Prepping The Outdoors For Fall

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Over Mother’s Day weekend, I always get my front window box, flower pots, and planters ready for the summer season. You can see all of the goodies I added to my own planters in this post back in May.

The flowers on my front porch

I’m happy to say that my flower pots looked amazing for the past three months and my vinca vines and sweet potato vines grew so long that I had to trim them every few weeks!

My summer flower pots

But, things have been looking a little tired and crispy over the past few weeks. I think my flowers and small plants were ready to call it quits. We had a few days with temperatures over 100 degrees this month and my plants didn’t like the warmer weather.

Our dry front window box after summer

Take a look at the front window box. Yikes.

DIY flower planter ideas

Since it’s already September (How did that happen?!), it’s time to get our outdoor space ready for the new season. I always like to shop during the Labor Day weekend because the sales can’t be beat! Plus, this is when there’s usually a good variety of fall outdoor plants available.

Jan and Jenni planting flowers in the backyard

You guys know my mom is the one with the green thumb, (Here’s her easy tutorial for beautiful planters with step-by-step instructions.) so I brought her and her friend, Jenni, along with me to Lowe’s. We had an awesome day shopping for some flowers and plants to spruce up my pots for fall and we found some really good deals.

My Fall Planting Favorites

Right now, Lowe’s is having a huge Labor Day sale with goodies both in-store and online. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite fall planting gear.

DIY flower planter ideas

3 quart mums // 2-pack mums // Spiderwort plant // Potting mix // Miracle-Gro garden feeder // Rectangular planter (A really good price for such a big planter!) // Tall Black Planter // Gardening tools kit // 2-Pack White Pots (These are $60 off and would look awesome on a front porch!) // Terra cotta Pots // Gardening Gloves

DIY Flower Planter Ideas – What I Planted

DIY flower planter ideas

Here’s a big list of all of the flowers I planted for fall. We decided to try some new-to-us varieties this year and I’m really excited about some of the bright colors. I loved our planters last year (You can check them out here.) but this year is gonna be even better!

Bring On The Mums

Adding mums to our front porch for fall

I usually like to add mums to our front porch and front steps to welcome the fall season. I often wait until mid-September for this. But, I saw that Lowe’s had these smaller mums on sale – 2 for $12 – so I had to scoop up four of them.

Adding mums to the front porch

I got mine in-store and then just plopped them in planters I already had.

My Front Porch Planters

My front porch planters
Left Planter: Mezoo Trailing Red, Spike, Zinnia // Right Planter: Dragon’s Breath, Spike
Red dragon's breath
Dragon’s Breath
Adding Zinnia's to the front porch
Yellow Zinnia

On the front porch, I have two outdoor planters that are a great place to add some color. This year, I went with yellow (zinnia) and red (dragon’s breath) in my plastic pots.

Mezoo trailing red is a good plant for flowers pots in the fall
Mezoo trailing red

My absolute favorite plant to add to my flowers pots (at any time of year) is called mezoo trailing red. It’s this thick plant that blooms these gorgeous pink flowers. I added them to all of my pots last year and they stayed gorgeous for months. I could only find one when shopping this year. If you find it, buy it! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

My Front Window Box

My fall window box
My front window box for fall
Spikes, Yellow Mums, Inch Plant, Stonecrop

The front window box is always a fun spot to transform for the season. (I especially love my holiday window box display!)

This year, we went with a nice variety of colorful flowers in this area with the purple inch plant, the bright green stonecrop, and the yellow mums. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this gets nice and lush over the next month or so.

Large Planters In The Backyard

Fall planters in our backyard
My best diy flower pot ideas
Spike, Stonecrop, Coleus, Zinnia
My best flower planter ideas for fall
White Tall Planter with Spike, Aster, Stonecrop
Sharing my best diy outdoor planter ideas
Left Planter: Dragon’s breath, Stonecrop, Spike // Right Planter: Spike, Pentas

I wanted to give you a lot of outdoor planter ideas for the new season, so these showcase a lot of different colors and styles from what I usually choose for fall. This definitely has the pop of color I was looking to add to our backyard. I’ll be eager to watch everything as my pots grow over the season.

Let me know if you work on your own DIY planters this weekend. It really is the perfect time!

Adding An Outdoor Rug

Adding an outdoor rug to our backyard space
My New Outdoor Rug

With the pots all finished up, it was time to do a little decorating in the backyard. I’ve been thinking about adding an outdoor rug to our sofa area for quite some time now and the Labor Day sales inspired me to go for it! I ended up getting this 8×10 rug for $140 off!

Adding an outdoor rug to our backyard space

It’s weather-resistant, so it’s suitable for outdoor use. If things get messy, I’ll just be able to hose it down or even power wash it at the end of the season.

My favorite place to hang during the fall months

Guys, why did I wait so long to add a rug out here? We don’t use the sofa area that often, but now it’s the only place I want to be. It feels like an outdoor room and is 100x cozier with the addition of this gorgeous rug. It’s the perfect size for our lounge area and a great addition to the space.

Adding some color to our backyard with an outdoor rug from Lowe's

As for the colors, it has a lot of muted red and blue tones throughout – perfect colors for fall. I’ll likely roll this up and store it when winter comes. For now, though, I’ll be out here enjoying this gorgeous new space.

Here are a few other outdoor rugs that caught my eye…

Keep The Bugs Away

my new favorite bug zapper
Bug Zapping Solar Light

And let’s discuss my final sale purchase and one I may be most eager to share with you. You know I love adding ambient lighting to our backyard (Just tour the space at night in this blog post.) and I couldn’t resist these solar lights. Of course they’ll add some pretty light to our outdoor space but they’re also bug zappers!! Yes, they’re designed to keep mosquitos away!

Our backyard at night

We haven’t been out here for most of August because the mosquitos get so bad at night. I’m hopeful that these will work, along with our tiki torches, to keep the bugs away. I’ll keep you posted as to how well they do. Right now, they’re on sale for $16.99 a piece and I ended up buying four of them for our backyard.

Lowe’s Labor Day Sale – My Favorite Finds

There are plenty of other sales happening at Lowe’s this weekend. If you have a kitchen renovation in your future, now is the time to get your appliances. You can save thousands on some of these deals! Here’s a look at all of the appliances on sale.

And here are some other outdoor items that caught my eye. I especially love those chairs!

Shop my favorite Labor Day sales from Lowe's

White Set Of Chairs (save $189) // Bar Height Patio Set (50% off) // Firepit (save $20) // Grill // Patio Lights (save $11) // Leaf Blower (save $40) // Egg Chair (save $170)

Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Prepping my backyard for fall

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend. I’ll be sharing more Labor Day sales in tomorrow’s newsletter. Make sure you’re signed up right here. Then, I’ll see you back here next Wednesday for a fun and easy project.

If you need sources to my backyard, you can find them in this blog post.


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