Reader OMG! – Ranjini’s Modern Bohemian Home

Reader OMG! is a series showcasing home tours from my favorite people…The DIY Playbook readers! Every month or so, I highlight the home of someone with some serious design style. I hope that these swoon-worthy spaces will make you say “OMG”…hence the name! It also gives me a chance to feature home styles outside of my own, so you can take away some fresh ideas for your space.

Reader OMG blog series

So far we’ve featured these amazing homes in the series…

Ranjini & Bhaskar’s Modern Bohemian Home

Ranjini home with dog
  • Homeowners: Ranjini and Bhaskar, Sunny (dog), and 4 adopted pigeons
  • Location: Santa Clara, California
  • Home Type: 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home
  • Year Built: 1976
  • Describe your Home Style: Minimalistic, with a hint of South Asian tradition
  • Favorite Spot in your House: Undoubtedly, the backyard. When we bought the house, It was just dirt and mulch. Over the last year and a half, we have transformed it into a place to relax, entertain friends and family, and home our rescued birds.
Ranjini OMG kitchen

When Ranjini’s submission came to my inbox it was by far the most detailed submission I have ever received. (She even had a Table of Contents in her submission! You guys know I love a fellow Type-A gal!) I could tell right away that she and Bhaskar took pride in the home they had built together.

Ranjini OMG coffee bar

The couple is from India and they met when they came to the US to pursue their master’s degrees in Engineering. The two eventually married and started a house hunting journey. The market is pretty wild in the San Francisco area and after looking at many homes, they fell in love with this one. However, the homeowners had just accepted another offer the day before. They decided to put in a backup offer and, lucky for them, the other deal fell through and the home was theirs in 2019!

Ranjini OMG backyard

Since then, they have DIYed the entire home to make it their own. (You can follow their Instagram account @diywithrnb right here.) And as you’ll soon see, they’ve definitely put their mark on their modern Bohemian home.

The Living Room

Ranjini Living room
Ranjini reader omg accent chair

Orange Accent Chair // Rug // Pouf // Black Ceramic Vase // Coffee Table

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Alabaster” (walls), Behr “Cracked Pepper” (door)

While honeymooning in Cambodia, Ranjini and Bhaskar picked up a beautiful painting of the Angkor Wot, in a deep vermillion, and they wanted it to be the highlight of the room. With that as the showpiece above the fireplace, they kept the rest of the room pretty neutral.

I absolutely adore the texture they added to the back of the front door with a DIY chevron pattern. I love a good DIY project and this one adds a special touch to the first room you see in their house.

The Family Room & Kitchen

Ranjini omg family room
Ranjini OMG kitchen

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”

The couple did an amazing job with the design of their kitchen. Those silver-blue cabinets are so sharp, (I’ve never seen a shade like that before!) and it was smart to go with a deep royal blue for the couch. The little coffee and wine bar is probably my favorite part, with easy access to those essentials. Plus, they have plants to add some life!

With their dog in mind, they decided to go with a Ruggable rug, that can be thrown in the washing machine – genius! – for the family room. And the large painting in that space incorporates the blue from the couch. (They scored it at a closeout sale at Scandinavian Designs.)

The Dining Room

Ranjini and Bhaskar's modern bohemian home tour
Ranjini OMG dining room
Ranjini OMG dining room

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”

Okay, we’ve made it to my FAVORITE room in their house…the dining room! Ranjini calls the dining room their “game-changing” one-month DIY and boy, did they knock it out of the park! They decided to go with a built-in banquette, (which you know I like since that’s what we have in our kitchen) and they added slatted walls behind it, for texture. The DIY chevron art piece ties together the front door from the adjoining living room. The table, chairs, and minimal decorations keep the focus on the beautiful and simple design.

The Main Bedroom

Ranjini omg main bedroom

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”

Once again, the couple used a painting purchased from Cambodia, displayed above the bed, as the guiding element for the room. I love when a special piece of art can be the jumping off point for a design. From there, they incorporated grays, blues, and orange into the space to complement the art.

Bhaskar busted out his DIY skills and built not only the nightstands, but also the dresser in the room. Can you even believe it? That dresser is fantastic! The rug and bed finish off this main bedroom oasis, while sticking with the modern Bohemian vibes.

The Guest Room

Ranjini omg guest room
Ranjini OMG guest room

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams “Alabaster”

The first thing I noticed was the awesome shiplap and shelf high above the bed in here. What a great way to add some storage and style, without adding bulky furniture. The guest room was the first room they furnished and decorated with the hope of having their parents as their first visitors from India, but then the pandemic began. The room is ready for them when it is safe for them to come to visit!

It’s the accessories that really make this feel like a modern Bohemian home. Displaying woven baskets, a cute accent chair, picture frames, plants, and pillows adds lots of character to the space.

The Office

Ranjini omg office

Paint Colors: Sherwin Williams “Alabaster” (main walls), Sherwin Williams “Dark Knight” (accent wall)

They decided to keep the office minimal and simple. They added an accent wall and a DIY acrylic board, using my tutorial. Looks like a light and bright spot to get work done.

The Backyard

Ranjini OMG backyard

As mentioned above, the backyard is Ranjini and Bhaskar’s favorite part of their home and I can see why! After just finishing our backyard renovation, I commend them for their work back here! After two months of designing the backyard and side yard, they completely transformed the space from mulch and dirt to a medley of hardscape and drought-friendly landscaping.

Modern Bohemian Home – Shop the Look

Modern Bohemian Home Tour - Shop the look

Rug // Couch // Pouf // Wall Art // Leather Block Pillow // Arrow Pillow // Baskets // Accent Chair // Faux Palm // Coffee Table // Vase

Ranjini OMG coffee bar

A big thanks to this lovely couple for giving us a glimpse into their home. You can tell they’ve put a lot of hard work and love into each space. They emphasized how the pandemic gave them the opportunity and time to improve their DIY skills. That is such a joy to hear! You can follow their latest projects over on Instagram right here.

A modern bohemian home tour

And thanks to Lee from LC Photography for capturing this modern Bohemian home. I wish I could have visited this one in person!

Modern Bohemian Home Tour

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