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Reader OMG! is a series showcasing home tours from my favorite people…The DIY Playbook readers! Every month or so, I highlight the home of someone with some serious design style. I hope that these swoon-worthy spaces will make you say “OMG”…hence the name! It also gives me a chance to feature home styles outside of my own, so you can take away some fresh ideas for your space.

Reader OMG blog series

So far we’ve featured these amazing homes in the series…

Max & Jody’s Moody Condo – 700 Square Feet of Personality

Jody and Max and their moody condo home tour
  • Homeowners: Jody, Max, and Doug, their French bulldog
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Home Type: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo (700 square feet)
  • Year Built: 1980s; Purchased and renovated in 2017
  • Describe your Home Style: Modern, warm, and earthy organic.
  • Favorite space in your Home: Hands down the kitchen! Can kitchens be sexy? Because I think this one is! We joke that when we sit at the bar to eat dinner together we feel like we’re eating at a cute, trendy cafe.
black kitchen counters with wood open shelve in this moody home tour
dog crate furniture

My favorite thing about the Reader OMG! home tour series is that we’ve seen homes of all different sizes, and we’ve been introduced to all kinds of people all over the world. Today’s home proves that you don’t need a lot of space to create a cozy home that reflects your style and personality.

While I haven’t met them personally, Jody and Max seem like the coolest people. I’d love the chance to have a couple of drinks with them during Happy Hour! And their small, but mighty, 700-square-foot condo reflects how cool they are as a couple.

The duo met in Chicago and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2017. They quickly snatched up this condo and, as you’ll see from the before photos, it was a big beige box. Jody and Max got to work renovating and DIY’ing every inch of this place. You’re gonna love it…

The Kitchen

Kitchen before picture
Kitchen Before
modern earthy kitchen
galley kitchen with moody backsplash and wood open shelves

Rug // Bar Stools // Soap Dispensers // Cutting Board // Light Fixture // Backsplash // Bar Tile

Paint Color: Behr “Ultra Pure White”

When Jody’s submission came in, my jaw dropped because of this kitchen. Holy cow, is it not amazing?! I can totally see why it is their favorite spot in their home. They kept the same layout, but completely gutted it and started fresh with new cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

Jody did all of the design for the space and she worked with a contractor to complete all of the work. They did DIY the open shelves (similar to this tutorial) with black steel pipes and pipe fittings. It adds an industrial touch, with some warmth from the wood. As for the rest of the space, they chose light wood cabinets and honed matte black granite countertops. Then to add something a little unexpected, she chose a diamond tile for the backsplash and a modern geometric design for the bar. The tile work is my favorite aspect of the kitchen. It’s quirky, unexpected, and moody.

The Living Room

living room before
The Living Room Before
A living room in a moody condo
earthy living room with gold accents
Dog crate furniture and DIY fireplace
Living room kitchen open floorplan

Couch // Rug // Floor Lamp // Dog Crate // Mirror // Mantle

Paint Colors: Behr “Ultra Pure White” (walls and trim), Portola Paints Roman Clay ” Skipping Stone” (fireplace surround)

The condo, as seen above, is really one open living space. Jody and Max chose all of their furniture intentionally, to optimize the small space. The accent chair folds out into a twin-sized bed for guests, and their deep-seat couch can also work as an extra bed. Jody said they often push the coffee table aside for quick workouts in here. It truly is a room with lots of functions!

The fireplace was a complete DIY project with tile demo, drywall repair, Roman clay paint application, and more. The updated look ties in well with the kitchen and I adore the mantle. Oh, and did you catch the art above the couch? They made it out of Max’s old skateboards. So freakin’ cool.

The Office

Small condo office
small office wall shelves from IKEA

Paint Colors: Behr “Ultra Pure White”

The pandemic has changed the way we all work, and I am so impressed with this space that Jody has created for herself. Because their home is small and they only have one bedroom, she created a dedicated office space in between the living room and kitchen.

Jody even said that she is much more productive here than she was in her corporate workspace! By adding a credenza/bookshelf, she was able to add storage and separation between the living room and her office. Jody also added a pegboard and shelves above her desk to create more storage and a place for art and greenery. I especially love the stylish green velvet office chair.

The Bathroom & Laundry Room

the bathroom before
The Bathroom Before
dark moody bathroom with green wall tlie
glass tile bathroom with green tile
laundry room in a bathroom with green cabinets

Paint Colors: Behr “Ultra Pure White” (walls & trim), Behr “Broadway” (accent wall), Behr “Dark Everglade” (laundry closet and cabinets)

Talk about dark, moody, and inviting! As the only bathroom in the condo, that doubles as a laundry and storage room, Jody was determined to make this space both beautiful and functional. Obviously, I’m a big fan of the bathroom tile (we have the same in our laundry room) and I especially love the green next to the gold rain shower. Jody even matched the shampoo and conditioner containers on the glass corner shelves.

To save money, they kept the original tub and vanity, but everything else they DIY’ed in two phases. They first added a concrete countertop to the vanity and installed groutable vinyl tile on the floor. (I didn’t know this was a thing and now I’m intrigued!) They also added new accents like the mirror, lighting, faucet, towel holders, and hooks. Then, when they remodeled the kitchen in 2021, they had their contractor work on the shower.

Once the bathroom was complete, the laundry area, which is located in the closet, stuck out like a sore thumb. The DIY’ing duo decided to transform it in four days! They upgraded to a stacked washer/dryer and added IKEA cabinets with DIY fluting on the front cabinets.

The Main Bedroom

bedroom barn door in this moody condo
earthy bedroom with moody green wall color
Jody and her french bulldog

Paint Colors: Behr “Ultra Pure White” (walls & trim), Behr “Dark Everglade” (accent wall)

This bedroom is so relaxing and it’s because of that “Dark Everglade” accent wall. I love a good green paint color and this one really sets the mood. You enter their bedroom through this modern barn door, which is a great space saving tool, and you’re greeted by their modern gray platform bed and this fringe rug. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this room has also doubled as Max’s work space. They managed to squeeze in a tiny desk as his bedside table. These two know how to make it work!

Shop the Look – Moody Condo

Moody condo shop the look
Light // Couch // Rug // Mirror // Macrame Wall Tapestry // Round Pillow // Square Pillow // Wallpaper // Geometric Tile // Bar Stool // Coffee Maker // Candle Holders

A big thank you to Jody and Max for sharing their lovely, moody condo with us. Thanks for proving that you don’t need a lot of space to design a home with personality and impact! And shout out to Ill Will Media in Seattle for the awesome photos.

moody condo home tour

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