Adding Small Touches of Fall to Our Home Decor with Michaels

Well, it’s officially September…which in my mind means it’s basically time for pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and football season. Yep, fall will be here before we know it and I must admit that I’m secretly looking forward to those crisp days ahead.

How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook
Small touches: How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

I’m also eager to add a few small touches of the fall season throughout our home. I’m definitely not a hardcore seasonal decorator where I change up everything in our home on a quarterly basis, but I do like to swap out a few things to celebrate the changing of seasons. Even though we technically have a few more weeks of summer left, I was pretty eager to add fall decor to our home.

But instead of buying tons of new items that I’ll only display for a few months (and will then have nowhere to store #cityliving), I decided to make a few small tweaks around our space. Specifically changing out some of the vases throughout our home to cozy up the place without a ton of time, effort or money. Here’s how I did just that…

Use Wheat Bundles Instead of Flowers in Your VasesUse wheat instead of flowers: How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

Wheat: How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

Over by our fireplace, I typically have greenery or white blooms in our large tall vase. I love having this piece over there because it adds some much needed height next to the large mirror. For fall, I swapped out the blooms for a wheat bundle that I picked up from Michaels. Instead of buying a new piece of fall decor to put in its place, I used the simple (& affordable) option of just swapping out the blooms. You can find wheat bundles like this in the floral section of Michaels, and one bunch will cost you less than $10. I will admit that these shed when I first arranged them, but once they’re in place you should be good to go!

Make Your Home Smell Like a Pumpkin Spice LattePumpkin Spice Everything: How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

Pumpkin Spice Everything: How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

This next fall “trick” is an absolute favorite of ours, and it’s one we do every fall season. We originally posted about this a few years back, but here’s how we make our homes smell like a pumpkin spice latte (or is it pumpkin spiced? I never seem to get that right!)

How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

Find a clear vase at Michaels and a pumpkin candle (or a vanilla candle if you’re more into vanilla lattes…). Then grab some coffee beans at the grocery store and fill up the vase about 1/3 of the way. When you light the candle it will slightly warm the beans and give off a coffee aroma mixed with a hint of pumpkin. 

Guys, this home decor swap is such an easy way to celebrate the new season. Not only does it look cute, but your entire home will smell amazing. To add a few more hints of fall to this little corner, I added a vase and faux leaves from Michaels right on in it. Or you can find some leaves outside to snip for the vases around your home.

Inject Some Halloween SpiritBe unconventional: Michael's Fall Decor | DIY Playbook

Even though I enjoy decorating for fall, I’m not one to add a ton of Halloween items to our place. I’m the biggest scaredy cat and don’t really get into the spooky aspect of this season. Blood, gore, and spider webs? Not for me.

Test Tube Design:  How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

However, I found these awesome science-themed vases at Michaels and ended up bringing them home with me. They add a little “Mad Scientist” feel that could definitely work with other Halloween decor. 

Test Tube design: How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

How cool is this science beaker?! These would be awesome for a Halloween party to display florals, or even to use to serve cocktails!

Mad Scientist: How to Decorate for Fall | DIY Playbook

They also had an awesome test tube holder as well. Again…this could be awesome to serve drinks (or shots) out of at a Halloween party! I decided to add some crimson alstroemeria flowers in the small vases instead. 

I hope this proves to you that you don’t have to do a complete overhaul of your home decor to incorporate a few touches of the new season. Just a couple items and a few swaps will inject some personality and freshness into your space without breaking the bank.

Now who else is ready for fall?! We say bring it on!


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