Campaign Style Nightstands from MegMade

For the past few months, I’ve been chucking away at our master bedroom to-do list. In fact, for a while there I was on a roll. New rug, dresser, window treatments…check, check, check!

01-casey-master-bedroom-bed-benchBut when it came time to find new matching nightstands for the space I was at a standstill. I searched everywhere. Online, in stores, flea market, antique shops…legit all over the place. I knew what I wanted (white, 3 dressers, large but not too large, contemporary) but I just couldn’t find anything that wasn’t waaaaay out of my budget.

That’s when I had the brilliant idea to visit MegMade here in Chicago. MegMade is a small-business owned and operated by Meg and her husband Joe.

joeandmeg-megmadeImage via MegMade

The couple started painting furniture back in 2012, and have since sold over 3,000 pieces which they ship all over the country. They’re an amazing couple, with 2 adorable little ones. Gotta love small family-owned businesses…especially when they’re run by friendly folks like these two.

9-megmade-storefrontThey have a storefront here in Chicago, and it’s filled to the brim with gorgeously painted furniture pieces.

01-megmade-store-dressersI visited the shop looking for 2 matching nightstands that might work for our bedroom. Even though everything was drop-dead-gorgeous, I didn’t find anything that quite fit the bill.

02-megmade-warehouse-furniture8-colors-finishes-megmadeThat’s when Meg showed me to her huuuuuuge warehouse of furniture finds. All pieces waiting to be claimed and refinished to your liking. Knowing her inventory inside & out, Meg led me to 2 campaign style nightstands that she thought would work for our bedroom. She explained how you can then completely customize the furniture. So I picked out a color, a finish, and left the store with a big grin on my face.

Fast forward a couple weeks…and my nightstands were painted & delivered right to our front door. I could hardly contain my excitement when they arrived.

Out with the old nightstands…and in with the new!05-nightstand-dresser-campaign-megmade1-nightstand-campaign-dresser-megmade


I’m obsessed with these beauties. The sleek white finish is so professional and they literally shine. 07-gold-campaign-dresser-handle

They even buffed up the gold dresser pulls…


…and the gold brackets! I’m loving the glam look. 7-master-bedroom-casey-augusta

They’re pretty big for nightstands, but they work really well in this space. And I love all of the extra storage…6 drawers total!3-left-nightstand-bedroom

There is also tons of room on top for accessories, bedside essentials, and our large table lamps. 12-styling-nightstand-dresser-tabletop-bedroom09-nightstand-styling-flowers-coffee-lamp13-gold-xoxo-nightstand-dresser6-nightstand-campaign-megmade

In terms of styling, I tried to make each nightstand pretty symmetrical. Lamps on both, and frames hanging on the wall. Then lots of pretty accessories with storage for jewelry, and some night-time reading options.

To add a sentimental touch, I framed a letter from my great-grandmother and put a thick mat around it. I love looking at it every morning when I wake up to start my day. A little bit of family tradition and history right at my fingertips.


I did have to move a few things around the rest of the bedroom to make space for these larger nightstands. But they’re well worth it. 06-augusta-master-bedroom-dresser-bed11-bed-pillows-master-bedroom

We’re in the home stretch for our bedroom.


    • New, large rug
    • Replace nightstands with matching ones
    • Hang art or mirror over the bed
    • Change up a few of the bed pillows
    • New bench that is more proportionate 
    • Sell 1 dresser & instead do vanity/work desk area
    • Add personality on nightstands/dresser with accessories
    • Hang art & frames on walls
    • Add bamboo shade to window
    • Add curtains to sliding doors
    • Replace black dresser


In January, I’m planning to tackle those last few items on our master bedroom to-do list (bring on the work space area!) Until then, you’ll find me lovingly staring at our 2 new pieces of bedroom furniture. Heart eyes on repeat over here.


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