Body Love

A few weeks ago we hit publish on the most vulnerable post of our blogging career. Not only did we disclose our pant sizes for anyone on the internet to read, but we each chatted about some of our own body insecurities. We thought it was important to share this information because we want to keep it real around here. We are FAR from perfect and thought it was important to highlight some of these insecurities not to body shame ourselves, but to share how we choose clothing based on our strengths and not on our weaknesses.

travel-carmel-fall-fashion-dress-bridget-caseyPressing publish that day was a bit scary. That post was WAY outside our comfort zone and way more personal than we ever thought we’d get here on the DIY Playbook. We honestly didn’t know what to expect but were pretty BLOWN AWAY by what happened next.

Your Support & Encouragement

computer laptop blog weekThat morning we started receiving blog comments, emails, & Facebook messages from our amazing readers and right away this feedback put us at ease. But much to our surprise, the feedback didn’t stop that morning but instead streamed in all week long. There were lots of words of encouragement, some sweet stories from others who shared their own imperfections with us, and lots of lots of overall support and kindness. Some of the notes literally brought us to tears — like the reader who wrote about embracing her fair skin…

“Your body type post is probably my most favorite to date. You are both beautiful… I had stage II melanoma last year which resulted in a surgery to remove the tumor. I was lucky the cancer didn’t spread. Almost 1 year in the clear! And last year after that scare I vowed to always wear my sunblock SPF 50 + and work on loving my pale skin” 

Or this amazing reader who could not make us feel any more comfortable on a day we felt so vulnerable…

“What an important message and thank you two ladies for your honesty. You guys are so brave, to share such personal information. I am right now giving you a virtual standing ovation. Learning to love our bodies and dress them accordingly is not easy. Probably because we are surrounded by fake images and endless pressure to look perfect at every turn. I look at your pictures and think you two are beautiful and so put together, so to learn that even you guys struggle with “imperfections” is reassuring. I think you two are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! Thanks for keeping it real!”

Thank you!

I mean honestly, how are we so lucky to be surrounded by such strong, amazing, and supportive women?! We may never know how we got this lucky but what we do know is that we want to say thank you.

bridget-casey-computer-bedroomWe love blogging and find so much joy and fulfillment in running the DIY Playbook. But when we started this blog, we never anticipated that we would connect with such strong, inspiring and supportive women. Your kindness and endless support amazes us, & we feel forever grateful to be a part of this community.roses-vase-flowers-desk

Thank you for reminding us that we’re all in this together… imperfections and all! Your kindness and encouragement help remind us that the world is full of a lot more love than it sometimes seems (especially lately). letterfolk-signs-3

We hope to continue to build a kind community of women who come together to support one another. And we also hope to use this platform to remind you that YOU are strong, beautiful, and perfect just the way you are.



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