25 Cozy Home Decor Ideas To Elevate Your Space

Last month, I started a new weekly series on Instagram showcasing some of my favorite items in rooms around my home. Each week, we tour a room and I share five items that I feel really elevate the entire space. Most are home decor ideas, but sometimes I throw in a product that makes that room feel a bit better for me.

Storage in my medicine cabinet mirror

Today, I thought it might be fun to list out all of those items right here on the blog. I’ve featured five rooms in my home so far, so that’s 25 cozy home decor ideas that you could implement in your own spaces. I’ll continue touring the rest of my home throughout the remainder of 2023, so you can stay tuned to that series on my Instagram on Wednesday mornings.

If you’ve missed the series, you can catch up right here. I hope that some of these simple ideas will elevate the entire look of your home. It may sound simple, but adding the right accessories is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel cozy.

Our Main Bedroom

cozy home decor ideas to take your space to the next level

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore “Boothbay Gray” // Shop My Bedroom

Our main bedroom is a room in our home that brings me a lot of calm and peace. As you know, I experienced some terrible sleeping issues back in the spring. I’m happy to report that I’ve been sleeping really well for months now!

My best home decor ideas for 5 rooms in your house

Many of the sleep specialists I chatted with encouraged their patients to only use the bedroom for sleep. No reading, no watching TV, no napping in bed. So, I really only spend time in this cozy space when I’m sleeping.

Are you making these candle burning mistakes?

I’ve definitely made it a calming and cozy atmosphere for me and Finn. Our bed is just about the comfiest bed ever. Whenever I’ve had a friend or family member sleep over, they always say my bed is the comfiest one they’ve ever slept in! And nothing makes me happier than that.

5 Favorite Items From Our Main Bedroom

5 favorite items from our main bedroom

Rug // Platform Bed // Duvet Cover // Marble Picture Frame // Sound Machine

1. Waffle Weave Duvet Cover

I’m a big fan of a layered bed. I start with these super comfy sheets. They have technology that keeps you cool at night. On top of that, I have this waffle weave blanket that we use during the winter months. That’s followed by my absolute favorite duvet cover.

I’m a big fan of white duvet covers because you can bleach them and keep them looking crisp. I especially love this one because it has a waffle texture, so it doesn’t show any wrinkles! I curl up under all of those cozy blankets and it’s sweet dreams for me! One of the best ways to elevate your bedroom is by upping the quality of your bedding with soft blankets. It’s one area where I splurge!

2. The Blue/Green Area Rug

This rug truly is stunning and the price point can’t be beat. I have a 9×12 in the color Natural/Sand in our room and that’s what I recommend if you have a king-sized bed. The colors are creamy with a bit of light blue and sage. It works beautifully with the “Boothbay Gray” walls in here.

3. Marble Picture Frame

I adore all of the marble picture frames from Joss & Main and I own quite a few of them. The natural stone really elevates the entire frame and it’s heavy and high-quality. I have framed photos of each of our kids displayed in our bedroom. I love seeing my favorite faces before going to sleep at night.

4. Platform Bed

This platform bed is a bestseller for me and I can see why. It’s such a gorgeous bed for the price. Yes, you do have to put it together and I recommend it being a two-person job. But once it’s together, it’s fantastic! The cream color (we have “Zuma White”) has nice warm tones and the fabric looks upscale and elegant.

5. Sound Machine

Finally, I can’t forget my go-to sound machine. I love this thing and I even take it with me when traveling. It’s small and compact but it packs a punch with the volume. It has a variety of sounds (pink noise, brown noise, white noise, etc.), but I always use the brown noise when sleeping. If you sleep with a sound machine, this is such a good one!

My favorite room transformations including my main bedroom

You can find all of the sources/tutorials for my bedroom here. And here’s a reel showcasing those five items in action.

Our Living Room

Choosing a new coffee table for our home

Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore “Ballet White” (walls) & “Simply White” (trim) // Shop My Living Room

This is the room that sees the most action in our house. We spend lots of time together in this space as a family. The kids keep most of their toys in the TV console and we enjoy lots of movie nights curled up together on the couch. Keeping this living room cozy was a high priority when designing this space.

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This living space is also the room people immediately see when they enter our home, so I wanted it to look tasteful and reflect our style. I try to keep things as minimal as possible and only display essential decor that I truly love.

