Tour This Norway Home With Minimalist Scandinavian Design

Reader OMG! is a series showcasing home tours from my favorite people…The DIY Playbook readers! Every month or so, I highlight the home of someone with some serious design style. I hope that these swoon-worthy spaces will make you say “OMG”…hence the name! It also gives me a chance to feature home styles outside of my own, so you can take away some fresh ideas for your space.

We have featured so many amazing homes in the series, check them all out here. Here are some of my favorites…

Marine’s Home With Minimalist Scandinavian Design

Marine's home tour featuring Scandinavian minimalist design
  • Homeowner: Marine, Stian, their 3-year-old son, & their brand-new baby!
  • Location: Moss, Norway
  • Home Type: 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath home
  • Year Built: 1970
  • Describe your Interior Design Style: Nordic contemporary with some elements of traditional/transitional.
  • Favorite Spot in your House: Chaise on my living room couch. I don’t love the couch itself and it will be the next thing to go once the small kids phase is done. I love the chaise because I can see the whole house, from the terrace, to the entrance, and through to the kitchen. There’s so much natural light during the day and in the evening it’s a cozy place to sit under a blanket. My son and husband also love this spot, so it’s one we fight over.
Marine's home tour in Norway featuring Scandinavian minimalist design features

One thing that I really love about this job is that I get to connect with people from all over the world. Marine is one of them. When she reached out to tell me more about her home in Norway, I was immediately interested in featuring it. It’s a gorgeous home and I find it so fascinating to see how people live differently, depending on where they live. Plus, I adore Scandinavian interior design with their neutral tones and functional design.

Sharing family history in her home

Marine calls herself a “third culture kid”, born in France, raised in the United States, and now settled in Norway with her family. She works for an international non-profit, called Save The Children. It’s an amazing humanitarian organization and a great place to give, especially with all that is currently happening in the world.

Come tour this Nordic home with traditional and contemporary style

She and her husband, Stian, bought their home in 2021 and have been working very hard to renovate it from top to bottom. At the core, each space exhibits a minimalist approach, with the use of clean lines. This Scandinavian style is often found in Nordic countries. But, then Marine adds unexpected traditional elements, with heirloom furniture pieces that have been passed down. The combo of this contemporary design and traditional style is perfection.

You’ll also find a neutral color palette, with hints of bright colors throughout – especially blues and deep greens. It’s a stunning combo and I know you’re gonna love it.

The Entryway

The entryway to this Nordic home
Contemporary staircase in this Scandinavian home

Paint Colors: Jotun “1453 Cotton (trim & ceiling in entry)” // Jotun “12077 Sheer Grey” (walls in entry) // Jotun “0099 Black” (staircase) // Jotun “1453 Cotton” (staircase walls)

This entryway is the perfect mix of old and new. They added the built-ins in the entryway to store shoes, jackets, and gear and it’s nice to be able to tuck everything away and out of sight.

Then, you get a mix of that old, with the chairs from Marine’s grandmother. They were reupholstered in her grandmother’s favorite colors, red and yellow. You’ll find plenty of these well-made pieces throughout their entire home.

On the walls, you’ll find a seasonal growing calendar that is specific to Norway. It makes for beautiful art but also inspires them to buy local food that’s in season. You can also spy the gorgeous gallery wall of black and white family photos in their stairwell. The mix of frames is the perfect focal point on the white walls.

The Living Room & Dining Room

Sharing a living room in Norway with minimalist scandinavian design
An open floorplan with the dining room, living room and kitchen
A dining room in this gorgeous home
How to decorate a shelf with minimalist design

Rug // Chairs (similar) // Table (similar) // High Chair // Coffee Table // Shelving Unit // Play Kitchen // Toy Storage

Paint Colors: Jotun “1453 Cotton” (trim) // Jotun “7628 Treasure” (walls)

This open-concept space is where the family spends most of their time playing, eating dinner, and listening to records on their stereo. In the summertime, they open up those large windows and doors to let a bit of the great outdoors in.

I especially love the vibrant 19th-century “chinoise” armoire. It’s from Marine’s grandmother’s house and her parents have a matching one in Boston! If you look closely, you’ll spot a bust on top. This was her great-grandfather as a child and she named her son after him. Talk about a home full of family history!

