How to Make DIY Bridesmaid Mugs

We’re officially 2 days away from our wedding! This entire wedding planning process has been a whirlwind, and I couldn’t have survived it in style without my best girls by my side. I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted to give my favorite ladies to say a big “thanks” for being a part of our wedding. Makeup? Jewelry? Something personal? I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but I did know that I wanted to DIY at least one small part of the gift.

Today I’m spilling the beans on the DIY bridesmaid mugs I’m giving to my gals…(sorry to ruin the surprise ladies!)

DIY Bridesmaid Mugs for your Girls

Look at this cute mug filled with appreciation for your bridesmaid's help!

You guys have seen these personalized mugs before here on The DIY Playbook from this post and tutorial. Last time we made them using gold sharpies, but this time I wanted to go with silver. My bridesmaids are wearing gray/silver and I thought it would fit with the overall decor of the wedding.

It didn’t take me long at all to create an initial for each of my ladies. I simply got some stickers and traced around them with small dots. After a few minutes, I peeled the stickers off and popped the mugs in the oven to cure. 350 degrees for 25 minutes…and those initials weren’t going anywhere!
Everyone love's a Starbucks gift card to keep them energized throughout their bridesmaid duties.

Inside each mug, I put a Starbucks gift card. There is a coffee shop right by our hotel, so I figured we can fuel up in the morning and sip out of our personalized mugs. Gotta keep your energy up on the wedding day!
how to make DIY bridesmaid mugs

I think these DIY bridesmaid mugs turned out really nice, and I’m hoping my bridesmaids love them. I mean who wouldn’t want to add a personalized mug to their collection? I know I’d love to sip out of one of these bad boys at the office. Monogrammed mugs are great personalized gifts that are easy to make.

It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a ton of money (or time!) on gifts. With the chaos of the wedding, this was just about all the DIY action I had time for…and I think my girls will appreciate the small token of thanks.

Cheers to the Big Day!

Monogrammed mugs are a great gift of appreciation for friends--especially bridesmaids.
So K, B, K, E, & J…I can’t wait to have you stand up there by my side on Saturday. I’m lucky to have such amazing ladies in my life. Cheers to a fun, love-filled weekend!


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