2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – My Top Picks

You guys know me. I’m not much of a shopper (I leave that all up to Finn). But every year I buy some staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s a good chance for me to get a few new tops, new jeans, and shoes. And then I pretty much wear those items on repeat over and over again. It’s kinda the only big shopping I do all year. Seriously, chances are if you ask me where something is from on Instagram I’ll tell you that I bought it at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from the prior year.

This year, I was really looking forward to shopping the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because I need some bigger clothes after having Rory (those old skinny jeans are still a bit snug!).

Shopping haul from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019
2019 – Shopping In-Store

Well, obviously, this year is a strange one and I won’t be shopping in person. And heck, I really don’t need that many clothes since I literally go nowhere and I don’t see anyone who warrants me wearing a cute outfit. Since the sale is all online this year (opening to everyone on the 19th!), I figured I might as well give it a looksie to see if any of the deals made sense for me to snag. I’m happy to say there are actually quite a few things I’m digging from this year’s sale. I don’t even have a Nordstrom card, but my mom does (thanks, Jan!) and she was granted access yesterday. So I ended up scooping up a few of these below items yesterday morning (I’ll report back when they arrive to let you know my thoughts!).

2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

So here are my top picks from the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary sale…

Madewell Flower Necklace

I’m a big fan of delicate gold necklaces and I love layering them. This necklace does the layering for you!

  • Normal Price = $42
  • Sale Price = $24.90

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Quay Cat Eye Sunglasses

I have another pair of Quay sunglasses that I wear just about every day. These look chic and sophisticated and I adore the tortoise color.

  • Normal Price = $55
  • Sale Price = $35.90

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Distressed Skinny Jeans

Articles of Society is one of my favorite jean brands. In fact, I even wore their maternity jeans for all of my pregnancy. They just feel good and have a nice slight stretch to them and they’re not crazy pricey.

  • Normal Price = $64
  • Sale Price = $48.90

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Vince Camuto Blouse

Bring on all the flowy tops this year! This one comes in many gorgeous colors and the price is right.

  • Normal Price = $59
  • Sale Price = $29.90

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Joe’s High Rise Jeans

I’ve heard great things about Joe’s jeans and I do need a pair of dark washed denim. Love the high-rise on this pair.

  • Normal Price = $168
  • Sale Price = $99.90

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Barefoot Dreams Leopard Cardigan

Every year people RAVE about the Barefoot Dreams sweaters and blankets. Apparently, they’re so ridiculously soft. Once I saw this leopard cardigan, I knew that I had to make that soft sweater a part of my wardrobe!

  • Normal Price = $134
  • Sale Price = $79.90

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Short Pajamas

This is not something I’ll be buying because I already own it! And as a breastfeeding mama, let me tell ya that these pajamas are perfect for any new mom (especially since they’re not long-sleeved #nightsweats)

  • Normal Price = $49
  • Sale Price = $29.90

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Adidas Running Shoe

I’m trying to get back into running and a new pair of sneakers always helps motivate me! These are cute for everyday wear too.

  • Normal Price = $180
  • Sale Price = $119.90

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Initial Necklace

As I mentioned, I’m really into gold necklaces these days. I have a small “A” for aurora and a large “R” for Rory in other necklaces…but I kinda want one of these too! Not sure if I would go with the “R” or “A” though. Decisions, decisions.

  • Normal Price = $44
  • Sale Price = $24.90

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Sorel Wedges

These boots are #1 on my list and I’m going to be so sad if I can’t snag them! I bought a similar version of these Sorel boots 2 years ago and I basically wear them every day during the winter. They’re great snow boots, but also super cute and give you some height. These are a must!!

  • Normal Price = $200
  • Sale Price = $125

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Wedge Sneaker

Okay, another shoe that I own (a version of it from a few years ago) that I’ve worn into the ground! I’d love to snag these in black because I wear them all fall and spring.

  • Normal Price = $100
  • Sale Price = $50

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Mini Anthropologie Candle

I’m a big fan of Anthropologie’s candles because they smell amazing and the glass jars are so nice to clean out and keep to store other items (here’s a post on how to do that!). I may try to get a few of these to use for gifts this holiday season.

  • Normal Price = $18
  • Sale Price = $9.90

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Fluffy White Towels

New bath towels are such a nice treat. I feel like ours get pretty dingy after about a year, so it’s always nice to replace them with big new ones. These look heavenly.

  • Normal Price = $65
  • Sale Price = $39.90

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Little Girl Leopard Rain Boot

I really can’t let Finn peruse the baby items on sale because he will want to buy it all! But these Hunter boots are so adorable. Impractical for a baby? Yes. But maybe we could buy in a bigger size for jumping in those rain puddles someday!

  • Normal Price = $60
  • Sale Price = $35

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Baby Bling Bows

Everyone always asks where I get Rory’s bows…they’re all the Baby Bling brand. I had no idea Nordstrom sold them! The quality is unreal and they’re soft and don’t leave huge dents on poor Rory’s head.

  • Normal Price = $22
  • Sale Price = $14

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Baby Van Sneakers

This is another item I’m sure Finn will be eager to scoop up. I mean how adorable are these floral vans for babies? I die of cuteness.

  • Normal Price = $40
  • Sale Price = $25

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Zella Leggings

These leggings have a crazy amount of amazing reviews, so I’m eager to see what the hype is all about. Athleisure is my go-to on my “mom days” so I could use a new pair of leggings.

  • Normal Price = $59
  • Sale Price = $39

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Cozy Cardigan

Here is another Barefoot Dreams cardigan that made the list. I pretty much live in nursing tanks and cardigans these days, so adding another to the list sounds like a good idea.

  • Normal Price = $116
  • Sale Price = $69

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Twist Pullover

I have this top in green and I wear it on repeat. I think the gray and white striped one will be coming to my closet very soon!

  • Normal Price = $49
  • Sale Price = $29

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Cozy Knit Top

Another drapey top for the win. Love the look of this knit top, but not sure which color I would choose. They’re all so pretty!

  • Normal Price = $59
  • Sale Price = $39

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Wrap top from the Nordstrom anniversary sale 2019
2019 Nordstrom Shopping

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 is already open to some cardholders, but it will open to everyone next Wednesday, August 19th! Are there any particular items you’re looking to buy this year? It’s definitely a strange year for buying clothing (I can’t imagine the next time I’ll need a fancy outfit for something!), but it’s still fun to look and to buy a few staples, even if I’m just lounging around the house in them.


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