Decorating Above the Office Fauxdenza

office_progress_frames_shelves_michaels-4Last time I checked in with updates was when I chatted about how the office decor was shaping up on the far side of the room (the shelves + desk). Thank you for your kind words and all of the support… you guys are the sweetest!

Today I’m excited to be back sharing updates on the opposite side of this small space. Tackling the space and above the DIY fauxdenza has been a bit of a challenge, because I want to keep it simple.

The other side of the room has the open shelves, which I LOVE, but with open shelves comes extra “stuff”. I didn’t want this small room to look cluttered but instead wanted to build an intentional space. One that is functional, fashionable and makes me feel inspired to get my work done.


Last time we chatted about this side of the room, it looked a little like this…
diy-fauxdenza-officeI had just installed the DIY fauxdenza and added A TON of hidden storage in here (including our printer, which is magically plugged in inside of the fauxdenza — I’m obsessed). Now, the space is looking a little more like this…


Yay for progress! I’m digging the new look and I am especially excited to chat about each piece because you’d be surprised at how affordable this look turned out to be. fauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-16

I bought the mirror for $100 from HomeGoods and that was the only item that cost more than $19. The rest were ones I had in the house OR items that I scored without breaking the bank.
fauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-6I knew I wanted a mirror here since I did oversized frames on the other side of the room. I thought a round mirror would be a stylish way to add function and make this room feel bigger and brighter. From the moment I hung it, it has done just that.

I originally wanted a black one but all of the black mirrors I looked at were a bit too pricey. When I saw this metallic one for $100 at HomeGoods, I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring it home & give it a try. I “tested” it out in the space and realized it felt perfect and the affordable price-tag didn’t hurt either

Left Sidefauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-2

Once I hung the mirror, the top of the fauxdenza felt like it was split into three equal parts:

  1. left (window side)
  2. middle (under the mirror)
  3. right (next to the door)

I knew I wanted some height on each side of the mirror and also knew I wanted to add something in the middle so the look didn’t feel like a teeter-totter.

I found the tall vase at HomeGoods for $19 and when I put it on the fauxdenza without anything  in it, it felt too plain. That’s when I got two branches from Michael’s (on sale!) and thought the tall scale and pop of spring was a fun touch for now. Honestly, I’m not sure if this part of the look will be here forever, but I’m digging it for this time of year!

fauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-3Just setting the vase on that side of the mirror still seemed a bit bare so I added a few of my favorite books and this $2 vintage bookend I scored at a local estate sale.fauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-9The marble + gold combo sold me immediately. But after I brought it home and cleaned it up, I realized it may need a coat of new gold (or black?) spray paint to freshen it up. I’m going to live with it for a little while and decide from there.



Now onto the “middle” third. Putting items on both sides of the mirror without adding something in the middle felt off, so adding something in the middle of the fauxdenza was a must. I grabbed this jewelry box I had from HomeGoods that now holds ear buds, wires, and chargers. Then I placed this wooden bowl on top of that for even more “storage”.

Usually, at the end of the day, I’ll drop in my jewelry. It’s actually really nice to have a bowl to corral all of those little items.

Right Side


Last but not least, details on the right side of the fauxdenza. For now, I added this vase of tulips for a pop of color and some added height.fauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-18

I scored this set of 3 handwoven baskets from IKEA for $9. This is the smallest of the set and I’ve already found so much use out of them throughout the house. They’re versatile and can basically work in any room. fauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-19

Looking Ahead

By pairing a few new pieces with a few items I already had, I’m really loving the decor around this hardworking fauxdenza! The pop of color is perfect for spring and has brought so much more eye candy to the end of our hallway. I’ve thought about changing out the branches for hanging planters but I’m still a little nervous to commit. Until then, this setup is perfect and makes me smile while I work away in the office.fauxdenza_mirror_Spring_branches_books_flowers-15

Next on the office to-do list = Shiplap! Stay tuned…


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