Decorating Over the Couch

When you’re a home decor blogger, you expect to get emails from readers looking for the “scoop” on the items you feature and display in your home. We love dishing these details and telling you guys where we’ve found some of our fabulous scores!
But there is one frequently asked question that we receive pretty often….”where did you get that art over your couch?!” The funny thing is we have 2 totally different pieces of artwork over our family room couches, yet we still get asked the question pretty equally.
People want to know all about Bridget’s cool coral frames…
And people want to know all about my large city canvas.
Even though our “artwork” is very different, we purchased both pieces from the same store…HomeGoods!

Decorating Over a Couch

HomeGoods Canvas
Art can be expensive, especially when you’re looking to purchase a large scale piece to take up a good chunk of the wall. But that’s where our favorite shopping spot comes in. HomeGoods has such a wide array of artwork, frames, and canvases and most won’t break the bank.
The only unfortunate thing is their selection and stock is constantly changing (which can be really awesome in some cases), but not so awesome when you’re trying to purchase this specific canvas. We have found that if you can’t find a specific piece you once spotted, don’t give up! We’ve noticed that these pieces come back to stores eventually, sometimes even months and months later. However, the constant change in “selection” isn’t always a bad thing. If you really can’t find “this one”, that doesn’t mean you can’t find “the one”. Thanks to the never-ending variety, you’re more likely to find a “one of a kind” piece to display in your home and showcase your personality. 
Closeup of Canvas
Casey: I love the muted tones in this cityscape, along with the small pops of orangey-pink. It adds a nice subtle color to our walls without looking too “busy.”
Bridget: I love the concrete art aspect of my coral art, and the structure of both sleek frames.
Cityscape Canvas
Casey: When people ask about my canvas, they often think I DIY’ed it. Ha! I wish I had those artistic skills….that would be very impressive! Finn and I actually found it about a year ago at the HomeGoods in St. Louis. We scored it for only $100! What a price for that big ol’ piece of art. In fact, this canvas was so large that we had to return to the store with my SUV to pick it up, because it wouldn’t fit in the backseat of our smaller car.
Bridget: My frames add a coastal feel to my family room, which meshes well with the nautical theme you can find throughout the rest of my home. The blues give a nice pop of color to my light gray walls, and the thick silver frames bring a shiny metallic into the space. I scored BOTH separately (they’re not even a set!) on clearance for a whopping combined total of $130!
Art over couch
We both love our very different decor over our couches, and we feel that they showcase our unique personalities and homes. And since they were reasonably priced, we won’t feel bad replacing them with something fresh when the time comes. Not that we have plans to do that anytime soon, but with HomeGoods and that rotating stock… you just never know what you may find & fall in love with. For now, we are more than happy with these affordable finds!


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