Wedding Fashion Fails…

We should probably be the last two people you turn to for fashion advice. However, that isn’t stopping us from sharing our insight and poking some fun at ourselves in the meantime. After today’s really awkward post, I think you’ll have a better appreciation of why we stick to the DIY & home decor genre and stay as far away from fashion blogging as possible.
This happy couple poses together at a friend's wedding.
{Cue the awkwardness here}
Long story short, Casey came up with this brilliant idea to share a little insight on our “fashion picks” for some of the upcoming weddings we both had scattered throughout our summer schedules. Being ladies in our twenty-somethings, it’s definitely a time where wedding season is in full force, and with a large portion of our readers sharing in these experiences right along with us, we thought this would be a great way to open the floor to conversation about wedding attire. She said we could share a few pictures of us and our handsome better halves attending weddings and chat about what we wore, where we got it, why we loved it, you know… the basics. Pretty standard, right?
This happy couple are happy to be at their friend's wedding.
I was a little hesitant but with a little convincing by my bestie…I was totally on board! So, my first wedding came and went and I totally forgot to snap a picture. Fashion Blogger Fail #1.
Then, the second wedding came and this time I was determined not to miss my opportunity. Luckily, I did not forget to snap a pic (see above). Bonus! And technically, I wore the same outfit to both weddings… so forgetting to take a picture at the first wedding probably worked out for the best. Fashion Blogger Fail #2.
Fast forward a few weeks and I’m making my “mood board” for this very post and brainstorming what outfit insight I’m going to share. Well, well, well… that’s when I realized that I wore my dress completely backwards not to one wedding, but to TWO different weddings.
If you just scrolled back up to check out the pics, I don’t blame you. hahaha EPIC Blogger Fail.
Bridget's wedding fashion inspiration board featuring gold accessories is chic.

Looking back, I did think it was kind of strange that the tag was in the front of the dress... but never thought that the dress was backwards! Could you imagine if I was photographed for one of those magazine “Who wore it better” competitions? Yikes…

So yes, almost two weeks later I text Casey this while simultaneously retiring any potential dreams I had of becoming a fashion blogger.
The moment Bridget realized she wore her dress backwards was embarrassing.

I’ll stick to the DIY. Case…a little help here?!

Casey and Finn pose for a big before attending their friend's wedding.

Okay, I’ll admit it…I was the one to come up with this amazing idea to chat all about wedding fashion. Back when we did our blog survey, you guys said you wanted more insight into our lives and this was going to be our attempt to show you a different side of these two rookies. But as Bridget said…it turned into a big blogging fail.
Casey and Finn at a wedding reception having a good time.

I too have attended many weddings over the past year, and I have many more fabulous soirees to attend this summer. But when I started to think about all of the amazing ensembles I’ve worn to these events, I realized something. I didn’t actually own any of the dresses that I wore to these weddings, they all belonged to my mom! Yep, this so-not-fashion-blogger perused her mother’s closet to find the right attire for all of her wedding events.

Casey poses in an elegant purple dress before attending a wedding.

Not that Janimal doesn’t have amazing taste…the woman has the best stockpile of classic pieces! Plus, it’s pretty awesome that we can share clothes and who doesn’t love a price tag of “free”?! But in these photos, I’m wearing her dresses and her jewelry (like the gold necklace below!) Jan deserves a big thank you for clothing me and making me presentable at any fancy function!

Casey and Finn match in navy blue and pose together.

So I guess this post proves that we will never ever be fashion divas. It’s just not in the cards for us. But perhaps that makes us the best wedding guests of all? Instead of focusing on ourselves and our own looks, our focus is on the true beauty….the bride! Plus, less primping and worrying about our clothes gives us more time to party and celebrate the bride and groom.

A big toast to the kickoff of wedding season. We’ll see you on the dance floor…

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