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A few weeks ago, I asked for your advice on blog post topics you wanted to read. I heard from a few women who said they love watching DIY projects and seeing the amazing results, but they’re nervous about their lack of skills and experience when it comes to DIY. I’m proof that if you start with smaller projects you can work your way up to harder ones. I have no formal training and I’m always learning as I go. I truly believe that the only way to learn something is to just dive in and do it (and to make mistakes along the way!).

10 Beginner DIY Projectsbeginner DIY projects that anyone can do

I visited the archives to find some of my favorite beginner DIY projects. These are projects that require minimal tools and zero experience. I’m confident that anyone can tackle each and every one of these! If you are itching to expand your skillset or just want to try something new, I urge you to try one of these projects this weekend!

Hang ArtHang art on your walls

Every home needs art on the walls and you should be the one hanging it! If your artwork is pretty lightweight (less than 2 lbs), then you can probably get away with just using a nail and hammer or command strips. If it’s heavier than that, visit this post for all of the details on how to choose wall anchors. (I promise it’s not that scary!)How to hang a gallery wall

As for where to hang, this blog post explains why most people hang things way too high! Please give it a read before you hang anything. My tip? If you need a ladder to hang your art, you’re hanging it too high! Jan's wall of symmetrical framesIf you’re hanging a gallery wall, this post has my foolproof method for creating the perfect layout and this post dives into how to hang a symmetrical gallery wall with ease.

Hang Curtains or Install BlindsWindow shades in the front window

When you move into a new home, chances are you might need some window treatments. Window treatments can be crazy expensive, so I typically order and install them myself! Curtains are my go-to for any space because they add a lot of warmth to a room and make the ceilings look taller when installed correctly. This post walks you through how to install curtains (really you just need a drill and some hardware!) and this one shares the correct way to hang them (high and wide, people!).Our new blackout bamboo shades

As for other window treatments, I have a how-to video that walks you through, step by step, installing bamboo shades in a window (and this post showcases solar shades installation). They’re another favorite of mine because they add some texture to a room. If you’re not sure what kind of window treatment is right for your home, I have a guide that walks you through all of the available options (and most are pretty budget-friendly!).

Paint a RoomChoosing a nursery paint color that is light pink or blush

Painting is something that everyone needs to try at least once! It’s crazy how a $60 gallon of paint can transform the entire look and feel of a space. This is one of those beginner DIY projects that takes some time to complete, but it has a huge payoff! Really it’s all about the prep work and using the right materials. No matter the brand of paint I choose, I always try to buy the nicest can of paint I can afford. Also, I only use these Purdy paint brushes and I do my best to clean them so I can use them over and over again. This blog post has a video that walks you through my painting process! And if you need help choosing a color, check out this paint guide.

Spray Paint SomethingOne of my favorite beginner DIY projects is spray painting old vases so they look like new!

Speaking of painting, spray paint is an awesome beginner tool. You can change up any small piece of decor or lamp with one little can of spray paint! Last fall, I tried out chalk spray paint to give clear vases a fresh coat and new life for our Thanksgiving tablescape. They turned out awesome and look so  high-end. No one would ever guess that they were thrift store buys for 25 cents each! Grab a can of spray paint and spray something this weekend!

Try Peel & Stick WallpaperHow to wallpaper a closet

I used to be incredibly nervous about the thought of using wallpaper and figured it was a job left to the professionals. But in the past year, I’ve installed peel and stick wallpaper in my mom’s closet, added wallpaper to Rory’s nursery, and wallpapered an entire mural in my office. It’s actually a super fun (and satisfying!) DIY project.

Organized guest room closet space

If you’re nervous about starting with the “real” stuff, then try out peel and stick wallpaper first. There are some really pretty papers out there (check out this whole section at Target!) and you could start small in a closet. That way, if you make any mistakes they’re easily hidden. I have a feeling once you do it, you’ll want to wallpaper all the things!

Power Wash

The power of power washing

I was hesitant to add this one to the list because it barely feels like a DIY project, but for some reason, people are really intimidated by power washers! I’m telling ya, power washing is probably the most satisfying project you can do. Watching dirt fly away with the squeeze of a trigger is ahhhmazing. I love power washing our sidewalks, patio cushions, and deck to keep things looking fresh and clean. This is the power washer we use (and this post has lots of tips on using it!), but you could always rent one from the hardware store or borrow from a friend.

Replace Your Kitchen FaucetInstalling a new kitchen faucet is a great beginner DIY projects

I know what you’re thinking…a plumbing project? Isn’t that too difficult to make the list of beginner DIY projects? Nope. It really isn’t a hard project at all! The hardest part is squeezing under the kitchen sink to install it. Just make sure you turn off the water under the sink by turning the knobs all the way to the right. (There is no need to turn off your main water line.) Then, follow the directions with your new faucet (it will walk you through step-by-step) and you should be good to go. Here’s how I installed a new faucet in our old condo.

Paint Your Front Door

Just like painting a room, I think everyone should paint a front door! It’s such a fun way to add personality to your house and will instantly boost your curb appeal. Last fall, I painted our front door a gorgeous shade of blue following the 5 tips from this blog post. Just be sure to use an exterior paint and try out lots of paint samples before you commit!

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Adding a smart thermostat in our house

We’ve done our best to make our home as smart as possible and most of the items in our house we can control directly from our homes. We’re big fans of the Nest Thermostat and I’ve installed at least four of them (our condo, two in our house, and one for my mom). The process is super simple and it makes a big impact on how much energy we use in our house. This is a total beginner project!

Seal Marble, Granite, Grout, etc.How to seal porcelain tile

This isn’t the most glamorous project on the list, but it certainly is an easy one that is a must for any homeowner. In order to keep your countertops, tile floors, backsplash, and grout lines looking good you need to seal them! I recently sealed the porcelain tile and grout in our laundry room and shared the entire process here. It’s mostly just about applying the right product and wiping it off (seriously, it’s that easy). I also sealed our marble dining room table and would follow that same process for countertops.10 beginner DIY projects

So which one of these beginner DIY projects are you going to try this weekend? Once you start checking off a few of these projects you won’t want to stop and you’ll be itching to do more and more around your house!


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