2023 Holiday Gift Guide – Best Ideas For Your Shopping List

It’s an exciting day around here with the launch of my 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! This is the eighth year of this tradition and every year it’s one of my favorite projects.

I know many of you start your holiday gift shopping early, so I wanted to get this gift guide in your hands as soon as possible. That way, we can avoid that last-minute gift shopping rush! We’ve been working since August to compile this 23-page magazine spread. This guide is a huge labor of love. I have logged many hours compiling this list, with help from my incredibly talented graphic designer, Nicole.

Here are some gift guides from the past few years. I always include timeless gifts, so they’re worth checking out even years later…

What’s In My 2023 Holiday Gift Guide?

What's inside the 2023 holiday gift guide?

In August, I reached out to all of the important people in my life and asked them to share their favorite items from this past year. I often share my own favorite things and Playbook best sellers, but it’s always interesting to learn what others like and use on an everyday basis. I then take that big list of excellent gifts and organize it into an Excel sheet.

2023 holiday gift guide

Similar to years past, I’ve organized the gift guide by theme. I have gifts for the new home, seasonal gifts, the best gifts for couples, and, of course, the best toys for kids! There is enough variety so you’ll be able to find items for everyone at various price points.

The Perfect Gift For Everyone On Your List

2023 holiday gift guide

I have an entire page of “Gifts That Give Back”, highlighting reputable charities and organizations where a portion of the sales give back to the community. That is always a fun page to put together and it’s full of unique gifts.

2023 holiday gift guide treat yourself to these gifts

I also brought back the “Treat Yourself” category. I always like to add a few self-care gifts to my cart when shopping. The holidays can be stressful and overwhelming, so why not show yourself some love? There are lots of fun gifts on that page, especially for new moms.

Finn Family Favorites

Finn shares his favorite men's items for my 2023 holiday gift guide

Every family member has a “Favorites” page this year! Finn’s is especially good if you’re looking to buy the perfect present for any guys in your life. He is a passionate online researcher and shopper, so you know his finds are good! I always joke that he has expensive taste, but he did a good job of sharing items at a reasonable price point.

Holiday gift ideas for 2-year-old boys

Rory and Ellis also have their own pages. Rory is a 3 1/2 year-old who loves outer space and Minnie Mouse and you’ll definitely see that reflected in her top picks. Ellis is a 2 year-old with a love for all things construction and dinosaurs and his page has a lot of great gifts for any little boy in your life.

Jan’s Favorites – New This Year!

My mom shares her best items for my 2023 holiday gift guide

And when I say we have the whole family involved this year, I mean it!

Jan's favorites from the 2023 holiday gift guide

I had my mom create her own “Jan’s Favorites” page. Wow, she has the best Christmas gift ideas. It was hard to narrow down all of the beauty products and thoughtful gifts she wanted to share. I have a feeling this may be the most popular page of the gift guide this year! She shared great gift ideas for yourself, your mom, or your best friend.

The Ultimate Holiday Magazine

Rory's favorite from the 2023 holiday gift guide

Because I like it to feel like a traditional magazine, we always add in what we call “break pages” between all of the shopping ideas. The entire family wrote letters to Santa and they’re super sweet. I think they are the best part of the magazine.

I also shared a round-up of our favorite Christmas cookies, along with my best gift-wrapping tips. Plus, you’ll find links to all of my gift-wrapping essentials. So, even if you’re not looking to do your holiday shopping right now, you might get some other ideas to implement during the upcoming holiday season.

My 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

My 2023 holiday gift guide

All you need to do is CLICK RIGHT HERE and the Gift Guide will appear as a full-screen, interactive guide!

After you click the guide, you can flip through the pages, just like a magazine! When you click on the item you love, you will land on the exact website of that particular product, so you can easily get all the details to buy it online, right then and there.

This ultimate holiday gift guide works on both mobile and desktop devices, so you can peruse any way you want with the touch of a button. I find that the optimal experience is on a desktop.

Happy Shopping, Friends!

Sharing my 2023 holiday gift guide

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm each year over this big project. It takes a lot of woman hours, but it’s so worth it to help with your shopping needs. If you find my 2023 holiday gift guide to be helpful, please consider sharing it. It would mean the world to me and really help my small business sustain itself.

My 2023 holiday gift guide

Let me know if you scoop up any goodies for your loved ones! And here’s the link one more time if you need it. Good luck tackling that holiday shopping list, friends!


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