On the IKEA bookshelf, you’ll find a mix of mementos, plants, and cookbooks. The glass carafes on the top were inherited from her great-grandparents. The scale was also inherited from her grandmother in France.

It’s fun to see how these old touches work so well with the simple lines of the dining table and contemporary IKEA furniture. It makes for an interesting, collected, and layered look in these open spaces.

The Kitchen

Come check out this kitchen with minimalist design
Sharing a look at this minimalist scandinavian kitchen
Come tour this Nordic home with contemporary style

Light Fixtures // Stools

Paint Colors: Jotun “1453 Cotton” (trim) // Jotun “7629 Antique Green” (walls) // “Lime Blossom Green” (accent wall)

The family had water damage in the kitchen, which led to a full renovation of the space with new pale wood floors. While this reno happened a lot sooner than they anticipated, it sure did turn out nice! It is incredibly sleek with tons of counter space. I really like that they don’t have any upper cabinets and that their appliances are all built-in. It makes the space feel clean and put together.

The breakfast bar is another cool addition. The countertops go from white silestone to white oiled teak where the family can sit and eat together.

The Main Bedroom & Bathroom

Come tour this dreamy main bedroom space


Using two duvets on a bed
The main bathroom suite

Paint Colors: Jotun “1453 Cotton” (trim & ceiling) // Jotun “4477 Deco Blue” (walls)

The dark blue walls make this look like the coziest bedroom retreat. I did do a double take when I saw the two duvets on the bed. Marine told me that in Norway and Scandinavia it’s common to have two duvets. She was skeptical at first, but now she could never go back! I may have to try that out sometime…

This room again mixes old and new – a handmade Persian rug inherited from her father, two blue Louis XVI chairs inherited from her grandfather, and a contemporary dresser and bed. You just can’t beat the quality craftsmanship of an old piece of furniture like that.

As for the bathroom, this used to be a stair landing that they turned into a gorgeous en suite bathroom space. The dark sea green tiles in the herringbone pattern add a fun pop of color. The vibrant sliding door adds so much too.

The Nursery

This nursery is so adorable
A nursery with dark walls and planks

Crib // Chair // Basket

Paint Colors: Fargerlike “Cosmos” (dark wall) // “Blueberry Milk” (lighter wall)

This cute little room belongs to Marine’s three-year-old, Johan. I adore the mix of blue colors in this small space, especially with the planked walls. Many of the pieces in here are from IKEA and can transition with her son as he gets older.

The Downstairs Bathroom

A large downstairs bathroom
Come tour this large bathroom

Vanity // Shelf // Tray

This bathroom definitely feels like a spa! Marine says her kids use this space and it’s a nice big bathroom for the entire family. They chose a large soaker tub, matte black tiles, and plenty of mood lighting. Oh, and there’s even a built-in sauna.

The Basement Rec Room, Office, & Gym

The basement hang out zone
Music room in the basement
Cool music posters on the wall
A cool workout space in the basement

Paint Colors: JOTUN “10341 Limestone grey” (office walls) // JOTUN “4477 Deco Blue” (rec room walls)

The basement has lots of purposes. It’s a rec room where the family watches movies together on the big projector. It’s a shared home office where the couple showcases their love for photography with their old camera collection. And it’s a gym with cool music posters adorning the walls. Guys, this is what basement dreams are made of! Multi-purpose spaces that showcase your personality!

Greenhouse in the backyard

I couldn’t finish this post without showing you Marine’s gorgeous greenhouse. I mean, can you even? This thing is awesome!

A greenhouse in Norway

Shop The Look – Marine’s Minimalist Scandinavian Design

Shop the look of this minimalist Scandinavian Design

Light // Cabinet // Faux Fern // Table // Tray // Rug // Dining Chair // High Chair

Marine in her backyard in Norway

A big thank you to Marine for opening up her home to us, especially when she was eight months pregnant with her daughter. She actually had the baby last week! Congrats, Marine. And as much as I would have loved a trip to Norway, I had to rely on a great local photographer, Justyna, to capture these images.

Come tour this home with minimalist Scandinavian design elements

Which part was your favorite? I’m very tempted to try two separate duvet covers for Finn and me, just like they do in Scandinavian bedrooms.


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