Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 – My Favorite Jeans + Finn’s Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going strong and the sale is now open for everyone to shop! Even though I’m not a huge shopper, I’m so happy that I took a trip with my mom and sister to get some new basics for the fall and winter season. I always come away with go-to pieces that I wear continuously throughout the year, so it’s worth it to fight the crowds to get those savings!

While I already shared my dressing room try-on session from the sale, I thought it would be fun to show some of the items I purchased in “the real world”. I have a casual look with my new favorite jeans from Nordstrom, these distressed ones. Then, I have a date night look with my new go-to black jeans. Clearly, I was in need of some new pants!

I even wrangled Finn into providing his list of items. Let’s be honest though, wrangled is a strong word here! He loves to shop and was more than happy to share his top 10 picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019.

My Favorite Jeans from Nordstrom – DistressedMy favorite jeans from Nordstrom

When I was at Nordstrom, shopping, I tried on tons and tons of items. When I put on these pants, I automatically assumed that they were from the “high-end” area of the store. I had many jeans to try on and these fit so well, so I figured they were designer jeans and well over $100.Distressed jeans from nordstrom

Nope. They were only $40 and I could hardly believe it! Since I dress casual pretty much every day, I love a good distressed jean. These are high-waisted with a good stretch to them. I think they’re pretty true to size and I’m wearing a 28.

The wedge sneakers are actually from last year’s sale, along with the crossbody bag. Sadly, they don’t have these exact shoes but this is the new version for this year and they look amazing. I’m tempted to buy another pair since I wear these so often and they’re incredibly comfortable. I wear them with these no-show socks.

They’re actually still selling the cute crossbody bag (in other colors) and I’ve used the crap out of it during the last year. It has lots of compartments and holds so much.  Oh, and my sunnies are my trusty Ray-Bans. Brown suede jacket from Nordstrom

The brown suede jacket is a new purchase this year and I’m sooooooo excited about it. I took these pictures last week on a 100-degree day (hence the super limp hair), but that’s how badly I wanted to show you guys this piece in action. I suffered through the sweats to bring you this look…haha. The jacket is structured, yet comfortable. It’s casual, yet it’s able to dress up any outfit. I know I will wear it all year long. I went with a size medium and it’s the perfect fit.

Striped v-neck tee

The striped tee is a good basic for my closet and I can’t believe how fast this shirt sold out! Hopefully, Nordstrom restocks soon. And even if you have to buy it at its normal price ($15) after the sale, it’s so worth it! I’ve already worn it 4x in the past two weeks!

My Favorite Jeans from Nordstrom – BlackDate night look from the Nordstrom anniversary sale

Now, let’s discuss my biggest splurge from the sale…these black Paige jeans. I have black jeans that I wear constantly, but they were starting to look a little dingy from years of wear and tear (they were not as deep black as they used to be!). My favorite jeans from Nordstrom

I put these on and they fit like a glove – like butter over my legs and booty!

Again, I’m a casual gal all the way, so I like the distressed look and the open knee. I imagine dressing them up and dressing them down, depending on the occasion. I know these favorite jeans from Nordstrom will be a part of my wardrobe for a long time!inexpensive top from nordstrom

This top is another favorite from my sale haul and this one is only $26! I love a v-neck because it’s flattering on my broad shoulders, and the wrap top gives me more of a waist. Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary saleIt looks good with high-waisted pants because it is more of a cropped shirt. I ended up getting it in the maroon color too and have been rocking that with jean shorts on the weekends!My favorite jeans from Nordstrom and a black crop top

I’m excited to wear this look all summer long.

Finn’s Top 10 Men’s Picks

Finn posing like a blogger

Whenever I have Finn take pictures of me, I always take some tester shots as I’m setting up the camera. Here is his blogger pose as I’m setting the color and light on the camera. That man cracks me up. And he is totally nailing that leg pop!

While his Nordstrom order didn’t come in time for me to take some pics of him, I did have him create a list of some of his favorites from the sale. Here they are in no particular order…

  1. Paige Jeans
  2. Bonobos Chinos
  3. Patagonia Zip-up
  4. Comfy Joggers
  5. Golf Polo
  6. Ted Baker Monk Shoe
  7. Weekend Duffle Bag
  8. Cole Haan Boots
  9. Polarized Sunglasses
  10. Kiehl’s Hydrating Duo

I think I’m officially done shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Did you end up grabbing any goodies? Let me know if I’m missing out on something fabulous!


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