Casey’s Fall Staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

While summertime is amazing here in Chicago, I’m always so eager for the temps to cool down so I can whip out my fall clothes. It just doesn’t get any better than boots, jackets, and jeans…am I right?

Wear a green army jacket over any fall blouse

Sunglasses // Jeans // Boots // Blouse // Jacket // Purse // Watch

I’ve been in the fall spirit ever since the Nordstrom Anniversary sale kicked off and I picked up lots of great fall staples for my wardrobe. But because it’s still July, it has been way too warm and humid to wear most of my favorites. Lucky for you, Bridget & I braved the heat to take some pictures of what we purchased from the sale even though it’s the middle of the hottest month of the year.

Black sweater with high-waisted jeans and leopard flats for fall

Sunglasses // Sweater // Jeans // Leopard Flats // Watch

Just picture the 2 of us driving around town on a humid, 95-degree day donning sweaters and leather jackets. Yes, that’s exactly how this photo shoot went down. We would take some pictures and then run to the car to hop in the air conditioning. So, if I secretly look a bit sweaty in these photos…now you know why!

I did pick up some amazing fall staples that I styled into 3 different looks…

3 Looks Using Fall Staples

Fall staples to add to your wardrobe for the season

Look #1: Classic Fall

This crossbody bag goes perfectly with this fall look

Sunglasses // Jeans // Boots // Blouse // Jacket // Purse // Watch

This look is my favorite and it just screams fall to me! It’s the maroon henley long-sleeve that brings in that pretty fall color. Maroon goes with jeans and sneaker wedges

I’m really happy I picked up this top during the sale. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, and it’s thin which makes it a great layering piece. I added my favorite army jacket over it, but it looks just as cute without a jacket. Sneaker wedges are comfortable, yet stylish for the everyday

The jeans are a favorite of mine…not new, but I wear them on repeat. Love the slight stretch and distressed look. But let’s talk about these shoes for a second, because I’m pretty sure these will be my new favorite shoe this fall. I love wearing wedges because I think they are incredibly comfortable and you can walk around all day and still feel fine. That’s why Bridget and I love our TOMS wedges so much.Love that you can walk all around town in these sneaker wedges.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be walking all around town in these babies this fall. Love the zipper on the inside and they come in a couple colors too. This crossbody bag is one of my favorite fall staples.

This crossbody is something I’ve already been getting tons of use out of. No need to wait until the temps cool down to use this one. I needed a new crossbody bag and this one is absolute perfection. When I initially chatted about this bag, I thought I would get the maroon one for fall. While that color is gorgeous, I’m happy I went with this neutral one. I feel like I’ll get a lot more use out of it because it goes with everything. Layer a jacket over a blouse for a cozy fall look

Sunglasses // Jeans // Boots // Blouse // Jacket // Purse // Watch

It also has a ton of zippers and compartments to keep all of your junk organized. While I love my Cuyana tote for every day, I often find myself digging and digging to search for items in there. It’s a black hole sometimes. This crossbody makes me feel like the most organized gal in the world.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing lots of variations of this first look throughout the fall. Absolutely obsessed with every single piece.

Look #2: Casual Date Night

These high-waisted jeans from Madewell look good with a short sweater

Sunglasses // Sweater // Jeans // Leopard Flats // Watch

As I chatted about last week in our try-on session post, this sweater came out of left field for me. Online the v-neck looked way too deep and I wasn’t super excited about trying it on, but once it was on…I fell in love!A black v-neck sweater from the Nordstrom anniversary sale

It’s soft, has the perfect deep v (without being too revealing), and is a bit short to show off cute high-waisted jeans. I will definitely be wearing this sweater a lot this fall (and may get it in a few other colors), probably when going out on dates with Finn or hitting the town. I can see it paired with cute boots and black jeans. Yes!Buttons on these high-waisted jeans are the perfect detailing

Sorry for the crotch shot, but I do want you guys to see the cute buttons on these high-waisted jeans. Bridget and I both ended up buying these Madewell jeans and I’m so happy we did. I sized down in these because they’re pretty stretchy and I didn’t want them to loosen up too quickly. Buy a size down in these high-waisted Madewell jeans

They’re nice and snug on the butt (but not too snug!) and they hit right above the ankle. I’m a fan of everything Madewell, so I knew these would be good ones to buy for the long haul. Leopard flats can make any neutral outfit more exciting

My leopard flats are from last year, but they’re still available. I wear them all the time, especially when I’m pretty neutral on top, but want to add a bit of personality to an outfit. They really make anything look a little dressier and these flats are so comfortable. There wasn’t a “breaking in” period (you know, when it’s blister city all over your heels), instead, these have been comfy from the start. Highly recommend if you want to add a nice flat to your rotation.A faux leather jacket priced at $65.

This faux leather jacket was a favorite from the sale and I especially love that it’s only $65! It looks like it should be priced at $200 or more, in my opinion. The gold detailing makes it really fun too. I only mustered to get 1 photo in the jacket, because I was nervous I might pass out by taking these photos in the 95-degree heat. The things we do for the blog. Ha! But trust me when I say I want to take every photo shoot in this beautiful coat. So cute and fun!A casual black sweater with gold ray ban aviators

Sunglasses // Sweater // Jeans // Leopard Flats // Watch

This look is definitely a flirty look for a casual dinner date with Finn. Bring it on, fall!

Look #3: Athleisure

Gray joggers with a casual black t-shirt for a cute athleisure look

Sunglasses // Shirt // Joggers // Sneakers (similar) // Water Bottle

Finally, an athleisure look because this is what I wear during most days of the week as a work from home gal. Because doesn’t everyone want to look like they could jet off to a workout class in a moments notice, even if they have zero plans to exercise that day? Or is that just me? These gray joggers work perfectly for lounging

If you’re all aboard the athleisure train, then you’ll want to add these joggers to your rotation. They’re incredibly soft, comfortable (elastic waistband), and I love the gray color with black detailing. You've gotta have comfortable jogger pants as fall staples.

I’ll be wearing these at least a few days a week as I blog the day away.Joggers can be worn for lounging or for workout class

Sunglasses // Shirt // Joggers // Sneakers (similar) // Water Bottle

Or…maybe I’ll actually wear them to do something athletic! Who really knows?


I’d say out of all of these, the classic fall look is my favorite. I mean, you just can’t beat those cute wedges! But you better believe it that I’ll be wearing all of these fall staples on repeat.

Next week…Bridget shares her looks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Yay for more sweaty pictures of us!


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