The Best of Q3 2022

Every quarter, I share a bit of the behind-the-scenes of what performed well during the previous three months, and I’m back at it for Q3. These are the most popular blog posts, the bestsellers, and the items that really resonated with you.

Not only is it helpful for me to see what you guys like, but I figured it might be helpful for you in case you missed some of these well-received products or posts. So let’s get take a look at the best of Q3 2022.

Your Favorite Blog Posts from Q3

Our backyard at night

As a content creator, it’s so funny to me because I often have trouble predicting the success of individual posts. There are some posts that I think are going to do very well and then they flop, and others I’m not even that excited about, and then they do amazing! I never can predict what will really resonate with people! Here are the blog posts that you really loved this quarter…

Sprucing Up The Side Yard & Mulch Glue

sweep your pea gravel in place before applying mulch glue

Well, just call me the “mulch glue” girl because that is forever what I’ll be known for on Instagram and TikTok! This pea gravel glue video has almost 10 MILLION views on Instagram and another 5.6 MILLION on TikTok. I could hardly believe it when they went viral.

Finn working in the yard

Our side yard (also known as a “gangway” here in Chicago) was full of weeds and debris and I finally vowed to clean it up in July. Finn and I spent a morning clearing the weeds, grading the surface, and adding inexpensive pea gravel to the space. That was an amazing post that was really well-received.

How to apply mulch glue to pea gravel

I then decided to take it one step further and try out this new-to-me product called mulch glue to keep the pea gravel in place. I was kinda shocked that it actually worked! It still looks great, almost three months later and weeds aren’t popping up through the glue. You can find the full tutorial right here. I will likely need to re-apply in a few months, but it was a very easy project. Even though it was a very random project, it did help me gain some new followers who now think I may only post about pea gravel. Ha!

Our Backyard Projects

Our Chicago backyard review

I shared a couple of backyard blog posts during Q3 including this one showcasing our backyard at night and another with a review of how things are holding up one year later. I love revisiting old projects to talk about what I might do differently and share what’s working and what’s not, after living with it for a while.

Our backyard dining table at night

It was also really fun to showcase how magical the space becomes when it gets dark outside. I adore sitting out here with the string lights on and tiki torches lit for some good rest and relaxation. You can find the sources and my formula for layering outdoor lighting in this blog post.

Organizing Our Closets Upstairs

Our new organized linen closet

In August, I tackled the closets and cabinets on our second floor for a good organizing overhaul. It took me all day, but I got things in working order and I’m happy to announce that things still look really good! That post really resonated with all of you and I think that’s because everyone has a space in their home that could use a little organization. Plus, it often costs you nothing to give these areas some TLC.

My Consistent Home Habits

Getting our closets organized

I pride myself on being an efficient and organized person and I loved writing this post about my consistent home habits. We’re in a busy season of life and any time I can make things a bit more efficient around here I do. I broke down my daily, weekly, and quarterly habits, plus the things that I outsource to keep our home running smoothly. It was a fun blog post!

How to Print & Frame Vintage Art

The best home products summer 2022

Finally, this recent post about finding, printing, and framing vintage art was a reader favorite. It was fascinating for me to learn about finding vintage art pieces online and the ethical way to honor the artists. Plus, I was kinda shocked by how well the mod podge technique worked! All in all, it is a very simple and budget-friendly way to add some beauty to your walls!

Best Home Products from Summer 2022

Okay, now let’s move on to some of the bestsellers. First up, these home items sold like crazy!

Wood Vanity // Gold Sconce // Rug Pad // Bumblebee Door Knocker // Carpet Tape // Kitchen Stools // Our Bath Towels // Gold Frame // Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser // Eucalyptus Leaf

Carpet Tape ($9): I shared this reel showcasing how I use carpet tape all around my home. It’s such a simple trick to keep your rug pads and rugs in place. I always have a roll of this on hand!

Wood Vanity ($479): I used this wood vanity in this Reader SOS post about a year ago. That post has gotten a lot of views lately and I think it’s because the moody bathroom was done on a budget. That vanity adds some much-needed warmth to the small space!

Gold Sconce ($99): This sconce is only $99, which is a steal when it comes to lighting. I’m looking at adding two of these to our basement, flanking our TV. We’ll see how it goes!

Rug Pad ($99 for an 8×10): This is my go-to rug pad because it adds a lot of cushion and comfort while protecting your floors. Always opt for a rug pad!

Bumblebee Door Knocker ($68): This is actually a door knocker that Bridget, my old blogging partner, has on her door! An old blog post of hers must be trending because this cute little door knocker is selling like crazy!

Kitchen Stools ($90): Whenever I show my kitchen, I always get asked how we like our kitchen stools. I love them! They’re still in great shape and the faux leather wipes like a dream. A must when you have young kids!

Bath Towels ($56): We use these bath sheets in our house and they are fantastic. The quality is amazing and they’re huge. It does take some getting used to with these XL towels, but I could never go back to smaller ones!

Gold Frame ($21): I used this gold frame in my recent blog post about vintage art prints and it’s a favorite of mine. Such a good price and adds a hint of glam to your space.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser ($27): I added this wall-mounted soap dispenser to our first-floor bathroom to make more room with our tiny pedestal sink. See the video here. It works wonderfully and even comes with a glass soap bottle!

Eucalyptus Leaf ($4): I put three of these in a thrifted vase on my dining room table and they add the perfect hint of fall.

Top 10 Overall Bestsellers

Now, a look at the non-home decor items that you loved this quarter. It’s no surprise that many of the items are from the top blog posts of Q3.

Moto Jacket // Belt Bag Dupe // Retractable Garden Hose // Puff Sleeve Sweater // Mulch Glue // Name Stamp // Bath Crayons // Mop Gripper // Fly Fan // Glow Serum

Mulch Glue ($38): It’s no surprise that mulch glue tops my list of bestsellers. When that video went viral, it was sold out for a while. Now, it looks like it’s back in stock!

Name Stamp ($18): I use this on all of Rory’s belongings for school and it’s fantastic! Works like a charm on all of her clothing, blanket, and any other items that leave the house with her.

Bath Crayons ($9): These make bath time extra fun around here! Rory is obsessed.

Mop Gripper (3 for $18): I use these in my laundry room cabinet to keep our brooms and mops off the ground and organized. They are super easy to install. Just peel and stick!

Fly Fans ($18): We have two of these that we setup in our backyard whenever we’re dining outside. They keep the flies away and off of our food. Gamechanger.

Belt Bag Dupe ($8): I love my Lululemon fanny pack, but it’s been sold out for months. This one is a good dupe and that price is crazy good!

Faux Suede Moto ($129): My mom scooped this up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and she is super excited to wear it this fall when the temps drop.

Puff Sleeve Sweater ($58): Meanwhile, I’m eager to wear this gorgeous sweater that I also got at the sale! That color is so pretty and the cut is very flattering.

Garden Hose ($159): Over and over, I have sung the praises of our retractable garden hose. It makes watering a breeze and can swing to both the front and backyard to make my life easier!

Glow Serum ($40): I got a bottle of this over the summer and it just ran out. I’m already adding it to my cart to get more. It gives my dry skin extra hydration and the prettiest glow!

What’s to Come in Q4?

The before of our basement

As I shared in this blog post, I’m officially kicking off the basement makeover! I have a lot of work ahead of me with new trim, paint, and carpet. Plus, the holidays, of course! My annual gift guide will debut in mid-November and I’ve already been hard at work rounding up my favorite items from the past year. With the addition of Ellis’ and Rory’s faves, it’s gonna be a really great guide this year!


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