Brown Leather Jacket – Day & Night

Last year I bought this black faux leather jacket and pretty much wore it on repeat since the day I brought it home. My sister had purchased it the year before and I would always borrow it when I had somewhere to go that warranted a leather jacket (like when I traveled). This black leather moto jacket has become a regular go to in my closetOf course, she’s the best sister ever so she would always let me have it, but when I saw it on sale last year I decided to get one for myself.

As I said, I wore it on repeat from then on. Traveling, nights out, casual bumming days, this tailored leather jacket became a wardrobe staple because it was incredibly versatile. To this day, I still love my black leather jacket. So it should be no surprise that I bought it in brown too!

Cognac Leather Jacket
When I found the same jacket in cognac, I had to buy it

When I saw the exact black leather jacket that I loved (and wore) so much offered in cognac brown too, I was convinced that it was totally worth the investment and I scooped it right up. I only bought it a few weeks ago but I’ve already gotten so much use out of it.

Like the black one it’s also very versatile because you can dress it up or dress is down. The price tag was also the same as the black one ($98), but the black leather one has held up really great and I’m expecting the same for the brown one.

For others contemplating splurging on their own brown leather jacket this season, I wanted to offer some outfit inspiration for a piece that is quickly becoming one of my favorite spring staples.

From day to night, I am confident that you can get a ton of use out of this jacket because it is such a classic!

DayBridget's day look- casual and cool

I love this “day” look because it makes me feel put together, but feels very casual and comfortable. You guys know how much I love my converse and both the black and brown jacket work well with these versatile gym shoes.

This jacket pulls the whole look together

I scored this $16 tank top from TARGET recently and love the flowy peplum look. The stripes match with just about anything and the shirt allows some extra room for a few too many doughnuts for breakfast… if you know what I mean.

The jacket, a simple striped blouse and a cute clutch are perfect togetherI threw on a long necklace, grabbed a neutral clutch, and finished the outfit for a put-together weekend look that feels a lot more comfortable than it may seem. Plus, all of these pieces are very neutral and play well with others, so swapping out this tank or jeans for just about any other one would totally work. V-neck tees are a staple in my closet and adding a plain grey tee under this (or just about any neutral color/pattern) tee would work perfectly.

The clutch is a few years old so I couldn’t find an exact replica to link, but how adorable is this tassel clutch? It’s not exactly the same look but I’m loving the texture and neutral color!


Bridget's night look

Instead of jeans and converse, I changed into my all-time favorite black jeans and these heels and this outfit is ready for a night out!

This night look is cute, comfortable and versatileA simple black and white tank pairs great with the leather jacket

I went with the stripes again under the jacket, this time reaching for a black + white striped tank I bought from Target last year. But just like the daytime look, almost any black, grey, or patterned blouse would work well with this combo because the jacket and pants are so neutral.

The bag was a $30 steal from TJ Maxx this year. I love it because it holds SO much, I even used it as my carry-on during our recent trip to NYC. Plus, the color matches with just about everything so definitely my go-to oversized bag lately.Bridget's night look, with a great bag and glassesAnd we haven’t done a post on these specific pants yet, but we should because both Casey and I own the exact same pair and are equally obsessed with them. They’re high-waisted (shh… don’t tell anyone) and keep everything in the midsection looking good.

Plus, the straight leg + skinny ankle on these pants pair well with just about any shoe. From converse to heels to boots and even our hunters, we’re obsessed with this exact pair. And did I mention that they’re just a little bit stretchy, which makes them even more comfortable than we ever expected!

These black jeans are on our must have list I’m pretty sure the only time we don’t LOVE these pants is the few times we have shown up at events and meetings wearing the exact. same. ones. <— best friends who blog together and match outfits is just a bit much, don’t you agree?!

Long story short, if you’re looking for a spring jacket to add to your wardrobe, one that’s quality and one you can get a lot of use out of, this cognac jacket may be worth looking into! I haven’t seen any sales on this specific style yet, but if I do I will definitely let you guys know via Instagram.


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