DIY Instagram Coasters

We l-o-v-e Instagram…. like a lot. Likkkeeeee maybe a little too much if we’re being completely honest with ourselves (and with you). Since we follow lots of fellow bloggers, DIY-ers, and just general creatives, our feed is jampacked with gorgeous, inspiring, and fresh content all day long. What’s not to love, right?!

instagram_screenshot.00 PM(Excuse us while we get on our soapbox): As much as we love following other creative people, we also love capturing & sharing little moments that inspire us on a day-to-day basis. It’s true, our feed is full of lots of gorgeous images and snapshots of our work, our travels, and hints of our life…. but our Instagram feed is far from what our lives look like every moment on an everyday basis.

We focus on capturing and sharing the moments that inspire us because let’s be honest, who wants to see ugly photos?! We love Instagram because it inspires us,  but we also realize that these “perfect” Instagram images are not telling the full story — they are only focusing on the fun, the pretty, the sunshine, and the roses (quite literally). But that’s exactly why we love this platform so much. The daily dose of “pretty” is meant to inspire and bring a smile… it should NEVER be interpreted as the full story or the conclusion that our lives are so perfect. Not. even. close. We share these snapshots of pretty because life isn’t always pretty (we all deal with loss, tragedy, stress, and negativity sometimes a bit too often), but if Instagram’s little extra pretty inspires someone else to create something new, show their home a little extra love, or just add some extra “fun” into their lives…. then to us, the pretty pictures are worth it!

(Soapbox speech over): Sorry… that was A LOT but in honor of being transparent here on the ol’ blog, we want you to know that yes, we LOVE instagram but only because we use it to inspire us and NOT to compare ourselves, our lives, our clothes, our homes… any of it, EVER!       

One of our favorite parts of capturing these little snapshots of pretty & posting them to Instagram is looking back at them later and remembering these fun times or happy travels. But why save these opportunities to look back on happy memories for Instagram only?! Why not display these pretty pictures and happy memories in our homes too… for everyone to see?! 

How to DIY Instagram Coasters – Video

That’s why we love the super simple idea to make Instagram coasters from our printed Instagram photos. Here’s a quick video of how you can recreate this project using your Instagram prints. (Full blog tutorial of this project here)

Rookie Tip: This DIY project is so easy, even the kids can get involved in this one. We made these for some Christmas gifts last year and LOVED gifting them to the special people in our lives. These are also awesome as a Father’s Day Gift, New Homeowner Gift, a Birthday Gift, Dorm Room Decor…. the possibilities are really endless.

11-11-diy-instagram-picture-coastersThe project takes about 15 minutes (+ dry time), and we hope that every time you look at these snapshots of your “pretty” you’ll instantly be reminded of a happy time, a fun memory, or that vacation you are still dreaming about. Mix in your favorite drink and this DIY project just got that much more amazing!

Personalized Instagram Coasters


But more importantly… we want to hear from you! Do you love Instagram as much as we do? Do you use it for inspiration? Are you following us (we’d love to connect!!)? AND we would love to hear some of the most inspiring people on your insta-feed. Is there anyone we should be following to see more “pretty” each day?! Give us the scoop fellow Instagram-ers.


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