple vase is a quick way to brighten up any room

Since we like to splurge on flowers when we can but don’t always have a TON of room to store a huge collection of flower vases, we recently decided to identify 6 vases that every homeowner should have. We are confident that if you have these 6 options covered… you don’t need any others and therefore, can save space. <– always a winning combo in our playbook.

1. Bowl Vase

The bowl vase is the first of our must have piecesWe hate to play favorites, but this vase may just be one of our faves. We love the bowl vase because arranging flowers like roses or carnations into a vase like this is SO darn easy, yet super gorgeous every time (step-by-step tutorial here). Flowers in a bowl vase look great in any space

Even in the kitchen, we love this vaseLike almost any vase on the list, we don’t encourage you to spend a lot of money buying one of these. Heck almost all of them can be found at thrift stores or at Goodwill for under $2, especially the bowl vase (they usually have tons!).

2. Tall & Thin VaseVase 2- a tall, thin vase

When cutting down the stems super short is not an option, it’s good to have a tall, thin(ish) vase. Flowers like hydrangeas and alstroemerias can be plopped into a tall thin vase without much prep work on your end.

3. One Bud Vase

Vase 3- the bud vaseThese mini options are perfect for the single stem flower (cough, cough… the Bachelor called, he wants to know if you’ll accept his rose). Casey is also a big fan of showcasing alstroemerias (her favorite flower!) and uses her single bud vases to display this colorful bloom in many different spots throughout her house.A bud vase is the perfect addition for your small spaces

4. Mason Jar

Mason Jars just seem like a traditional staple around the house regardless of what your personal “style” is. These all-American symbols match with pretty much everything & can be used for just about anything (as evidenced by one of our most popular projects).

Vase 4- the mason jar To us, a simple mason jar can double as a perfect vase too. There are a few different sized jars, colors, and the jar even comes with a few different options for the lid circumference or “mouth” size. Keep this in mind when choosing your mason jar, but as far as we’re concerned… you really can’t go wrong with this classic.

5. A vase to reflect your style

Vase 5- something that reflects your styleThis is a freebie, yet is still an important one to have in your collection. Most of the other options in this list “play it safe” but this one is meant for you to have a little fun and step outside the box.

The perfect vase adds to your floral arrangement perfectlyHave fun choosing… but keep in mind that if you’re paring down your collection to 6, make sure the “look” you choose is versatile and works in different parts of the house throughout different seasons of the year. We do give you permission to purchase this one outside of the thrift store… although a thrift store’s collection is pretty one-of-a-kind.

6. Bouquet VaseVase 6- a bouquet vase

The bouquet vase is perfect in case someone brings you flowersAnd last but certainly not least, we added a basic bouquet vase for those times when you’re hosting and one of your guest brings in flowers. By having this in your arsenal, you know you’ll always have something to put those blooms in right away.  One tip we would add is trying to choose a vase that is not clear. It’s, of course, your choice and style, but we’re not always in love with seeing all of the stems/leaves/murky water through the vase. It sometimes just takes away from the gorgeous bouquet of flowers. And again it’s up to you but we also like this vase to be neutral(ish) so the color isn’t clashing our competing with the flowers. Just a thought…

We’re confident that if you have these 6 vases on hand, you’ll never have a problem displaying gorgeous flowers AND you won’t have to waste a ton of valuable storage hiding this collection. <– another WIN-WIN in our playbook! And if you’re looking for a good excuse to buy yourself some flowers, chalk it up as “research” to test out this philosophy.  😉




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