Reader OMG! – Sarah’s Victorian Across the Pond

Reader OMG! is a series showcasing home tours from my favorite people…The DIY Playbook readers! Every month or so, I highlight the home of someone with some serious design style. I hope that these swoon-worthy spaces will make you say “OMG”…hence the name! It also gives me a chance to feature home styles outside of my own, so you can take away some fresh ideas for your space.Reader OMG blog series

So far we’ve featured these amazing homes in the series…

Sarah’s Charming VictorianSarah's home across the pond

  • Homeowners: Sarah…along with her husband, 2 daughters, 1 dog, and 2 cats
  • Location: Buckhurst Hill, on the border of London and Essex in the UK
  • Home Type: Detached Victorian, 3 bed/2 baths
  • Year Built: 1890 – Interestingly, the house was probably the only one standing for quite some distance about 100 years ago but now we are surrounded by houses built in the 1930s.  We have a nice secluded drive up to the house from the main road.  According to a knowledgeable neighbor, it served as an office to a munitions factory on the site during the Second World War!
  • Describe your Home Style: Modern rustic, with a bit of the old vintage industrial thrown in, with a feminine color palette.
  • Favorite Spot in your House: Now that we’ve finally painted everything in colors that lift my heart, my favorite spots are sitting at my desk in the living room/home office area, or in bed at night with the curtains closed and soaking up the beautiful teal color.

I was overjoyed when I saw Sarah’s Reader OMG! home tour submission in my inbox. How fun to take this series all the way to the UK! I always find it fascinating to hear how people in other parts of the world live and what “normal” means to them when it comes to the home. Sarah’s space is incredibly charming. To me, it seems like a spot where you could have a cup of tea and spend an afternoon with a good book. It just oozes coziness.

Sarah works from home, so it was important to her to create a space that she loves to occupy, day in and day out. It’s also a full house – home to Sarah, her husband, two daughters, and pets!Entryway into a home in the UK

I had Kristina, from Scandinavian Stylist, shoot these photos and she did an amazing job. I would have loved to visit this stunning home in person, but Sarah and Kristina made a great team getting these shots.

KitchenKitchen in a UK cottage

Kitchen in a UK home

Kitchen island in a UK home

Paint Colors: Dulux, Brilliant White (top of walls); Little Greene, Mid Lead Colour (bottom of walls)

When I first saw the pictures of Sarah’s kitchen, I was immediately in love with the windows and the gorgeous view of the garden. The light in this space is fantastic! Sarah told me they added this kitchen onto the home when she was seven months pregnant. And while it wasn’t fun to take on a big project during such a busy time, now that it’s done, she is relieved!

It’s super fun how they painted the bottom portion of the walls a dark color while keeping the top portion light. It really works nicely with their black windows and doors. I like the mix of charm and industrial that’s going on in this space too. Industrial bar stools, green backsplash tile, ivory kitchen cabinets, and a sleek black range make for an interesting and layered look in the kitchen.

Living Room

Living room in a UK Home

Cozy living room

Paint Colors: Farrow and Ball, Peignor (bottom); Little Greene, Chemise (top); Farrow and Ball, Wimborne White (windows/trim)

The living room is actually separated into two rooms – the living room and the office/playroom next door. The archway splits the room into two and I love that Sarah gave them distinct purposes. The colors in the lounge are soft and cozy, just like the space. On the bottom 3/4 of the wall, you’ll find a taupey gray color (Peignor) and on the top, Sarah found a soft pink (Chemise). Sarah says that when they first moved in, she really wanted to paint the walls pink but was hesitant. Years later, she finally took the plunge with the top portion of the walls. I love how even the bookcases have the same look with the bottom 3/4 painted gray and the top pink!

The curved lines of the sofa and armchair work well with the style of the home and it looks like the perfect spot to sit and read a book. Sarah added the built-ins for her book collection and to give the lounge a little bit of a library feel. They also improved the look of the fireplace with a traditional surround that matches the style of the room.

Home OfficeOffice nook

Laptop in a home office setup

Paint Colors: Farrow and Ball, Peignor (top); Little Greene, Chemise (bottom); Farrow and Ball, Wimborne White (windows/trim)

This is the other side of the living room that Sarah made into her playroom and office. You’ll notice she inverted the paint colors on this side (so smart!). The natural light from the large sash window makes this an ideal place to work.

Master BedroomMaster bedroom

Wardrobe in a master bedroom

Paint Color: Little Greene, Mid Azure Green (walls)

You guys know I love a bold wall color and the deep greenish blue color on these walls is lovely. What a cozy spot to sleep in on a lazy Sunday morning! Sarah thrifted a lot of the pieces in this room from London (like that awesome wardrobe!) and they make it extra charming in here. I also adore the floral curtains for a fun pattern in this space.

BathroomCute small bathroom

Paint Color: Farrow and Ball, Pitch Black (walls)

This bathroom reminds me of the bathroom from our old condo. The white subway tile on the bottom and a black color on top create a gorgeous contrast in here. Even though it’s a small space, they really maximized the storage in this room. I especially love the French library ladder to hang towels. Plus, it adds some warmth to this black and white space.

Shop the Look – Sarah’s Charming Victorian

Here are some pieces to help you get the look of Sarah’s charming Victorian the look of this charming victorian home

Kitchen Stool // Basket // Tile // Kitchen Pendant // Storage Containers // Le Creuset // Velvet Armchair // Faux Hydrangeas // Sofa // Wall Hangings // Storage Trunk // Planter // Floral Curtains

Tour Sarah's charming victorian home

A big thank you to Sarah for inviting us into her home. I love how this series shows us different homes all over the world. It makes us feel a little more connected despite the distance. Sarah's charming Victorian home tour

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