A Men’s Sport Coat Two Ways

We’ve had so much fun dipping our toes in the waters of “fashion” every Wednesday here on the blog, but this week we’re changing things up a bit! Instead of us awkwardly posing on the streets of Chicago, we had our husbands do all of the “modeling.”mike-finn-watch

Today’s Wardrobe Staple: Men’s Sport Coat, 2 ways

Chances are you may be buying gifts for a few men on your holiday list, so we figured we’d let them share their go-to looks for the holiday season in hopes that you may come away with some ideas for your boys. Plus, if these two like a certain item then you know it’s gotta be good. In fact when they find an item they love, they’ll often buy 5 more of that item (in ever color) to round out their wardrobe. <— being a guy seems so much easier, doesn’t it?! 


Plus, we really just wanted to see them squirm in front of the camera. And in the end our plan kinda backfired because they both loved getting silly and posing away for the camera.

casey-mike-finn-kiss-goofyWe also hopped in a few of the shots, because we hardly ever get a chance for some nice photos with our husbands…so why the heck not?!


casey-mike-finn-walking-fashionI recently have gotten more into men’s fashion to elevate my work attire and showcase a more professional & classic look. I really enjoy the business casual look as it is simple but always appropriate. And to me, the sport coat is the most important piece. mike-finn-power-hands I have only recently added this layer to the wardrobe but I can already tell I have been missing out!  I shop almost exclusively at Express due to the tall and slim nature of the clothes. mike-finn-blazer-expressWhile this may not be for everyone, I think most men would be surprised at how well these “slim” clothes fit. (Trust me I am not slim by any measure, but Express plays confidence building mind games!)mike-finn-fashion-workmike-finn-pocket-square

I love this specific blazer due to the soft and breathable fabric, as well as the small textured fabric. And the red lining on the inside and built-in pocket square adds serious style points too. I have actually ordered three other sport coats from Express, as I truly love these and recommend them for all men looking to take their look up a few notches.


Similar to Mr. Finn, I too see the many benefits of having a sport coat in my style rotation. The beauty of the sport coat is its versatility. Finn’s professional and classy approach sets the bar extremely high. However, that isn’t the only possible route for this item of clothing. When you step out of the house sporting a t-shirt and jeans, sometimes you just need a little bit extra….a cherry on top, if you will.

Enter the wild card. For some reason, something so simple as a sport coat can add such a stylish look to a very basic outfit. Call it distinguished, call it trendy, but overall, I call it simple.


As fun as it is to mix and match button downs to wear under a sport coat, sometimes the real fun is finding the right t-shirt. Whether I’m sporting a Cubby Blue Tee or one of my favorite vintage “go-to’s”, the sport coat is always welcoming and accommodating to the new undergarment. When  it comes to my outfit selections, it’s not always about how good the design is, but rather, how good the fit is. Finn isn’t the only one with an (unhealthy) obsession towards Express. Their selection provides form-fitting options that not only make you look good heading out for the night, but more importantly, make you feel good too.

Sport Coat Mix & Matchsport-coat-2-ways-style-series-40-pm

Dress it up —> 1 Finn’s Blazer // 2. Finn’s Dress Shirt // 3. Finn’s Gray Dress Pants //
4. Watch // 5. Polka Dot Dress Shirt // 6. Polka Dot Dress Shirt

Dress it down —> 1. Matt’s Blazer // 2. T-shirt // 3. Jeans
4.  Plaid Flannel // 5. Sneakers // 6. Cubs Shirt



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