Make your Own Wood Planter for your Dining Room Table

Last weekend we had the opportunity to showcase some projects on ABC news here in Chicago. We were tasked with displaying DIY’s that could refresh your indoors for the new season. Since we’re all about easy projects that make a big impact, we were excited to brainstorm DIY’s that would work well for spring.

Here’s a link to the full segment if you want to check it out. We had a blast and hope to be back again soon!How to make a wood planter for the centerpiece of your dining room table

One of the projects that we did on the show was a DIY wood planter box. We both struggle with decorating our dining room tables for the everyday, and this planter box solved that problem. You can build this simple box, fill it with mason jars, and then display seasonal flowers right in there. It makes a big visual impact without cluttering up your entire table. Love when that happens!

How to DIY a Wood Planter Box


Plus, this wood planter box is SUPER SIMPLE to build. Seriously only a couple cuts, some staining, and putting it all together!

Wood Planter Box SuppliesDIY_Wood_Planter-3

  • Miter saw
  • Nail gun (or finishing nails & a hammer)
  • Wood stain (or try these Minwax wipes!)
  • Gold corner brackets
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Straight edge
  • Mason jars
  • Wood: 2 (1×6 pine) & 1 (1×4 pine); Length will depend on the size of your box
  • Safety glasses (or if you forget yours like we did, then sunglasses will also work to protect your eyes!)

Step 1

DIY_Wood_PlanterFirst you’ll want to plan out the size of your planter box. We wanted to fit 5 mason jars, so we decided to make it 22 inches long. We then marked 22 inches on each piece of wood for the 2 sides and the bottom. We used pine boards that were 6 inches wide for the sides, and a pine board that was 4 inches wide for the bottom.DIY_Wood_Planter-6

You’ll want to wait to cut the 2 end pieces until you have your other 3 long pieces all cut. This will ensure that you get the right size and they’re not too long or too short.

Step 2DIY_Wood_Planter_Casey_cutting_saw

With your pieces measured, it’s time to make the cuts. We love our miter saw and it gets easier (& less scary!) every time we use it. Just be confident with your cuts and go up and down quickly.

Step 3


With your 3 long pieces cut, it’s time to assemble! We used a nail gun so it took no time at all. If you don’t have one, then finishing nails and a hammer will do (although it will take some time to get it all together). Space out your nails accordingly so it looks even and nice. You won’t cover the holes, so you don’t want too many nail holes.

Step 4DIY_Wood_Planter-10

With your base all together, measure the width for the side pieces and cut those. Then take your nail gun again and secure the pieces to the sides. At this point, you can stain the entire box inside and out. You could also stain the pieces before you put it together, but because we were impatient and didn’t want to wait for the dry time to move forward…we decided to do it after the fact. We used our favorite colored stain…dark walnut. DIY_Wood_Planter-9

Rookie Tip: Use Q-tips dipped in stain to get the color into the corners of the box. This will ensure that no spot remains uncovered! 

Step 5DIY_Wood_Planter-14

This step is purely optional, but we think it’s a good one to do if you want to jazz up your wood box a bit. We picked up some gold L-brackets from the hardware store and attached them to the bottom 4 corners of the box. This added some shine & interest to the piece. Just drill a pilot hole first, and then use screws to attach the brackets. Be careful about screwing through to the other side. You don’t want any screws poking through into the middle of the box!

Step 6DIY_Flower_Box_Flowers_Vase

Place the mason jars in your wood box and add your favorite flowers!


We love using hydrangeas because they’re so full and lush, but you can use absolutely anything! Wouldn’t this piece look gorgeous on your table for the holidays? We imagine it filled with branches, greenery, and these mason jars with cranberries and floating candles!

DIY_Flower_Box_HygrangeasDoesn’t it look pretty in the middle of the dining room table? Love the wood against the sleek white marble! Come dinner time, this wood planter box is super easy to pick up and move off the table…which makes it the perfect dining accessory.

DIY_Flower_Box_CetnerpieceWe hope you give this simple DIY a try. All it takes is a few tools to build your own wood planter box.



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