5 Favorite Items From Our Living Room

5 cozy home decor ideas to implement in your living room

Rug // Faux Olive Tree // Olive Green Linen Curtains // Modern Planter // White Vase

1. Olive/Charcoal Rug

The large 9×12 rug really makes the space and adds so much personality and color to this room. It was the jumping-off point for the entire design of our living room and encouraged me to add touches of olive green to the area to offset all of the neutral colors. The best part about this rug is that it hides EVERYTHING! As you know, there are two young kids in this house, so this rug has seen just about every stain possible. Yet, it still looks brand new.

I have this rug pad underneath it to make it a tad cushier. Oh, and did I mention the price? It’s so affordable for a rug of this size!

2. Modern Planter

I’ve had this modern planter for many years now. I brought it with us from our old condo. I love the modern shape and you can’t go wrong with black and white. Somehow, it magically works in just about any space. This is the size large and I’ve always planted snake plants in it. However, you could plant just about any indoor plant in this to add some life to your room.

3. Large White Vase

If you’re looking to add a new piece of home decor to your place, you can’t go wrong with a white vase. I like having a large one to display florals, stems, leaves, or even fresh flowers and I swap them out seasonally. Most of the time, I showcase these faux eucalyptus to add a bit of green to our entryway.

4. Faux Olive Tree

Everyone thinks this 7′ faux olive tree is real, it’s that good! This tree nestles into the front of our living room and brings some height to the area. I don’t think I could ever keep a real olive tree alive, so I’m happy for this faux version. I have it in a basket and it looks like they’re now selling the tree and basket together! To camouflage the base, I drape a throw blanket or faux fur throw over it.

5. Olive Green Curtains

These olive green curtains are another living room favorite. Our living room has a lot of neutral tones, so these add a lot of color to the entire space.

For window treatments, we have solar shades in this room (more about those here) that we pull up and down for privacy. We could draw the curtains closed but we never touch them, except when my kids are playing hide and seek. I hung them on these gold curtain rods.

Our organic modern living room style

You can find all of the sources/tutorials for my living room here. And here’s a reel showcasing those five items in action.

My Home Office

My favorite room transformations

Paint Colors: Valspar “Chimney Smokes” (built-ins) & Benjamin Moore “Ballet White” (walls) // Shop My Home Office

The office was a project we completed in March 2020. While I was always planning to work from home, it then became my only option for quite some time. Let’s just say I’m very grateful to have such a stunning place to get work done.

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A lot of DIY love went into making this space, like those DIY built-ins, but there are a few home accessories that make me smile when I work.

5 Favorite Home Items From My Home Office

5 cozy home decor ideas for your home office

Rug // File Cabinet // Candle Warmer // Faux Fiddle // Standing Desk

1. Navy & Red Rug

Well, this is the third rug from Loloi that I’m sharing in this post. Ha! Can you tell that I’m a fan of their pieces? I just think their prices can’t be beat and I love the color scheme, patterns, and softness of their rugs. In here, I didn’t need a very large rug. I just wanted something soft underneath the futon. Plus, I wanted to incorporate that blue from the built-ins into the floor.

2. Standing Desk

This is a newer purchase, but one I wish I would have made a long time ago. After taking the summer off, and being very active, I came back to work in September and my body was not loving the constant sitting. I purchased this standing desk to take breaks from sitting in my chair. I liked it so much that I also invested in this walking pad. I now get in so many steps while working! I know it will come in handy this winter when I can’t go on long daily walks outside.

3. Candle Warmer

This candle warmer adds so much ambiance to my home office. Not to mention, the delicious aromas! I don’t have to light any candles and I can still get sweet fragrances while I work. I feel like my candles last so much longer because of this warmer.

4. Stylish File Cabinet

I’ve had this file cabinet for many years now and it’s such a great office essential. If you need a file cabinet, you might as well make it stylish! I keep this one tucked away in the office closet, but you could easily display it. Here’s a blog post sharing details about how I organize all of our files and passwords.

5. Faux Fiddle Tree

With the amazing natural light in this home office, I have a lot of real plants in here, but this isn’t one of them. However, most people think it’s real! I keep this faux fiddle in this wicker hamper and it looks great tucked into the corner of my office. It’s typically right over my shoulder on Zoom calls and everyone assumes it’s real.

My favorite room transformations

You can find all of the sources/tutorials for my home office here. And here’s a reel showcasing those five items in action.

Our Main Bathroom

Our consistent home habits to stay organized and tidy

Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore “Rockport Gray” & “Ballet White” // Shop Our Main Bathroom

This space was completely gutted and transformed during the spring of 2022 and I’ve loved it ever since. It gives off major hotel bathroom vibes and I’m here for it! You can find the full before and after in this blog post.

