The DIY Playbook Style Series – Outdoor Boots

We were really lucky to have an abnormally warm fall season, but our luck has run out and the chill is definitely in the air.

Some of our favorite fall bootsWhile there hasn’t been much snow yet, we know that it’s just around the corner. As lifelong Chicagoans, we’re both very used to it and we know how to bundle up and dress for the cold. Coats, gloves, hats, and winter boots are the norm around here and today we want to chat all about what we put on our feet during this time of the year.Hunter rain boots are a great staple for fall and winter

Today’s Winter Staple: Outdoor Boots

We both have Hunter boots and Sperry Duck Boots and this boot combo keeps our feet warm & dry all season long. Let’s first dive into our Hunter boots…

Hunter Rain/Snow Boots
Casey in winter Hunter boots

We both have black matte Hunter boots that we’ve had for YEARS and even though they’re a bit pricey, they were such a great investment. Boot socks are a must for snowy weather with the Hunter boots

They’re great for snow, but we also wear them for rain & even just as a casual look on the weekends. If you’re going to wear them in the snow then you’ll definitely want to get some boot socks to go with them, because your toes can get pretty chilly without them.Bridget with fall Hunter boots

If there isn’t any snow, then Hunter boots sans boots socks work well too! Love this outfit on Bridget for a casual weekend look.

Now onto another favorite winter boot…

Sperry Duck BootsSperry duck boots

These are our second winter staples and we both wear our Sperry’s all.season.long. Seriously, can’t survive a Chicago winter without these bad boys.
Sperry duck boots are great for vacationsSperry duck boots are great for walking through Chicago too

They’re really warm on the inside, and waterproof on the outside, making them the ideal all-weather shoe.

Sperry boots for winter

Bridget has light brown ones and I have these black ones, but there are so many cute colors to choose from! We may both be adding to our arsenal this season.Sperry duck boots in fall



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