A Mason Jar Christmas Candle Holder

It’s December and that probably means you have a lot going on with the holidays. Shopping trips, Christmas parties, cookie baking…there is just so much going on this month. We don’t want you to waste these lovely moments crafting for hours on end. No way Jose. Not happening here.

Today’s project can be done in about 2 minutes flat. Seriously. That means more time eating Christmas cookies & sipping cocoa…and less time decking the halls.

Mason Jar Christmas Candle Holder

This mason jar Christmas candle holder is easy to make and looks festive.

It’s a twist on last year’s Cranberry Christmas Centerpiece from this post. It’s a Christmas Candle Holder that is perfect for any Busy Girl.

White floating candles work best for this mason jar design.
Small pieces of greenery should be placed at the bottom of the mason jar.
Combine the greenery, cranberries, floating candle and water in the mason jar.
Once all the materials are combined, light the candle and enjoy the festive decoration.
The mason jar Christmas candle holder is a great table centerpiece.
The Christmas candle mason jar holder will add a touch of holiday cheer to any room.

We don’t have tons of room in our tiny apartment, and I didn’t want to crowd our kitchen island with a big ol’ vase. So I took out an extra mason jar and used it for this little craft. I found the white floating candles from Michaels, but my mom uses candy cane striped ones from Crate & Barrel. Both awesome options. Then…not wanting to actually go to the store…I just snipped a few pieces of faux greenery from our Christmas garland. Don’t worry, the garland is still looking plenty fluffy and I only needed to take a few pieces to fill up the bottom of the mason jar. I found the fresh cranberries at the grocery store and only needed to use a handful. I recommend changing them out every 10-14 days in order to keep them looking red and vibrant. You can fill the jar with water all the way up to the tippy top, or go 3/4 of the way like I did. Just be sure to change the water every week or so to prevent it from getting cloudy. Finally, light your candle, sit back, and enjoy the glow of this simple DIY candle holder.
It’s a great use of your random mason jars and will add some festive cheer to your house this season. I made a few of these candle holders and spread them throughout our home (bathroom, bookshelf, coffee table.) Or feel free to group them together for a sparkly candle display.We wish all holiday projects were this easy. Now back to wrapping presents…

We wish all holiday projects were this easy. Now back to wrapping presents…


A bigger version of the mason jar Christmas candle holder can be made as well.

Come check out the bigger version of this project from this post.

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