No More Card Table!

So it’s been about two weeks since I checked-in to share the very embarrassing situation in my bedroom… This before picture of the master bedroom features a TV resting on a card table. It’s kind of a long story, you can read WHY I have this card table in my bedroom in this post (not my proudest moment). Today I’m happy to move on from those dark days of homeowner embarrassment to celebrate the fact that the card table is finally gone and has been replaced with…The after photo of the master bedroom shows off the beautiful, brand new built-ins. … a new shelving unit! Because I feel like I’m not even close to qualified to build something like this all by myself (I wish!), I hired a carpenter to build this unit. I gave him a sketch of what I had envisioned, he worked out the measurements and got to work. To my surprise he was able to get this whole project done in one day. <— ONE freakin’ day… I couldn’t believe it! This idea has been in my head for well over a year and in just 8 hours, DONE!

The cabinets are standard white cabinets and the carpenter built the shelves around those cabinets. Because the cabinets were standard size, the cost of the labor was far more affordable than if the carpenter had to build custom cabinets AND shelves. And since we’re DIY-ing the paint part, the project was very affordable, turned out far more professional, and was done a LOT faster than anything I could have done it.

So today’s pics are where we are today with this project — getting the shelves primed and painted white. So far the shelves have been primed once, but they still need caulk and at least two more coats of white paint to be considered completely done.This neutral bedroom features lots of light and hard wood floors.This customized shelving unit adds elegance to the room.  Once they’re painted, hopefully I can add hardware pulls (still undecided on the style), get the TV/wire situation hooked up, and then accessorize the shelves (my fav) to finally check this project off my list.  The mess of wires behind the TV add clutter to the master bedroom. The built-in white shelving unit makes the room look cleaner and more organized. I know it’s hard to visualize all of that from these photos, but I’m loving the direction this look is going and if things continue to go as I hope they do, this completed project will be a gorgeous addition to our bedroom. <– let’s be honest though, any substitute for that darn card table is pretty gorgeous in my book.

I’m really excited to start styling these shelves, but I’m also a little nervous because the “boxes” are all such odd shapes — very different than any shelfies I’ve had experience with. And is it bad that since these have been up (and I’ve been watching Casey build her amazing bedroom), I kinda want to give my whole room a “refresh” aka mini makeover? <– Not a whole dramatic makeover, just mini changes to refresh the space just a tad. Eeek…. I guess removing that card table was the first step down a very slippery slope. Hahaha who would have thought that?! #dontanswerthat

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