My Go-To Household Products Around Here

Today’s post is a little different and kinda fun, at least to me…ha! I thought it would be interesting to share the household products that I reach for over and over again. These are the ones that make my everyday life a little easier and the items that I use just about every single day.

My Favorite Household ProductsThe top 10 home decor items

I always love learning about the products that people use that make their household chores and tasks a little less dreadful. Sometimes you just don’t think about trying a product until you hear a review from someone else! I actually walked around my entire house to make this list, going room-by-room, because I didn’t want to miss anything. Do I think any of these are absolute necessities? Definitely not. Your life will go on just fine without them. But they could make your house a bit smarter or more efficient, so that’s always a win!my favorite household products

Dyson Vacuum // Fabric Defuzzer // Dawn Dish Spray // Sponge Holder // Barefoot Dreams Blanket // Mop // Command Strips // Dishwasher Bags // Jewelry Cleaner // E-Cloth // Sound Machine // Folding Step Stool // Portable Sonos Speaker // Power Drill

Dyson V8 Vacuum

My Dyson vacuum is at the very top of my life-changing household items list because I use it all day every day. Now that Rory is here (and brings quite the mess with her!) I whip this bad boy out after every meal to quickly get any crumbs. We’ve had it for years and it still works great.

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Fabric Shaver

While I don’t use this fabric shaver every day, I do use it about once a month to defuzz our couch and pillows and even sweaters and leggings. It’s the handiest little tool!

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Dawn Dish Spray

I didn’t start using this until after we did our kitchen renovation and wow, was I missing out! I love this spray dish soap because I can easily use a small amount of soap for each item as I clean it. After Rory’s meals, I’ll toss her bib and high chair tray in the sink, spray this on and scrub away.

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Sponge Holder

We have this little sponge holder suctioned in our single basin sink. It’s nice because you can put the sponge there to dry and it’s out of sight when you look at the kitchen.

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Barefoot Dreams Blanket

This winter, Finn was on the hunt for a soft blanket to use on our couch. He ended up trying out a few and decided on this one from Barefoot Dreams. It really is ridiculously soft and so warm. We now have two…one for each of us!

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Lightweight Mop

While I vacuum daily, I don’t reach for my mop as often as I should. This is the one I use and I like it because it’s super lightweight and easy to use. I use water and a tiny bit of laundry detergent and then spray and go to town. When I’m done, I throw the reusable mop heads in the wash.

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Command Strips

I use Command strips to hang tons of things around our house and always like to have a nice stockpile of assorted sizes on hand. Can’t go wrong with these.

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Dishwasher Bags

We used to hand wash all of Rory’s bottles until we found these. Now we just put all of those tiny parts in this mesh bag and run it through the dishwasher each night. A complete timesaver!

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Sound Machine

Sleep is super important to me and I get much better sleep when I use a sound machine. This one emits white noise and it helps me sleep like a baby. We have one in our guest room too.

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E-Cloth Window Cleaner

I asked for your recommendations on how to best clean windows and so many people raved about this e-cloth. It really is pretty magical, plus it’s eco-friendly.

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Folding Step Stool

A sturdy step stool is essential for every household. We whip ours out constantly for projects and everyday tasks around the house. This one is nice because it folds up and you can tuck it into a cabinet or closet.

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Sonos Speaker

We wired our house to have speakers in just about every room (you can read more about that in this blog post). But we have these little portable speakers all around the house and they’re great. They can act as your “Alexa”, play music, turn off the lights, and more.

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What Are Your Go-To Household Products?My favorite household products

Now, I would love to know all about your favorite household products. What items am I missing from my daily routine that you use constantly? Let’s all learn from one another!


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