Black and gold vanity in a bathroom

While the bones of this space are upscale and elevated, the bathroom accessories really take things to the next level. Since this bathroom consists of a lot of marble and black (both of which can make a space feel cold), I needed to add some warmth to the space with accessories. Even the warm paint colors help to soften the space.

5 Favorite Items From Our Main Bathroom

Here are 5 items that elevate my main bathroom space

Rug // Bath Sheets // Sconces // Trash Can // Baskets

1. Large Bathroom Rug

I’m a big fan of The Company Store because their towels and bathroom items are always great quality. This bath mat is no different. It’s a large size (30×50 ) and super fluffy. I love that I can throw this in the washing machine every other week to get it looking brand new again. It’s soft underfoot and soaks up any wetness when I’m hopping out of the shower.

2. Fluffy Bath Sheets

Finn accidentally bought these bath sheets instead of bath towels and it was the best mistake ever. Bath sheets are larger than towels and now I don’t think I could ever go back. It wraps me up like a warm hug and makes me feel amazing after getting out of the shower. I highly recommend trying bath sheets!

3. Sleek Sconces

This sleek sconce was such a steal and I’m so happy that I installed three of these when I was designing this bathroom space. It comes in three colors and two sizes. I have the black in the 16″ length. Just be sure to put them on a dimmer switch for truly elegant hotel bathroom vibes.

4. Storage Baskets

I added these storage baskets underneath our black marble vanity for two reasons. First, they are amazing for secret storage. I keep extra toilet paper, tampons, and more hidden away in here. Second, they add a lot of warmth and texture to this otherwise sleek and cool space. When you want to add warmth to a cool space, always consider adding natural materials.

5. Trash Can With Lid

I know, I know. A trash can made the list?! It sure did. And that’s because I’ve always really liked this trash can. It has a lid, which I really appreciate to hide any yucky garbage. Plus, the wicker texture is super cute and a great addition to any bathroom

Sconce placement

You can find all of the sources/tutorials for this main bathroom here. And here’s a reel showcasing those five items in action.

Our Laundry Room

Our laundry room transformation

Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore “Ballet White” // Shop Our Laundry Room

The laundry room was one of the first spaces we completed in this house and I’m so happy that we put some work into this room. Now, with two kids, we use this space more than ever! I mean, I do at least one load of laundry every single day. Usually more!

Laundry room before and after

Anyway, this small space has tons of storage and is very hardworking. But, aside from that, it’s very easy on the eyes and it has a cozy vibe. The dark green cabinets, pretty tile, and personal touches make it an aesthetically pleasing space too!

5 Favorite Items From Our Laundry Room

5 items that elevate our laundry room

Runner // Drying Rack // Green Tile // Digital Art 1 & Digital Art 2 // Laundry Hamper

1. Runner

I swear I have other rugs in my house besides these ones from Loloi, but this post definitely doesn’t reflect that. Ha! Here’s another one from that brand in a different color and pattern (Brick/Blue). I use my favorite carpet tape to keep this in place in the center of the tile.

2. Drying Rack

This is a hardworking drying rack and is also very beautiful. My only regret is not getting a larger size. This is the medium and it holds lots of clothes on here, but I wish I would have sized up. They have quite a few sizes and I highly recommend them for any laundry room. Pretty wall decor, while being super functional? Yes, please!

3. Green Tile

Once we added the dark green cabinets to the laundry room, I knew I needed to add more color to the other side of the space. I landed on this dark green Cloe tile. It’s gorgeous. I only had a small area to tile and it didn’t take me long at all. I adore the pop of color on this side of the room.

4. Digital Art

Who says you can’t add home decor to a laundry room? I found these antique-looking frames (old from Target) and downloaded this digital art and this piece to display. They add some color and interest to the space, without breaking the bank. I’m a big fan of all of the art from Juniper.

5. Laundry Hamper

Finally, an item that is mostly just functional. We have this small laundry basket from IKEA and it’s the best “holding place” for anything that is wet, gross, and needs to go into the next load of wash. Instead of throwing these wet wash cloths into our main hampers with our clothing, those items go into this plastic hamper. It’s been a gamechanger for how I do laundry!

Our laundry room reveal

You can find all of the sources/tutorials for our laundry room here. And here’s a reel showcasing those five items in action.

Cozy Home Decor Ideas

Adding accessories to our organic modern living room

I hope you like this new series showing you some of my favorite ways to add decor to each room in your house. Sometimes it just takes a few new pieces of home decor to make your room look more elevated. With the winter season fast approaching, there’s no better time to make your home cozy.


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