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Reader OMG! is a series showcasing home tours from my favorite people…The DIY Playbook readers! Every month or so, I highlight the home of someone with some serious design style. I hope that these swoon-worthy spaces will make you say “OMG”…hence the name! It also gives me a chance to feature home styles outside of my own, so you can take away some fresh ideas for your space.

Reader OMG blog series

So far we’ve featured these amazing homes in the series…

Alesha’s Farmhouse Condo

modern farmhouse condo in Michigan
  • Homeowners: Alesha, Thomas, and their pup, Bentley
  • Location: East Lansing, Michigan
  • Home Type: Condo
  • Year Built: 1995
  • Describe your Home Style: I would consider my style to be boho, with a touch of farmhouse modern. I truly buy what I like and what speaks to me the most.
  • Favorite space in your Home: The bedroom is one of my favorites. I abosolutely love this space. It is so calm and relaxing and such a safe space to me.
Alesha's home tour

Alesha and Thomas bought their condo in East Lansing in 2018 and they have been working hard to make it their own ever since. They got married in April 2020, but delayed their Mexico wedding celebration until last June. Doesn’t that beach look dreamy?

While their wedding was postponed, the duo got to work transforming their Michigan condo. They worked on it room-by-room and it’s finally exactly the way they want it, just in time for the couple to welcome a baby in a few short months!

A farmhouse condo in Michigan with modern touches.
modern bathroom in a DIY condo
Wood shelves in a living room space

It was fun for me to see a lot of Playbook-inspired projects (yay!) throughout each space. I always love seeing the twists that readers put on the projects I share here on the blog. It’s cool to see them come to life in your own homes.

The Kitchen

boho galley kitchen with leaf artwork
galley kitchen with a sink and black matte faucet
open wood shelves in a kitchen

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams “Extra White”

A galley kitchen can sometimes feel small and cramped, but this one is anything but! This space packs a lot of punch with both hidden storage and open shelving. I especially like the classic combo of black and white, along with the white subway tile all the way up to the ceiling. Alesha adds a touch of the boho style with the leaf wall art that welcomes you into the room.

The Dining Room

farmhouse condo with a white brick wallpaper and round dining table
circle dining table
floral arrangement on a farmhouse dining table

Paint: Sherwin Williams “Extra White”

The dining room was one of the first spaces that Alesha and Thomas completed. The large wall originally held a big mirror that was a tad outdated – hello 90’s! – so the couple opted for a brick wallpaper instead. It looks like real brick from far away and adds texture and interest to the dining room. The round wood table and black industrial chairs help bring out that farmhouse style.

The Living Room

modern boho living room
modern boho tv stand

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Walls); Behr “Black” (Accent wall)

Because the living room and dining room are connected, Alesha wanted to be sure that the spaces flowed together well, for a cohesive look. I like the black accent wall in here. The white curtains pop off the dark wall, along with the greenery. And this room shows how important texture is when decorating. The ottoman, Roman shades, woven TV stand, and hanging baskets bring in some texture.

The First Floor Bathroom

Black and gold powder room
Gold faucet in a farmhouse condo bathroom

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (Walls), Behr “Black” (Accent wall)

This is one of Alesha’s favorite spaces and she said that tackling this room helped her “find her style” to then go ahead and decorate the rest of their farmhouse condo. The black shiplap is an easy DIY project (here’s my tutorial) and the brass mirror pops off the wall, along with the brass light fixture.

I think it’s smart to hang shelves over a toilet in a small powder room, like this one, from one wall all the way to another. This gives you a spot for storage, along with an area to display some pretty decor.

The Main Bedroom

A neutral bedroom in a farmhouse condo
Wood farmhouse TV stand

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Extra White”

What a calming main bedroom! First, let’s discuss the accent wall behind the bed. A wood wall like this one is such an easy DIY project (here’s a tutorial from my old condo), and it adds a lot of depth to a space. Even though the color palette is black and white, the room feels warm and cozy because of the wood furniture Alesha chose for the space.

I especially love the refurbished desk (gotta add a bit of old to a room!), along with the vintage-inspired mirror on top. Oh, and this room shows off the importance of layering a rug over carpet. I often get asked if that’s “okay” to do and I always welcome it!

Upstairs Bathroom

Marble shelves over a toilet
Black faucet

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Extra White”

After working on the rest of the house, Alesha was burnt out from so many home projects and was ready to have a functioning bathroom. She hired the space out to Brandi Johnson Design and her team was able to come up with a design that flowed with the rest of the farmhouse condo. How chic are the towel hooks?! And I love the marble shelf over the toilet area.

This bathroom also showcases how important it is to mix metals in a room. Alesha went with black and gold for a space with dimension and depth.

Guest Room/Office

Palm print leaf curtains
Desk with wood top
Light fixture in an office and guest room

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (walls); Behr “Intellectual” (accent wall)

This might be my favorite room in their entire farmhouse condo. It breaks the norm of the black, white, and wood you’ll find in the rest of the home and adds some color. I think an office/guest room is a great place to go bold and try something new. The palm print curtains and emerald green futon won me over! Not to mention, I love that wood accent wall. (You could use my tutorial to recreate it.)

For the desk area, Alesha used a piece of butcher block, from Lowe’s, and mounted it to the wall, instead of using legs. This creates a lot of desk space, so the couple both have spots to work in the office, as well as some room for a file cabinet underneath.

This room will soon be turned into a nursery when the couple welcomes a baby in a few short months. I’ll be excited to see how they transform it.

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A big thank you to Alesha for sharing her home with us and to For the Love of Photography in East Lansing for the awesome photos!

A modern boho farmhouse condo

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