Our Favorite Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are our favorite kind of purse simply because they give you the chance to go hands-free! They’re often our preference when out and about and especially when traveling. We usually lug our large DSLR cameras around our necks when on vacation, so to have a purse neatly tucked across the body really helps alleviate things when exploring a new place. Favorite crossbody bags for fall

But finding the right crossbody can bet tricky! Some are too big, too small, come up too high, don’t have enough compartments, etc. The struggle is real.Bridget's crossbody has a shoulder option as well

Today we’re here to share 2 crossbody bags we recently added to our wardrobes that we are loving!

Casey’s Crossbody BagLast year's go to crossbody

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, Finn & I are heading to Italy in September. Next week actually! In preparation for our trip, I’ve picked up a few new things. One thing that was high on my list was a new crossbody purse. I had one that I wore a lot (seen in the above photo), but unfortunately it doesn’t have a zipper. I found the bag for a steal at T.J. Maxx last year and have always loved it. But in order to stay safe when traveling in Italy, I definitely wanted a zipper on my crossbody bag. Gotta keep those sticky fingers out! Here's what I chose for this year's crossbody

I ended up buying this purse when Madewell was having a big end of the summer sale. I wanted a purse that could work with either black or brown and this creamy color works perfectly. The color and zipper really drew me to this purse

It is a little on the small side, but I’m a-okay with that. I plan to lug around my large camera around my neck and having a large purse too might make walking around a bit uncomfortable. This bag is perfect for my needsIt hits at the right spot on my side body. Sometimes I feel like it can come down too low and then it just ends up smacking you in the butt every step you take. Not the most comfortable situation!I also picked up this awesome straw hat

I also picked up this hat for our trip. It screams “Italy” to me and I can’t wait to don it in the beautiful country…especially to hide my dirty hair. Any tips on traveling with a hat? I don’t want to have it crushed in my luggage, so I may have to bring it on the plane with me? Would love your advice if you have any tips!

Bridget’s Crossbody Bag

Bridget's crossbody from last yearLike Casey, I pretty much only wear cross-body bags because of the convenience. I try to find an option that I love and then I wear that purse on repeat until it’s time to replace it. This is usually why I strategically try and find crossbody bags that can match with both black and brown. Almost all of my crossbody bags come from TJ Maxx/Marshall’s because they are super affordable (like under $30) and have a large selection. That’s where this last one I wore all spring and summer came from.Bridget's new fall crossbody- larger and versatile

But now that we are approaching fall and I am back at school, I’ve been on the hunt for a bag that’s a tad larger. I’m usually lugging around my lunch during the week and like to throw in my camera on the weekends. This slightly larger crossbody bag has been perfect for these essentials so far!This larger style is perfect for my daily needs

It was pretty affordable considering the size (under $40!). This style reminds me of the Madewell tote that I love, yet it’s a fraction of the cost.I love the crossbody and shoulder strap options on this bag

I don’t tend to choose this carmel brown color too often, but I do love it for the fall and definitely don’t mind pairing it with black this season.Ready for fall with my new bag

More Crossbody Bags We Love

Finding the perfect crossbody bag, especially one that is affordable, is hard! But now that we each found a staple, we are excited to wear them on repeat until the next season. If you’re also looking for a new crossbody bag for fall, here’s a round-up of some of our other favorites:



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