Budget-Friendly Nightstand Styling Ideas

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Today, we are tackling an area of the bedroom that is often neglected or over-styled to the point that it ceases to be a functional piece of furniture. Yep, today I’m giving you my best styling ideas for your nightstand! I’ve shared my nightstand styling tips before, but I thought it would be fun to take it a step further and provide you with budget-friendly nightstand decorating ideas, so you could refresh yours without breaking the bank.

Refreshing with Summer Decor

Maybe it’s something about Chicago’s weather, but when summer FINALLY comes around (it took quite a while this year), I naturally start to refresh my home. I find myself drawn to light-colored and coastal decor that when combined together makes a home feel effortlessly casual.Jan's guest room with budget-friendly nightstand ideas

Because I don’t have a space of my own to refresh right now (when will this renovation be over!?), Jan and I decided to tackle her guest room. Right now, it’s very feminine with the floral pillows and blush accents. She likes it, but she has been wanting to tone down the blush lately. I told her I would help her make it more of a coastal retreat and we would tackle it on a budget!

We started pulling a couple of inspiration photos to help guide the refresh before we shopped. Here are a couple of our favorites…

walmart post bedroom inspiration photo

Image via Studio McGee

walmart post bedroom inspiration photo

Image via The Identite Collective

Once we gathered inspiration, I started to shop for accessories online and since we were doing this refresh on a budget I checked out Walmart.  And guys, Walmart’s home selection is really good right now! They just launched a coastal collection that has some awesome pieces (like this basket! this art! this lamp!). Right now, most of the home decor is online and they offer free shipping if you spend over $35 and and they also have free returns. So that makes shopping super easy.

Two Budget-Friendly Nightstand Looks

I will be sharing a reveal of Jan’s refreshed guest room next week, but in the meantime, I pulled together two looks that will help you envision ways to update your space with a coastal vibe. Even just a couple of quick swaps on your nightstand can make your bedroom feel new again.

Look #1

budget-friendly nightstand styling

If you are in the market for a new nightstand, my biggest tip is to consider the scale of your room and bed. Most nightstands are 20-22 inches wide, however, if your bed is a king or your room is really large, you probably need a bigger one! If your bedroom allows, upgrade to a bigger nightstand like this one. Having additional surface space makes the nightstand more functional and also gives you the opportunity to add personal style.

For this look, I wanted the nightstand to be the focal point of the room so I found this killer wall mirror and hung it over the nightstand. I layered in a great lamp, books, and greenery to balance the look. I also found these great coastal inspired decorative boxes that provide some secret storage down below.

Oh, and can we talk about that beachy art over the bed?! I can hardly believe the price. I ended up buying it for Jan’s guest bedroom refresh and it’s so good in person. Can’t wait to show you guys next month.

Look #2

budget-friendly nightstand styling

Here’s my budget-friendly nightstand look number two, where the nightstand isn’t the star of the show. Maybe there’s a great ceiling feature or mirror over the bed (like the one I used here) that you want to be the focal point in your bedroom. In these cases, I still recommend opting for a larger nightstand, but instead of hanging a statement mirror above, I pair it with smaller scale art.

Typically when hanging art, the center of the art should be at eye level (we chatted all about that in this rookie mistake post). That level may look awkward over a nightstand (way too high!), so I recommend breaking that rule here. Aim for five to six inches above the top of the nightstand. I love this sophisticated coastal print with moody vibes (that comes in a few sizes). This cool art piece allows for other decor items to shine and keeps a majority of the nightstand surface clear.

Similar to the first look, I used booksgeometric objects, and ceramics to pull the look together. I’m obsessed with this ring dish and it’s a steal for $4! It’s a cute way to keep your precious items organized when you sleep. The clear lamp evokes beachy vibes (and such a good price for two), but since the bottom of the nightstand is partially open you’ll want to be aware of the cord. I usually use these clips to keep the cord taut along the backside of a nightstand. It’s crazy how just a little cord organization can make the entire nightstand area look more streamlined and tidy!

Which Look is Your Fave?

I’m not sure I can choose a favorite between these two looks. I love both the beachy art and the round mirror over the bed. I’ve never done a mirror over a nightstand, but I am obsessed with this one and it really could add so much light and interest to a bedroom. And that wood bed is giving me alllll the coastal vibes. Which budget-friendly nightstand do you prefer…look #1 or look #2?

Jan’s Guest Bedroom Refresh – Coming Soon!

I’ve already scooped up a few pieces for Jan’s guest bedroom refresh including this basket, this throw (love the warm colors), and my favorite art from today’s post. I can’t wait to share the reveal with you next week. I think you’re going to like the inexpensive refresh!


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