The Break Room No. 1

Welcome to the very first edition of “The Break Room.” It didn’t feel right to continue with our monthly Happy Hour posts without Bridget, yet I know how much you guys love these casual posts. So I figured a “rebrand” of sorts was in order. We’ll keep the format pretty similar to Happy Hour (and there is now a new section for these posts under the “Life” tab up top), but with a few small tweaks.

What’s The Break Room?The break room no. 1 May 2019

Back when I was working in a traditional office setting, the break room was where I’d eat lunch, chat about anything and everything with coworkers, and even catch up on my favorite blogs on my phone. I know a lot of you are working ladies and you read this blog on your commute to work or on your lunch hour. I figured “The Break Room” could be our spot to catch up about the past month…just as friends do!

So pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about May, 2019.

My Recent Buys

The Detox Market toiletries
  • I’ve been wanting some new jeans for a while now, but I kept putting off getting some because I thought I might get pregnant (we all know how that turned out). I finally decided to start living for the now and get the damn jeans! I got these from Madewell and they’re amazing! I love that they’re super casual, just be sure to size down because they may stretch on you.
  • I picked up a few other pieces from Madewell too including this dress (obsessed, so flattering!), this tank, this summer top, and this gold bracelet. Treat yo self!
  • Super random, but are there any Yahtzee lovers out there? I had never played, but Finn just got the game and we’ve been having so much fun playing together!
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    Finn Family Updates – May 2019A busy May 2019 going to a baseball game in San Francisco

    Whirlwind. That’s the word I would use to describe the last month for the Finn family. Pardon my french, but holy shit…a lot has been happening! At the beginning of the month, we announced that Bridget was leaving the playbook. Finn and I did so much work behind-the-scenes, prepping the new site and transitioning everything over to my name.

    As I mentioned in this post, Finn and I spent the last few months doing all of the logistics for the business side of the separation, but there were quite a few things on my to-do list that could only be done once we announced it here on the blog. Luckily, we got it all handled and I think I finally have it all under control.Visiting las Vegas with Finn

    Then we closed on our condo on May 3rd, left for a business trip on May 6th, snuck in a vacation to San Francisco, and the day after we returned to Chicago we closed on our new home. Whirlwind, I tell ya!National hardware Show Las VegasVendors at the National hardware show

    Our Las Vegas trip was short but packed full of events at the National Hardware Show. Essentially, it’s a yearly convention where companies from the home improvement category come to showcase new and innovative products. There were almost 3,000 vendors, so it was huuuuge and Finn and I spent two days walking around talking to various brands (plus, we got lots of ideas for the new house!)paint and accessories

    I was happy to have Finn by my side. I mean, what a trooper he was to take all those days off of work to be there to support me! I don’t know if I could have done it without him and we ended up having a blast together. casey-finn-las-vegas

    I was honored to be a judge for new innovative products and I was also asked to speak on a panel about women in business. I’m not gonna lie, I was a tad nervous about the presentation. While I’ve spoken in public numerous times with Bridget, this was my first time “solo.” Luckily, it all went well and I was able to share my story of leaving my job in television to pursue The DIY Playbook full-time. And once we were finished, I was sooooo relieved and ready for our San Francisco trip (which you can read all about in this post!).packing up home decor in boxes

    Once we got back from our trip, it was immediately time to start packing up our place. I loathe packing because I hate when things are a mess. I mean, does anyone really like packing?! The hardest part is that we’re moving some items to my mom’s house while our home is being renovated, but a majority of our items are heading to storage until it’s officially time to move in. Figuring out what I might possibly need over the next two months was so hard! How could I possibly pick out all of my clothing for the whole summer? Madness!

    Somehow we got it (mostly) done, and we are officially moving tomorrow!!!UNIQLO event

    One more thing before I go! I’m hosting an event at UNIQLO on Michigan Avenue on Sunday from 1-3pm. Finn and I will be there potting succulents, and I’d love it if you stopped by to say “hello.” Plus, you’ll receive free succulents and a free t-shirt!


    The Year of Casey

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